Bitcoin Association Becomes Switzerland Non-profit Association, Expands Global Work to Advance Bitcoin SV 13768

Bitcoin Association, the global industry organization that advances Bitcoin SV, announces it has become a non-profit association (Verein) in Switzerland. The Association supports Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) because it is the only project adhering to Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s original protocol, design and vision for Bitcoin to become a peer-to-peer electronic cash system and global data ledger for enterprise.

The initial Voting Members of the new Association are: CoinGeek (entrepreneur Calvin Ayre’s multi-faceted Bitcoin mining, media and investment business); nChain (the leading global blockchain technology company where Bitcoin creator Dr. Craig S. Wright is Chief Scientist); TAAL Distributed Information Technologies, Inc., a publicly-traded Canadian company involved in blockchain transaction processing (mining) and infrastructure; and Jimmy Nguyen, global advocate for Bitcoin SV and the Association’s Founding President.

The Association’s Executive Committee consists of: President Jimmy Nguyen; Vice President Steve Shadders, CTO of nChain; Calvin Ayre, Founder of CoinGeek; Stefan Matthews, Chairman of TAAL; and Jodok Wicki, a partner at the CMS von Erlach Poncet Ltd. law firm in Zurich, Switzerland and counsel to the Association.

Under its previous structure, the Bitcoin Association grew to approximately 1500 members from over 65 countries – including enterprises, start-up ventures, developers, merchants, exchanges, service providers, blockchain transaction processors (miners) and others in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem. The new Association will transition to a new membership structure, with Voting Members, Non-Voting members and Affiliates, in order to better serve the differing interests across its broad range of constituents. Information about participation options for 2020, which will serve as a transitional year, as well as details about future years will be communicated to all members of the previous organization structure.

Bitcoin Association’s Founding President Jimmy Nguyen commented on the move, saying: “As I have said before, it is time for Bitcoin to grow up. That means that the industry, especially its technology development, business infrastructure, and regulatory oversight, need to mature. This also means that our own organization needs to take steps forward in its maturity. Switzerland is a renowned global capital for finance, technology and digital currency. It is an ideal base for our global association, as we lead the maturation of the entire Bitcoin industry and significantly increase our international activities to advance Bitcoin SV. We also expect more exciting BSV developments to happen in Switzerland as a result of this move.”

Interest in Bitcoin Association has rapidly grown as Bitcoin SV has captured the digital currency spotlight. The BSV blockchain has seen application development explode globally as developers and businesses make use of BSV’s superior scaling, data and micropayments capacities. Growing usage has led BSV’s daily network transactions and average block size counts to regularly surpass BTC and even surpass the Ethereum network on some days.

To further accelerate BSV’s growth, the Bitcoin Association has an ambitious agenda for 2020 and beyond. This includes work to support the underlying BSV technical infrastructure; standards setting with a new Technical Standards Committee; host and sponsor Bitcoin SV business conferences, programs and events around the world; launch a developer training curriculum, Developer Conferences (“BSV DevCons”) and workshops; conduct global media work in multiple languages; and policy work with government bodies to encourage responsible usage of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Association’s efforts are truly global. To carry out its work, the organization has built an international team, including staff in Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, United States, and United Kingdom. They are supported by Bitcoin Association Global Ambassadors in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Panama, Russia and CIS region, the Scandinavia region, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, and the United States.

If you are a business or developer interested in Bitcoin SV, join the new Bitcoin Association for BSV and participate in building the future of Bitcoin and blockchain. We welcome participation by anyone interested in Bitcoin SV, even if you also support or work on other blockchain or digital currency projects. Visit our website at to learn more about the new Bitcoin Association’s membership structure.

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AXA Ventures Leads $5 Million Investment in Next-generation Cybersecurity Startup Hub Security 11965

Hub Security, a startup that offers military-grade cybersecurity solutions for fintech, cloud, blockchain and data storage, announced today it has closed a $5 million Series A funding round led by AXA Ventures, with participation from Jerusalem-based OurCrowd.

The company said the investment will be used to strengthen Hub Security’s team, expand their technology and offer enhanced products to fintech companies, focusing on enabling access to credit, corporate banking solutions, cross-border payments and providing ultra-secure banking solutions.

Hub Security offers a solution to growing security concerns related to cloud and enterprise organizations that are raising alarm bells across industries struggling to combat rising levels of cyberthreats and attacks. There is consensus among security experts of the need for military-grade security solutions that can address the threat of data theft and exploitation –– especially in the era of COVID-19.

“We believe this round of funding is crucial to helping us continue our mission of providing military-grade level cybersecurity solutions to top cloud, finance, and digital asset management providers,” said Eyal Moshe, Hub Security’s CEO.

“Hub Security’s end-to-end approach to the development and delivery of its hardware and software components ensures the highest level of security throughout the entire product lifecycle –– something that’s critical now more than ever in the era of COVID-19. We don’t take for granted the trust we’ve seen from investors, especially in the current financial climate.”

As a growing number of industries turn to cloud and data storage solutions, there is an increasing demand for cybersecurity solutions that can combat emerging threats.

Hub Security boasts an expanding portfolio of fintech, cloud, and insurance clientele. In February 2020, the company announced its strategic partnership with Seagate® Technology as part of its new LyveTM Labs. The initiative was launched in order to provide methods for safe and secure data management solutions, both on and off the cloud.

“Hub Security’s miniHSM is the first of its kind to offer a pocket-sized HSM solution, which provides an ultra-secure HSM-to-HSM communication layer built uniquely for cloud, banking, healthcare, and government enterprises with scalable, air-tight security that can support any cloud-based or digital asset,” said Eyal Moshe, Hub Security’s CEO.

HUB Security utilizes military-grade cybersecurity tactics for its HSM architecture that is designed for FIPS140-2 Level 4 protection (In advanced stage process) –– the highest protection level available for mobile cryptographic security solutions on the market to date.

HUB Security’s combination of hardware and software solutions include ultra-secure internal signing and authorization flows with a multi-signature vault, hardware firewall and an AI-learning system designed to anticipate unique cyberattacks.

“On our FPGA-based HSM, we have an innovative approach,” CEO Eyal Moshe said. “This is in sharp contrast to HSMs relying on legacy architecture , where you have to connect your source via PCIe — and depend on the operating system to deliver the data to your application. HUB Security approach gives very high bandwidth, as well as low latency.”

“I was actively looking for a ‘software-defined HSM’ platform company in Israel for the past 12 months and I was very pleased when I met Hub Security and learned about their unique offering. We agreed very quickly to partner and invest,” said Moshe Raines, Partner at OurCrowd and Labs/02 managing partner.

Why PrimeXBT Is the Best Choice for Traders in Australia 15124

With such a wide variety of trading platforms and asset exchanges across the globe, traders often seek out to discover the best trading platform in Australia. While there are nearly infinite options available, very few platforms are as widely preferred as PrimeXBT by Australian traders.

PrimeXBT is an award-winning Bitcoin-based margin trading platform, offering immediate access to forex currency pairs such as AUD/USD NZD/USD; CFDs on global stock indices including ASX 200; commodities such as gold, oil, and silver; and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The advanced trading platform has everything top traders demand, including the highest level of security and performance, while also providing essential reference materials and a simple-to-navigate user interface that is appealing to newcomers.

Award-Winning Multi-Asset Platform Offers Unrivaled Portfolio Diversification

Because PrimeXBT offers a wide range of assets ranging from digital to traditional, the platform allows traders the unrivaled ability to build a well-diversified portfolio across many uncorrelated and anti-correlated assets.

Portfolio diversification is one of many risk management strategies that can be applied through PrimeXBT. The platform also includes built-in charting software so traders can perform detailed technical analysis right from the trading terminal itself.

This enables precise and careful planning of strategies, including when and where to take a position, and at what levels to take profit.

Combining a sound plan, chart patterns, and one of the dozens of technical analysis indicators offered by the platform, such as the MACD, RSI, Williams Alligator, and more, can result in significant profitability.

The company’s blog and Help Center supplies newer traders unfamiliar with this terminology with references materials, tutorials, and helpful guides. Friendly customer support is always available 24/7 via live support chat, for any questions that go beyond trading.

Stable and Profitable Trading, Even During Peak Extreme Volatility

The stable trading engine boasts 99.9% uptime, even during peak volatility. Orders are executed with lightning speed, with minimal slippage thanks to high liquidity.

At any given time, traders can log into PrimeXBT and begin trading one of the many markets offered on the platform, taking full advantage of the attractive leverage conditions across forex, commodities, stock indices, and cryptocurrencies. Leverage can be a powerful profit-generating tool for those who are willing to take some extra risk and trade on margin.

Leverage allows these traders to gear their trades, and turn small amounts of capital into large position sizes, therefore multiplying profits by a factor of up to 1000 times.

This also lowers any risk, by keeping the capital put at stake to an absolute minimum. With less capital at stake, and the profit potential increase by a massive factor, the risk to reward ratio greatly improves and could lead to more successful profit booking.

Innovations Beyond Traditional Trading Alone

For those that are interested in learning what PrimeXBT offers beyond just trading alone, the platform is well known for its lucrative four-level referral program and its income-generating affiliate marketing programs.

The referral program lets traders grow a viral network of commission-generating traders. In addition to earning commissions from each trader referred, any new clients referred by the referral also earns the original trader a portion of commissions – up to four levels of commissions deep.

In addition, PrimeXBT has recently debuted two cutting edge new tools: PrimeXBT Turbo and the Covesting Fund Management Module beta.

PrimeXBT Turbo is a synthetic short-duration Bitcoin contract that lets traders simply choose from an up or down contact, and a duration of 30-seconds, one-minute, or five-minutes, for fast, simplified trading.

The platform features a striking visual style and is the perfect solution to still churn profits from stagnant markets when volatility is lacking. Rather than staying sidelined waiting for the next move, traders can try their hand with Turbo.

The Covesting Fund Management Module beta brings top traders and new investors together for synergistic profits. Top traders and aspiring fund managers can launch funds of their own for investors to inject capital into. These top traders earn a potion of trading success fees, while these investors get to sit back and relax and let the top traders book profits for them, all without ever having to open a chart on their own.

Summary: Why More Australian Traders Are Choosing PrimeXBT

With so many important features available to traders all under one roof, it’s no surprise that more Australian traders are shifting to PrimeXBT, during the current spike in market volatility.

There’s never been a more ideal time to trade AUD against USD, CAD, JPY, and the many other trading pairs offered on PrimeXBT. PrimeXBT also offers many of the world’s most widely traded and significant stock indices, such as the ASX 200, SPX, and many more.

Combining these markets with access to commodities such as oil and natural gas, or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, creates more opportunities and avenues for traders to turn a profit.

No other platform combines this many tools, assets, and innovations, and does so as successfully as PrimeXBT.

Registration is free, fast, and requires no personal information. Sign up now and start trading AUD or the ASX 200 on PrimeXBT today!

Fireblocks Surpasses $30 Billion in Digital Asset Transfers, Expands to Meet APAC Demand 14518

Fireblocks ( announced today its platform has been used to secure $30 billion in digital asset transfers to date, surpassing more than $7 billion in monthly transfer volume from its 40+ institutional customers. To drive the next wave of technological innovation in one of the most mature digital asset markets in the world, Fireblocks is bringing its MPC-based technology to the Asia-Pacific region with the opening of two new offices in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The company’s APAC offices will be led by Stephen Richardson, VP of Product Strategy and Amy Zhang, VP of Sales Asia, to provide strategic support to existing customers and onboard new institutions and exchanges onto its patent-pending Secure Transfer Environment.

“With the region’s unique eco-system of trading, payment and exchange activities, there has been a surge in demand for Fireblocks in Asia,” explains Michael Shaulov, CEO and Co-founder of Fireblocks. “In Hong Kong, Amber Group was one of the first adopters of Fireblocks’ MPC-based technology. Because they are one of Asia’s leading liquidity providers, they need maximum security and strict controls to protect customer funds. The only way to deliver that at scale is through our infrastructure.”

In the region, Amber Group, Blitz Group, Singapore-based crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital, and more have implemented MPC with Fireblocks to securely expand digital asset services.

“Fireblocks provides a secure and highly advanced solution for our customers by allowing us to securely transfer top assets while also being able to interact with new protocols, which is important for strategic portfolio construction,” said Michael Wu, CEO of Amber Group. “Many operators in Asia are transferring large value settlements and require an advanced MPC framework to keep up with new security demands that HSMs and Multisig solutions fail to address.”

Fireblocks’ defense-in-depth approach to digital asset security combines MPC (Multi-Party Computation) with hardware isolation to protect customers’ private keys, API keys, and deposit addresses from cyberattacks and internal fraud. By leveraging Fireblocks’ Secure Transfer Environment, institutions can securely transfer digital assets between 25+ exchanges, custodians, counterparties, and other wallets while automating governance policies with quorum based approvals.

“Given the engagement of regulators here in Asia around blockchain-related technologies and financial institutions, it will be critical for institutions and exchanges to operate with the highest level of speed, security, and compliance,” said Stephen Richardson, VP of Product Strategy at Fireblocks. “By bringing Fireblocks to one of the most advanced crypto ecosystems, we hope to provide the infrastructure needed for sustainable growth.”

Designed to eliminate the root cause of digital asset security vulnerabilities, Fireblocks ensures that funds are protected from unwanted external or internal interference by creating a safer, more operationally efficient environment for the digital asset industry. Fireblocks continues to provide support for the largest financial operators in the industry such as B2C2, Celsius, Genesis Global Trading, Galaxy Digital, Woorton, Dunamis, GSR, Blockfills, LGO, Nexo and more.

About Fireblocks
Fireblocks is an enterprise-grade platform delivering a secure infrastructure for moving, storing and issuing digital assets. Fireblocks enables exchanges, custodians, banks, trading desks, and hedge funds to securely scale digital asset operations through patent-pending SGX & MPC technology. They have secured the transfer of over $30 billion in digital assets and have a unique insurance policy that covers assets in storage & in transit. For more information, please visit

Papros rolls out securetized blockchain features for supply chain data sharing and tracking in the supply chain 13034

Papros Inc, a leader in permissioned blockchain/sidechain technology and in hybrid multicloud platforms for effective supply chain data transactions released a universal platform for securitized data gathering and tracking. It advanced its blockchain offering, pSSchain2 to pS3chain2 (pronounced Sthree-chain-square or the Sthree chain) to seal supply chain instruments such as CMRTs (Conflict Mineral reporting Template), supply chain compliance data, for part numbers authentication, obsolescence management, part change notices and supply chain movement mapping for parts by including various levels of permissioning by using security layers.

Anyone can check the authenticity of the source data if they are in possession of it, but the chain allows viewership of the original data only through deciphering of the optionally encrypted data, the key for which can only be got from the originator of the instrument. This is a big deal because different types of data have different levels of importance vis-a-vis who is allowed access to it, so security layers offer additional layers of protection to the open blockchain, especially when the originator of the instrument has control over the levels of security that can be enforced on each instrument being recorded.

Papros the company behind the popular supply chain offering MRPRO(TM), the platform known universally as being the “Best Conflict Minerals platform”. Although there are many imitators and false claims to such a title, the intrinsic power of MRPRO(TM)- it uses advances AJAX technology to be able to roll up tens of thousands of suppliers information seamlessly and the fact that it is freely licensed to the end user means that at times like this, when the entire world is facing a dangerous economic slowdown, MRPRO(TM) still enables companies to continue to relentlessly fight for human rights and dignity everywhere in the world, particularly in areas where conflict minerals are mined.

pS3 chain is a permissioned securetized supply chain sidechain solution for instantaneously, securely, immutably and verifiably recording supply chain instruments, for discrete authentication, for automated compliance filters and other data synchronization.

Bitcasino Announces XRP Support, Bringing Fast Transactions and Low Fees to the Game 12875

The world’s first licensed Bitcoin-led casino operator, Bitcasino, now accepts Ripple payments, making XRP the next cryptocurrency to enjoy the casino’s wide range of games. While the cryptocurrency was designed primarily for use in the banking sector, there are many advantages in using it in gaming. Fast transactions, low fees and a hugely scalable network means it is a great match for the fun, fast and fair world of Bitcasino.

Tauri Tiitsaar, Director of Bitcasino, had these words to say about the new support for XRP: “It makes us very proud to say that we now have the three most used cryptocurrencies integrated with Bitcasino. XRP ranks third on the list of top virtual currencies by market cap just behind Bitcoin and Ethereum, and it’s something our players have asked for quite some time now.”

The minimum deposit is 50 XRP and the minimum withdrawal 100 XRP. At current trading prices and with no transaction fees, this puts the minimum deposit at around €9.

XRP is the fifth cryptocurrency introduced to Bitcasino players, following TRON (TRX) that was integrated just last November, Ethereum, Litecoin and the players’ favourite cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Last month, Bitcasino introduced the TronLink browser extension allowing casino players to access TRON (TRX) blockchain on their browser to deposit and withdraw funds securely and quickly.

About Bitcasino

Founded in 2014, as part of the Coingaming Group, Bitcasino has an expansive, quality casino product featuring more than 2,000 games, including slots, table games and live dealer casinos from some of the industry’s leading suppliers. These are hosted on its proprietary platform, developed by leading designers and software engineers to create the ultimate user experience for players.

Bitcasino prides itself on its enjoyable and trustworthy casino and gaming service, with withdrawal times of around 1.5 minutes amongst the fastest in the industry and cutting-edge security measures in place.

MicroBT launches the M30S++ Bitcoin miner during the Online Launch Event and releases the new standard of the 3X era 16083

With the continuous upgrading of market enthusiasm, in the expectation of customers and partners, WhatsMiner (MicroBT) launched the M30S++, which can achieve 112T at 31J/T and the M30S+, which can achieve 100T at 34J/T at WhatsMiner M30 Online Launch Event held on April 17 (Beijing time). WhatsMiner expanded the M30S series to three products with 3X J/T which leads the industry into the 3X era.

Next, WhatsMiner released the new standard of the 3X era: low power ratio, high stability and one-year warranty service. New standards have become an inevitable demand in the face of halving and the extension of the life cycle of mining rigs. The one-year warranty period, which first came out in the industry, not only implements the concept of customer first with practical actions, but also marks the confidence of WhatsMiner in its own products.

During the M30 launch event, Chen showed WhatsMiner’s great achievements over the last three years: In 2017, WhatsMiner launched the first generation of M1/M3 product which achieved sales of 90,000 units that year, accounting for 7.2% of the total Bitcoin hashrate network. In 2018, WhatsMiner achieved sales of 300,000 M3 units, accounting for 9% of the total Bitcoin hashrate network, and in 2019, the third-generation M20 series launched in May achieved explosive growth with annual sales of 600,000 units, accounting for 35% of the total Bitcoin hashrate network at the end of the year.

Each generations of products might be similar in appearance, but they are different inside from each other. The award ceremony of best partnership between Samsung and MicroBT (WhatsMiner) also made the best interpretation of this.

Subsequently, Vincent Zhang, the sales director of WhatsMiner, pointed that to be truly successful, M30 not only needs to surpass its competitors in technology, but also needs to truly bring value to customers in sales policy. There are five major rewards for M30 series: firstly, 12 levels of pricing; secondly, Futures insured; thirdly, deferred compensation; fourth, one-year warranty service; fifth, supporting the high-performance model.

2019 is a special year for WhatsMiner team (MicroBT). Although meeting the huge challenge, WhatsMiner had the hot sale of WhatsMiner M20 series products, which has finally achieved impressive results. Behind the difficulties and brilliance comes not only from technological leadership, but also from the support of WhatsMiner’s customers and partners. Guided by the concept of perfection and win-win principle, WhatsMiner based on integrity finally ushered in a leap in 2020. This change is from quantity to quality, described by Jordan Chen, the COO of WhatsMiner is the inevitable result of the company’s standardized and professional operation.

Vincent sincerely reminds customers that the official websites of WhatsMiner are and They will be closer to customers and the market through the official websites, and strive to find a win-win solution with customers.