BTC and ETHER Fall Substantially in $18 Billion Crypto Market Wipeout 4727

Over the past 24 hours, the crypto market has recorded a loss of $18 billion, as major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ether, EOS, and Bitcoin Cash dropped by 4 to 13 percent. While Bitcoin ended the day with a 4 percent decline in its value, Ether, the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum, plummeted by 13 percent against the US dollar, becoming one of the worst performing major cryptocurrencies alongside NEO.

Tokens recorded the steepest drop in their value on August 11, as most Ethereum-based tokens such as Theta Token, Aion, Pundi X, Aelf, DigixDAO, WanChain, and VeChain recorded a drop of around 14 to 18 percent.

Where Does the Market go Next?

Due to the overly strong downtrend of major cryptocurrencies, in order for the cryptocurrency market to engage in a large mid-term bull run, the market would need to bottom out at a lower price range. However, failing to secure strong momentum in the higher region of $5,000 could lead BTC testing $5,500, which may lead to a further drop for the cryptocurrency market.

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Datavault® Launches Branded Degree and Utility Tokens for Colleges & Universities Worldwide 3659

Data Vault Holdings Inc., the emerging leader in metaverse data visualization, valuation, and monetization announced today that it has minted NFT tokens for leading Colleges and Universities in the United States that are designed to commemorate and recognize student achievements of all types across every learning discipline. Branded tokens bearing the brands of institutions have been designed and launched by Data Vault Holdings for Pacific Conference PAC 12, Big Ten Conference, Community Colleges and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). By utilizing Datavault®’s patented technology, educational institutions of all sizes can establish branded coin inventories and historical blockchain registries. Higher learning institutions are enabled by the Datavault® platform with on-the-fly minting as well as regimented token issuance, memorializing degree issuance, Dean’s list and academic achievement as well as student athlete and performing arts.

As an example, a student will receive tokens for completing a Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree with additional issuances to student athletes that have secured roster or individual positions within the College and University Athletics Departments. These tokens contain performance statistics video, alumni messages, coaching and multimedia of all types.

Nathaniel Bradley, CEO of Data Vault Holdings, Inc. stated, “It’s the power of our platform that is on display with our college and universities’ deployment. NIL legal specialists and faculty will maximize the benefits to students presented by our innovative new Web 3.0 tools. Name, image and likeness opportunities that the Metaverse and NFTs have unlocked are nothing short of a breakthrough. Datavault’s patented ability for students to monetize their image and likeness through compliant Web 3.0 strategies represents a large-scale opportunity for marketers, brands, donors and other College and University utilities. With our patented and expanding technology, NIL opportunities for students to become remunerated by capturing and preparing data assets from their college careers are now abundant. This is an exciting time to be a student especially here in America at the epicenter of this technology proliferation and exploration. Carefully planning and deploying with insights, regulatory oversight and foresight gives Colleges and Universities many fundamental advantages.”

Douglas DePeppe, a data rights attorney and member of the Crypto Team at Sports-ISAO, added, “It is exciting to see University and College students and student athletes pursue this NFT opportunity with Data Vault Holdings. Smart Contracts, which are embedded into the Web 3.0 architecture at Datavault®, will help address the privacy, brand, and compliance issues which permeate the emerging NIL marketplace. It is important that data governance via smart contracts and other frameworks accompanies the NIL monetization strategy, particularly with university NIL programs which seek to promote their student athletes.”

About Data Vault Holdings Inc.

Data Vault Holdings Inc. is a technology holding company that provides a proprietary, cloud-based platform for the delivery of branded data-backed cryptocurrencies. Data Vault Holdings Inc. provides businesses with the tools to monetize data assets securely over its Information Data Exchange® (IDE). The company is in the process of finalizing the consolidation of its affiliates Data Donate Technologies, Inc., ADIO LLC, and Datavault Inc. as wholly owned subsidiaries under one corporate structure.

Kodo Assets Introduces New Way To Invest In Real Estate Through Tokenization and Blockchain Technology 3339

1 2022 10 25 в 10 39 29

● KODO Assets platform offers 140 USD quotas for a commercial property in Faria Lima region, in São Paulo.

● Using blockchain technology, Kodo Assets intends to democratize the access to real estate market for investors – globally available – making the profitability of the investment very clear

São Paulo, Brazil, 24th October 2022 – A Brazil-based blockchain and real estate project has recently announced its launching of a real-estate tokenization platform – Kodo Assets. Watchful of the demands of the real estate market and the evolution of blockchain technology, Kodo Assets, a real estate tokenization platform – which arrives in the market to democratize the access to real estate investment, help increase liquidity of such assets and reduce the barriers of access to this market, be it due to high transaction costs or red tape – , announces its first real estate tokenization project in Brazil.

Tokenization allows properties to be broken down into countless, small digital parts, which can be sold to many people for a relatively low unit price, thus democratizing the access to this type of investment. With tokenization, it’s possible to invest more accessible amounts in exchange for tokens of real estate assets. The real estate token is a low risk investment when compared to stocks or crypto assets and has a lower entry level cost, as the minimum ticket cost for investment is lower when compared to the real estate market. The token market works globally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it has been estimated that the liquidity of the KODO1 tokens is considerably higher than investing directly in traditional real estate units.

The first property to be tokenized by Kodo Assets is a commercial property located on Faria Lima Avenue, a prime area of the city of São Paulo, and its total area is of 1,144.52m², with BOMA gross area of 552.58m², private area of 473m² and common area of 671.52m². The entire complex is currently rented by a large multinational.

2 2022 10 25 в 10 38 20

The main revenue expected to be received from this property is rent. The yearly profitability expectation for the token is, with all discounts included, 6% until June 2023, and 6%+ annual adjustment of the rent using IGPM. The resulting value after fees will be distributed as dividends to KODO1, which emits the tokens that represent the inherent rights to the property. To do so, Kodo Assets will take care of the distribution of the revenue to the owners of each token to their own wallets, considering the participation of each in this venture. The payment of the proportional profits for the token holders will be done using Stablecoin USDC, the stablecoin holding the highest credibility and transparency in the crypto market. The payment will be made in the same wallet that holds the KODO1 tokens at the moment of the distribution.

“The owner of the KODO1 token will have the right to receive dividends from the rents of this property, proportionally to his or her participation in the tokens versus the total number of tokens issued by the project and an eventual sale of the underlying real estate, which can generate an interesting capital gain”. – summarizes Ciro Iamamura, the CEO of Kodo Assets.

The company will issue a total of 25 thousand tokens for this property, each sold for $140.00, besides the KYC/AML verification costs, which amounts to $13 for a single person, or $25 for a legal entity. The minimum purchase value is 1 KODO1 token, and there are no limits to how many can be purchased. The total offer value is US$ 3,500,000.00. The sales are expected to happen around November 2022.

Through blockchain technology, the idea is that the company can collaborate with this revolution in the real estate sector, allowing investors to purchase real estate in a fast and safe manner, without the red tape and high costs of the traditional market, and having access to different markets all over the world.

“We are talking about global access to markets that, until now, were local, limited by geographic location of the properties or because they were available only for qualified investors.In this sense, digitizing real estate can facilitate the access to these investments, as they become available for people all over the world. We believe that asset tokenization can be fundamental to revolutionize this market all over the world”, highlights Ciro.

The property, located on Faria Lima Avenue, is just the first project by Kodo Assets in Brazil. According to Helena Margarido, advisor for Kodo Assets, there is a growing and justifiable demand for real estate in São Paulo. “The average price per square meter in downtown is around US$2,613.042. However, if we consider some of its sister cities, we can find, for example, Chicago, with an average price of US$4,137.144, and Lisbon, with an average of US$5,239.255. Because of this, it is plausible to believe that the value of real estate in São Paulo is (very) underpriced. In other words, believing in an ever growing appreciation of real estate for this city in the next few years is a natural conclusion when we see how important São Paulo is in the world, and average prices in similar cities”.

3 2022 10 25 в 10 38 59

Kodo Assets Token

To have access to the Tokens, the investor must access Kodo Assets’ official website, fill out a personal information form, present documents and go through the facial recognition process. After the KYC/AML (know your customer and anti-money laundering) verifications and having the registration approved, the user can purchase as many KODO1 tokens as he or she wants. Payment can be made in USDC, USDT and BUSD, as long as they are made in networks that support EVM. Token transfer will happen as soon as the tokens are at disposal, and will be sent to the same wallet where the resources used to pay for the token came from. For KYC/AML reasons, under no circumstances will the token be transferred to a wallet that has not been submitted to the verification process.

Whoever holds the token has access to all the information regarding it stored in blockchain and available for inquiry, if needed. Even if the asset is sold hundreds of times, it is possible to track each transaction and find the current owner easily. This feature brings transparency and reliability to the transactions.

“Using smart contracts renders intermediation to negotiate and register the tokens useless. Besides reducing costs for not needing a third party, the whole process becomes much more agile and efficient. In this sense, tokenization can increase the efficiency and drastically reduce the costs of each transaction, TOKEN which strengthens the market as a whole”, says Ciro Iamamura.

For more information and/or participation, please visit Kodo Assets Website : and social media channels at:


About Kodo Assets

For believing that tokenization can solve the biggest problems of the Real Estate market, Kodo Assets was created. Through tokenization, the objective is to democratize investors’ access to the real estate market, help increase liquidity of such assets and bring down the barriers to access different markets, be it because of high transaction costs or red tape. The company’s tokens will be created and distributed according to the Bahamas legislation which, given its nature, classifies them as security tokens. That way, as they are considered to be securities, the process is subject to an intense and thorough regulatory process. The Kodo token will be issued using a smart contract platform by Polygon and granted to its holders equal parts of the property rights, proportionally to how many tokens were purchased. Polygon is used to issue the tokens because it is one of the most promising blockchain infrastructures, with a large community of developers, companies and organizations dedicated to strengthen and mature the technology and its applications.

Name: Ciro Iamamura
Email: [email protected]
City: Sao Paulo
Country: Brazil

Earth Wallet releases NFTree Seed Program to Plant One Million Trees at Climate Change Forum 4087

Starting today, up to 100,000 new and existing Earth Wallet users will be eligible to claim an NFTree in partnership with esteemed non-profit partners Dollar Donation Club and Trees for the Future. Each NFTree will represent one tree planted, which also captures approximately 15.5lbs CO2/year, creates 3.75lbs of organic produce, and restores 16 sq. ft. of soil.

Trees for the Future’s Forest Garden initiative trains communities on sustainable land use so they can grow vibrant economies, thriving food systems, and a healthier planet. Agroforestry systems incorporate trees to protect the land, improve the soil, and increase harvests. As opposed to the monocropping approach, Forest Garden systems provide homes for a diverse array of plant species, including food, resource, and medicinal crops- allowing farming families to improve their nutrition and stabilize their income.

“Most reforestation projects typically lack the right incentives to maintain tree growth long enough to be a viable climate solution. The systemic solutions approach that Dollar Donation Club and Trees for the Future are taking really stands out from the crowd.” – Sukhveer Sanghera, Founder of Earth Wallet

This new NFTree program will be presented at the 2022 Climate Change Forum in London on October 18th, in partnership with Humans I Trust.

Earth Wallet is the first eco-friendly, free, open source, and non-custodial digital asset wallet that can hold and stake cryptocurrencies and digital assets across multiple blockchains. Earth Wallet is committed to bridging the gap between nature, culture, and technology. It is the first Ethereum staking wallet developed with the mission to offset crypto’s harmful ecological impacts by partnering with organizations providing viable climate solutions.

CC Forum will take place October 17-20th at the Dorchester Hotel in London. CC Forum brings together startups, global investment funds, VC capital firms, government officials and public figures to brainstorm ways in which to confront current crises. The forum addresses topics such as Climate Change, Clean Energy, Government Strategies, Impact Investment, Emerging Technologies, Philanthropy and Social Inclusion.

Humans I Trust is a global, private membership community that connects creators and influencers to network, educate and collaborate while building a regenerative future for humanity. Humans I Trust seeks to proactively take a stand for social and environmental justice through business, events, and humanitarianism.

Billions of real-world, asset-backed NFTs are coming to enable the next killer Web3 use case 4144

Vera Labs, the fintech company behind the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol for nonfungible tokens (NFT) that demonstrated the world’s first non-custodial rental of a million dollar cartoon “Bored Ape Yacht Club” NFT last year, has signed an exclusive agreement with Lux Partners to bring billions of dollars worth of precious metals and resources on-chain, beginning with uranium-backed NFTs.

Vera will become the first decentralized protocol to allow sales of tokenized, real-world assets such as Lux’s uranium-backed NFTs, unlocking billions of dollars worth of new liquidity and utility never before seen in Web3. The NFTs will be available for sale starting Oct. 15 at, and customers purchasing them with $VERA coins will enjoy a 10% discount.

Asset-backed NFTs are an example of a growing trend in the NFT space. Industry experts predict NFTs with real-world value and utilities are here to stay and will drive mass adoption of Web3 into the millions of users. Meanwhile, so-called cartoon NFTs have lost over 97% of their trading volume and value since the start of 2022.

“Asset-backed stablecoins such as Tether or USDC accelerated the mass adoption of decentralized finance, the first killer use case of Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible applications,” explained Denis Lam, CEO of Vera Labs. “Likewise, asset-backed financial NFTs will be the driver of the next NFT killer use case, and we are excited to partner with Lux to pioneer this vision.”

“Imagine someone who believes in a real-world asset such as gold and wants the asset part of their retirement plan,” explains Michael Arbach, CTO of Vera Labs. “Using Vera’s non-custodial, self-executing financing smart contracts that support the redemption of physical assets, the investor can buy a $1 million gold NFT today and pay for it over 20 years without going through an escrow or intermediary, saving thousands of dollars in middleman fees. This unlocks billions of dollars of new business opportunities that are not possible today.”

Zach Kelling, CEO of Lux Partners, stated, “We are pleased to form a strategic alliance with Vera Labs to enable decentralized financial applications powered by Lux asset-backed NFTs. True assets must do more than buy, sell or hold, and Vera is the holy grail to enable noncustodial and compliant business transactions for our NFTs, with minimal legal overhead and a fixed or negligible transaction fee whether the asset is worth $100 or $1 billion dollars.”

Lux Uranium provides a convenient, secure and easy-to-use investment alternative for modern investors interested in holding uranium, backed by verified reserves of an increasingly valuable resource. With a global market that exceeds $10 billion dollars, uranium is the most important natural resource for nuclear power generation and is only found in abundance in certain areas of the world. One uranium fuel pellet creates as much energy as one ton of coal, 149 gallons of oil or 17,000 cubic feet of natural gas.

Recently, Lux signed a five-year exclusive supply agreement with Madison Metals who will provide the delivery of up to 20 million pounds of U3O8 from their worldwide uranium projects.

To learn more about Lux Uranium, explore:

To learn more about Vera Labs, explore:

About Vera Labs

Vera Labs is a United States fintech company behind the development of Vera, a DeFi protocol that enables rentals, lending, and buy now pay later for NFTs on any blockchain. Vera’s vision is to increase the gross domestic product of Web3 and empower communities by allowing anyone to easily share and monetize their NFTs. If Bitcoin is the new digital currency for electronic cash payments that replaces the need for banks, then Vera coin is the new digital currency for NFT transactions that replace the need for escrows or intermediaries. Vera Labs enables brands, creators, metaverses and institutions to implement utility and DeFi use cases with NFTs such as memberships and loyalty programs in a retail consumer-friendly and compliant manner. Vera executives have an extensive track record of developing blockchain technologies for a wide range of clients such as NASA, Northern Trust, Daikin, Barett Jackson and Hollywood Oscar Award-winning actors. Additional information can be found at

About Lux Partners

Lux is a fintech company domiciled in the Isle of Man and partnered with a regulated and licensed money transmitter business. Lux enables institutions to take advantage of blockchain technology use cases in a tax-advantaged and regulated environment, with proper compliance, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures. Lux executives have an extensive track record of managing transactions and investments across a wide range of industries. Institutions and governments alike can send and receive tokenized assets, with proper compliance, KYC and AML procedures. Lux processes transactions in crypto and fiat, given its ability to process SWIFT and U.S. Federal Reserve wires natively from the blockchain while still providing the highest levels of security and privacy thanks to the Lux Bridge, which uses zero-knowledge proofs to secure assets and enable private transactions over the Lux Network. Lux is uniquely positioned to launch a multitude of highly profitable and risk-weighted verticals that are exceedingly scalable within sizable and fast-growing markets. These verticals include secure transaction processing, asset management, DeFi ecosystems and tokenized investments in natural resources and emerging markets.

New community service-based position information game TEKKON will be released on 15 October 2022 4118

1 2022 10 15 в 10 55 35

● A fun way for members of the public to inspect all the aging infrastructure in the world! TEKKON is a new Web3 app that uses tokens to provide a gamified solution to infrastructure issues.
● All new reward function incentivizes community service in a move to a new stage where crypto-assets will be used to create an ecosystem for infrastructure maintenance.
● The new app has no startup costs and allows players to earn money while contributing to society

Manila, Philippines, 15 October 2022 – The Whole Earth Foundation (WEF), a nonprofit organization that creates, provides, and operates an infrastructure information platform for a community initiative, has announced the release of the iOS version of TEKKON, a new community service-based web app in the App Store today. Having originated from Japan, the company has since expanded its service offerings to the global market focusing on initial markets such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Brazil & South Korea.

For the first month, only those who receive an activation code from another player can play TEKKON. The mobile app will then be available to everyone from Saturday, October 15, 2022.

TEKKON is a new community service-based position information game developed to tackle the issue of aging infrastructure and ensure safe infrastructure by having members of the public work together to take and post photos of infrastructure and review existing photos. Continuing the philosophy of the previous app, Guardians of Metal and Concrete, which was dedicated to Japan’s manholes, TEKKON is making efforts to reform the infrastructure industry by utilizing gamification and data science technology to provide posted information to local governments and infrastructure companies. Players can protect infrastructure, earn tokens and even improve their health, simply by taking photos of infrastructure (at present, the app focuses on manholes, but there are plans to broaden its scope in future) in their free time as they walk, shop or commute. TEKKON can be enjoyed anywhere in the world, with the aim of expanding the TEKKON phenomenon worldwide.

*The service of the original app, Guardians of Metal and Concrete, will be terminated on Friday, October 14 with the launch of TEKKON. For current users of Guardians of Metal and Concrete, some of their existing user data will be transferred to TEKKON once they sign up, and users will be able to continue using that data as they play.

Visit the Guardians of Metal and Concrete website for more details:

1. With the addition of a reward function that incentivizes community service activities, this Web3 app is aiming to usher in a new society where citizens protect social infrastructure in a fun way

2 2022 10 15 в 10 55 52

TEKKON has an added reward function that allows players to earn incentive points when they take and post photos of infrastructure in society (currently manhole covers) or review photos that have already been posted by other players. TEKKON players progress through the game with dogs as their companions. The gameplay is enhanced by a dog training function that allows players to use their points to raise the level of their dogs or purchase more dogs in order to earn more points at a time.

A crypto wallet function allows players to exchange the points they earn for Whole Earth Coins (WECs), which are crypto-assets issued by WEF. In the future, WEF plans to list WECs on Japanese crypto-asset exchanges and , through the use of crypto-assets as an incentive, players will be able to earn money without startup costs while participating in community service.

2. Available worldwide to allow collection and review of infrastructure photos from around the world

Unlike Guardians of Metal and Concrete, which was intended for the domestic market in Japan, TEKKON has taken the fun global. Players can now take photos of infrastructure around the world, at home or on vacation . Players can also enjoy seeing manhole covers from unfamiliar places as the review function makes it possible to review photos of infrastructure overseas.

3. Expanding the scope of infrastructure: the second stage will feature another aging infrastructure in need of urgent attention―electric poles.

In about half a year since the launch of the original Guardians of Metal and Concrete app this March, over 900,000 photos of manhole covers have been collected across Japan.

WEF plans to expand the scope of infrastructure that players can photograph, post and review in TEKKON to include electric poles (expected to be added at the beginning of October). Like manholes, electric poles were mostly constructed during Japan’s period of high economic growth, and now need urgent attention as they are reaching the end of their life span (about 50 years on average). Expanding TEKKON to include the over 36,000,000 electric poles across Japan will enable efficient maintenance of this infrastructure through the efforts of the public.

The scope of infrastructure covered by TEKKON will continue to be expanded in future.


Price: Free
Available from:
iOS version: App Store (iPhone)
Android version: Google Play
Compatible devices:
iOS version: iPhone 6s and later, OS ver. 15
Android version: Android OS ver.7 and later Full launch: Saturday, October 15, 2022
Official website: (English website)

How to play (manhole version)

Take photos of manhole covers and post them

If users find a manhole cover that is yet to be posted, select its location on the map. Take one photo including the surrounding area of the manhole cover and one from directly above it and post them to earn points.

3 2022 10 15 в 10 56 11

Review photos that have already been posted

Users can also earn points by answering questions about the condition of manhole covers that have already been posted. The new live review function offered in TEKKON also allows users to review photos of manholes around them by physically looking at them.

4 2022 10 15 в 10 57 48

New Feature (Utility Pole)

TEKKON has also introduced a new feature that enables users to earn points via scanning the Utility Pole. Users can now take pictures of several utility poles such as electric poles and upload it into the TEKKON app.

5 2022 10 15 в 10 58 09

Dogs in the app

In TEKKON, users will start the game with a dog as their companion. To earn points more efficiently, users can use points they’ve earned to increase the level of their dog so that they can earn more points for each photo they take and each review they make.

Some dogs are rare characters that have a high point earning rate. Users can earn even more points by using points to buy and own several dogs.

6 2022 10 15 в 10 58 21

Character design by Mari Asada

Mari Asada is a crypto artist and the leader of the NFT community NFT & CRYPTO ART JAPAN. She hosted CAWA in Tokyo, Japan’s first NFT exhibition, in June 2021, and operates ArtiStake, a platform to support artists. She has VJed at many festivals and events both in Japan and overseas, including J-WAVE INNOVATION WORLD FESTA, FUJIROCK, MUTEK.JP x Japan Media Arts Festival, DOMMUNE, BOOM FESTIVAL in Portugal and Fulldome Festival in Germany.

7 2022 10 15 в 10 58 28

Launching Event in the Philippines

TEKKON is Web3 app promoting social good by empowering users to help fix their local community’s infrastructure. Earn by walking & reviewing infrastructure data.

Join TEKKON in the upcoming lunch this October 30?

Follow these steps to get a whitelist spot:

STEP 1: Join Telegram –
STEP 2: Follow Twitter –
STEP 3: Join Discord –

About Whole Earth Foundation

Head office: Singapore
Japanese office: 7F Shibuya 1-chome Bldg, 1-3-9 Shibuya, Shibuya City, Tokyo
Established: December 2020

The Whole Earth Foundation is an organization that aims to find solutions to the social issue of aging infrastructure by getting members of the public involved in activities. Since summer last year, a public event called the Great Manhole Battle has been held regularly through the Guardians of Metal and Concrete game, and data on over 950,000 manholes across Japan has been collected so far. TEKKON, which utilizes Web3, will encourage players to collect more infrastructure data by rewarding them with tokens in exchange for their infrastructure data, creating a system that provides players with economic compensation for their contribution to community service. In the future, the TEKKON phenomenon will be broadened, with plans to enhance the functions of the new TEKKON app and expand the Great Manhole Battle events being held to encourage public participation.

Press Contact: Nina Crisostomo
Email Address: [email protected]
Country : Philippines
City: Manila

Promising blockchain project Tokoin raised an undisclosed investment from DWF Labs despite “crypto-winter” 4187

1 2022 10 13 в 17 05 24

Singapore, October 10th, 2022

Although each “crypto winter” (or “bear market,” as the uninitiated may call it) is unique, they always have one thing in common: they all inspire a fresh wave of invention.

Tokoin is an extremely well-known Blockchain company from South East Asia. The project is considered as one of the most promising Defi projects in Southeast Asia and is invested by reputable companies such as Kucoin labs and is also advised by the CEO of Kucoin – Johnny Lyu. And on October 10th, Tokoin has successfully raised an undisclosed investment from the world renowned web 3 venture capital firm DWF Labs, marking a new milestone on the road to building a decentralized economy.

The investment from DWF Labs will undoubtedly support Tokoin ecosystem’s development, making it stronger and more sustainable as it continues to expand thanks to recent achievements. Tokoin has the potential to become one of the most successful blockchain projects by 2023, a goal that only few projects will manage to score.

Tokoin is a technology company which aims to provide advanced solutions to local government and companies needs through blockchain technology.

Currently, Tokoin’s ecosystem has the following strategic products:

  • My T-Wallet: A mobile payment application that enables blockchain projects to use a safe, audited wallet with handy features without testing, correcting bugs, and auditing their own wallet.
  • T-Fi: A financial transaction platform without middlemen.
  • Frontera: A “Play-to-earn” game that will act as a gateway for TOKO to be utilized in the NFT realm.
  • Tokoin Foundation – OFU Ventures: Focusing on blockchain startups. OFU will invest in projects that expand $TOKO’s usefulness and ecosystem.

And all of these products revolve around the TOKO token. Tokoin aspires to develop a sustainable blockchain ecosystem. The team needs a shared platform and environment to realize blockchain’s full potential, balancing efficiency and effectiveness. To do this, they offer TOKO tokens for ecosystem participation and services. TOKO is a super token utilized in our De-Fi products and NFT ecosystem as a reward, payment, and utility token. Launched on ERC-20, TOKO recently extended to BEP-20. New network interoperability is coming as token demand rises.

$TOKO is currently listed on these following exchanges (and will be more shortly):


“Tokoin has said publicly that this funding would be utilized to increase the size of the ecosystem, create more products (like T-Fi), and ultimately benefit both Tokoin’s users. A growing number of people are looking for a reliable and fruitful route to invest in cryptocurrencies amid the current bear market. Due to this awareness, we are working hard to enhance our current offerings and develop new features for the Tokoin ecosystem to provide users with as many advantages as possible. With DWF Labs’ support, we will be able to expand our products and provide even more value to our customers. The achievement of this goal is a major step forward for Tokoin.” – Mr. Andrew Riady, Tokoin CMO.

In addition, currently, more than 98% of small and medium-sized firms have extremely limited resources with which to accomplish their business and product development objectives. And in the post-Covid-19 era, they must adjust to a new reality. So, people often turn to well-known sources of credit, like banks, when they need funds. However, it is very challenging since it is dependent on the company’s collateral. Tokoin ecosystem and TOKO token are the best options available.

An example of how Tokoin helps projects achieve outstanding developments: Frontera is Tokoin’s first investment in a Metaverse NFT gaming project. As $TOKO holders, among the benefits are having TOKO tokens capable of being used in the Frontera ecosystem, not only for NFT Gaming but in the future, TOKO tokens are also used on the Metaverse side. This investment in Frontera has added more benefits and real use cases and utility of TOKO token. $TOKO holders will have the first opportunity and privileges to this brand new investment.

Here are Tokoin’s very clear upcoming plans:

  • De-Fi Game: A various mini game ecosystem inside T-Fi that allows users to win rewards with TOKO tokens.
  • Lending De-Fi Protocol: They’ll allow NFT/Token collateralized lending, which helps our holders. TOKO is a liquidity token for investors that require instant liquidity for their investment.
  • Interact to Earn: A social networking app that connects like-minded individuals/groups. TOKO tokens are used to access advanced features and show appreciation.
  • Expanding Our Network: They’ll soon integrate TOKO token on more networks and chains to support their growing ecosystem.
  • Opening up SDK for partners: They want to open their ecosystem SDK to local governments and other traditional businesses, making it simpler for them to use their blockchain technology.
  • TOKOIN Blockchain Network: Tokoin is building a blockchain network. They’ll use NPoS and Substrate as their framework. The Tokoin network will keep gas fees low, secure, and scalable.

About DWF Labs:

DWF Labs is part of the parent firm Digital Wave Finance (DWF), which consistently ranks among the top 5 trading entities by volume in the cryptocurrency world through its proprietary technology for high frequency trading. The company is present in Singapore, Switzerland, the UAE, South Korea, BVI, and expanding.

DWF Labs seeks to invest and support bold founders who want to build the future of Web3. They offer consulting, liquidity provision, cybersecurity, smart contract audit processes, debt-financing, treasury management and connections with our numerous partners across different verticals. On top of that, being one of the best traders in the world, DWF Labs can utilize their extensive knowledge to protect projects from the risks associated with market volatility.