U.S. Senator Warns Closing Montana Coal Plant Will Hurt Bitcoin Mining Industry 5595

The junior United States Senator from Montana, Steve Daines, has warned that the planned closure of a coal power generator could harm the booming bitcoin mining business in the state. According to KULR-TV, all the four units of the Colstrip coal plant located in Rosebud County are expected to shut down by 2027. In Senator Daines’ view, reliable low-cost energy is necessary for Montana to retain and continue attracting new bitcoin mining companies.

“As the demand for Bitcoin miners increases and supply of cheap, reliable electricity from coal generation decreases, this could pose a threat of the expansion of Bitcoin generation and even greater threat to energy supply and prices for Montana as a whole,” said Senator Daines during a U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee meeting.

Besides the low energy costs, the naturally-cold temperatures have also served to make the state of Montana a favorite with bitcoin mining firms, as such an environment reduces cooling expenses. Notably, some of the biggest bitcoin mining facilities in North America are located in Western Montana. This includes CryptoWatt LLC, which operates a facility located in Butte and has an agreement with the Colstrip coal plant for the supply of 64MW ,making it one of the biggest users of electricity in the state.

There is also the Bonner Bitcoin data center, which until recently was one of the largest in the world, as CCN reported two months ago. Last year, according to the Missoula Economic Partnership, an initiative aimed at promoting business activities in the Western Montana city of Missoula, the Bonner facility was expected to expand from the then 12,000 mining rigs to 55,000.

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Blockchain mining platform Pacminer has announced a collaborative investment of $50 million to enhance substantial mining pools and cloud computing infrastructure within the Ghanaian region 10113

On October 20th, since its foray into the Ghanaian sector, blockchain mining platform Pacminer has not only introduced innovative employment and investment paradigms to the locale but also significantly broadened the scope of the mining market, earning the fervent acclaim of over a million global users. In a bid to expand its industrial chain and augment user earnings, Pacminer has declared a joint venture with Ghana’s relevant departments and blockchain platforms, pledging an investment of $50 million. This substantial capital is earmarked for the optimization of extensive mining pools and advanced cloud computing apparatus, poised to cater to the surging user exigencies within the Ghanaian domain.

Over recent years, through relentless advancements in equipment and technology, Pacminer has catapulted its network mining capacity to over 20% within the industry, thereby earning recognition from various societal echelons. This collaborative endowment is also indicative of the platform’s profound credibility. Capitalizing on its collective resources and cutting-edge technology, Pacminer is set to orchestrate a continuous intelligent evolution of mining rigs throughout their entire lifecycle. This strategy is intended to deeply integrate smart computing power throughout the mining process, consequently lowering both the financial and technical barriers for users in the Ghanaian enclave, streamlining their mining endeavors.

Comprising early cryptocurrency investors and researchers, the team members at Pacminer bring a wealth of R&D and operational experience within the digital currency realm. It is through the extensive knowledge and professional expertise of this core team that Pacminer actively facilitates the global free circulation of the digital economy. In its current initiative, Pacminer is optimizing mining pool construction solutions to achieve the most efficient output at the lowest costs, while also offering clients comprehensive, full-industry-chain solutions. This strategic approach not only underscores their commitment to excellence but also fortifies their role as catalysts in enhancing digital economic exchanges globally.

The realm of mining pool extraction has transitioned from a digital phase into an era of intelligent refinement, where meticulous mining methodologies are gradually supplanting the erstwhile extensive modes of extraction. Embracing principles of green development, Pacminer prioritizes the utilization of large-scale data centers powered by low-carbon energy sources. Employing distributed node consensus algorithms for the generation and renewal of data, the company ensures minimal disturbance to the mining areas and their surrounding ecological environments during the extraction processes. This approach is further enhanced by a judicious selection of mining methods, coupled with the efficient deployment of innovative technologies for astute oversight, reflecting their dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

Focusing on machine upgrades tailored for the sector’s sealing process and profound algorithm optimization, expert personnel anticipate that the current enhancements to the substantial mining pools and cloud computing infrastructure will boost extraction efficiency in Ghana by 20%. These advancements are poised to elevate the high availability and reliability of data access, laying the groundwork for long-term stability of online data. Furthermore, they provide the agility to expand storage capacity flexibly, catering to the demands of a high-caliber cloud computing platform. This strategic foresight not only signifies a leap in operational excellence but also reinforces the commitment to seamless, uninterrupted access and data preservation in the evolving digital landscape.

Leveraging its formidable expertise and robust advantages, Pacminer remains steadfast at the industry’s vanguard, perpetually delving into and discerning solutions quintessentially suited for contemporary scenarios. By effectively curtailing mining expenses and continually amplifying computational power, the platform is unwavering in its commitment to safeguarding user interests. It is this pioneering spirit that not only guides but also propels industry growth, marking Pacminer as a luminary in the ever-evolving digital mining landscape.

Adventures in the Mine of Digital Wealth – An Ordinary Person’s Real Experience of Getting Rich 10833

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Peter, a middle-aged man, lived a simple life in a small town. He worked as an ordinary office employee, busying himself with mundane tasks and family responsibilities. Despite the stability of his life, Peter always dreamed of changing his destiny and pursuing greater financial freedom.

One day, while browsing the internet, Peter stumbled upon TokenCoin, an emerging cryptocurrency cloud mining platform. Though he knew nothing about cryptocurrencies, the concept of TokenCoin deeply intrigued him.

Peter decided to register with TokenCoin and embark on his mining journey. Since he didn’t have significant investment capital, he opted to lease some cloud mining hash power, an option offered by the TokenCoin platform.

As time passed, Peter began to receive mining rewards from TokenCoin. While these rewards were modest at first, they steadily accumulated, gradually becoming more substantial. Peter chose to reinvest his earnings into higher hash rate plans, further increasing his mining capabilities.

Peter’s financial situation improved, and he started sharing his journey with friends and family, who were astounded by his growing wealth. They inquired about his secret, and Peter shared his story, encouraging them to join TokenCoin. He also joined TokenCoin’s affiliate program, earning referral commissions and building a community of like-minded individuals.

Together with his friends and the TokenCoin community, Peter explored the world of digital currencies, supporting and inspiring each other. TokenCoin became the platform through which they collectively created wealth.

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The cloud mining platform, TokenCoin, introduced a revolutionary three-step process, making it incredibly easy to embark on a profitable cloud mining journey. It simplified the complexities of cloud mining, fostering substantial growth and rewards for its users.

Step One: Register an Account – Where Convenience Meets Rewards

TokenCoin welcomed new users through a straightforward registration process, initiating a journey towards potential gains. The registration process also included a $7 registration bonus, not merely a symbolic gesture, but a practical incentive that users could use to purchase plans aligned with their individual aspirations. Upon completing their selected plans, users could even withdraw their accrued rewards, turning the experience into tangible outcomes.

Step Two: Select Your Mining Plan – Empowerment Through Choice

The platform offered a diverse array of cloud hash rate plans, empowering users to tailor their cloud mining journey according to their distinct preferences. By navigating their crypto portfolios, users could make informed choices, aligning their path with their financial objectives and aspirations.

Step Three: Start Earning – Unlocking a Realm of Opportunities

Once the chosen plan was set, the journey to earnings commenced seamlessly. With the finalization of the order, TokenCoin efficiently allocated computing power to the designated mining pool, initiating the potential for swift rewards and returns.

Not long after, Peter and his friends had accumulated substantial wealth in the cryptocurrency field, enabling them to live the lives they had always desired. They not only achieved their personal financial goals but also provided hope and opportunities for others.

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This story underscores that the world of digital currencies is brimming with opportunities. With courage, continuous learning, and dedication, anyone can find their own fortune in this emerging field.

To explore the range of products and plans and begin your journey with a reliable partner in the crypto mining arena, please visit https://tokencoin.net

Powerbridge Technologies Invests in High-Performance Crypto Mining Equipment 3398

Powerbridge Technologies, a provider of multi-industry technology solutions, has announced its recent acquisition of 1,200 units of A1346 Avalon Bitcoin Miners. The investment aligns with the Company’s long-term strategy in the crypto market.

The A1346 Avalon Bitcoin Miners with a hash rate of 104TH/s, are known for their high performance, stability, and ease of use.

Stewart Lor, CEO of Powerbridge Technologies, commented: “We believe that this investment will help us expand our presence in the crypto market. As a leading provider of technology solutions, we will continue to explore new opportunities to accelerate our growth and bring values to our shareholders.”

About Powerbridge Technologies

Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of multi-industry technology solutions. The Company offers software and platform applications, IoT platform services and intelligent devices, supply chain platforms and interactive media services, metaverse and digital services, and cryptocurrency asset operations and services.

How blockchain games are changing approaches to education and business 3865


Author: Andrey Frost Moroz, CEO of Bluelight.inc

Blockchain games first emerged in the early 2000s and have undergone several transformations. We all remember CryptoKitties, which literally exploded the crypto and gaming communities, with cartoon cats selling for millions of dollars to sophisticated collectors. They were followed by PokemonGo, Axie Infinity, and thousands of other entertainment games, whose goal was easy money and fun pastime.

The coronavirus epidemic and the prolonged crypto winter, which lasted for over a year, exposed the “narrow” areas of blockchain games. Of course, entertainment games can occupy you, but do they provide valuable and useful skills? Rather not! Today, the gaming world has turned not towards entertainment, but towards education. Dozens of simulation games are entering the market that can, if not instill, then give an idea of important skills. I believe that the pioneer of this trend was Mark Zuckerberg, who announced back in 2022 that he intends to launch about 10 virtual universities in the metaverse Meta, and education will be conducted in the form of games. So far, these statements remain on paper and in plans, but the concept of developing simulation games has proven to be in high demand on the market.Today, you can find dozens of such games. For example, the game 0xUniverse is essentially a simulator of space construction factories and plants. It’s clear that playing the game, you’re unlikely to learn how to build spaceships, but you will definitely understand how it works and what components a rocket or satellite consists of. Another example is MegaCryptoPolis, a city-building simulator where players must build buildings according to certain rules, beautify streets, and maintain order.

However, my team and I went further and decided to create our own business simulator, a digital analogue of Silicon Valley. Players don’t just play and complete tasks. They learn how to manage projects, build teams based on the knowledge and abilities of each member, maintain a warm climate within the team, and much more.

If you’re seeing the Bluelight game for the first time, you’ll definitely notice familiar graphics and interesting characters. Yes, the creators of the cult NFT cartoon Take My Muffin became our partners in developing the visual part of the game. But if you immerse yourself in the gameplay, every gamer will be able to find useful information or gain new skills. It’s like trading cryptocurrency on a demo account: you’re making real trades, but you’re not losing your money in case of failure. Demo trading allows you to acquire and consolidate basic trading skills and understand how orders work, how to read technical analysis, and what all these Japanese candles, figures, and curves mean. The same thing goes for Bluelight.

So what knowledge and skills do users gain just by playing the game:

1. The ability to plan is a skill that many people lack. Poor planning leads to wasting time on project implementation and, in some cases, losing money and clients. By playing Bluelight, you will learn to accurately plan the time needed to complete a task.

2. Delegation is another important factor in business. Not all tasks can be delegated, nor can they be assigned to every employee. You will understand this better if you assign a task to the wrong character. By studying the abilities and experience of the characters, you will learn to accurately determine the executor and delegate tasks to them.

3. Team building is a crucial component of a successful business. A strong and loyal team is half the battle. Our simulator helps you learn to identify and meet the needs of each team member, from their work environment to their salary and vacation.

Who will benefit from our game? I would say everyone, without exception, because these are skills that will definitely come in handy in life. However, I would particularly recommend playing Bluelight to novice entrepreneurs who are just taking their first steps in business. By the way, you can get exclusive access to the game here (email or contact form). Soon, we will launch an open beta version, and anyone will be able to play Bluelight.

Will Bitcoin continue to fall? 7051


It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency market is quite volatile. Almost any piece of global news can affect the price of digital assets in one way or another. Take billionaire Elon Musk, for example, who was able to influence the price of Dogecoin simply by tweeting. However, this does not always happen because of a particular case and with a particular coin. In 2020, for example, the world went into lockdown for the first time in a long time. Countries’ borders were closed and the logistics of many goods began to be disrupted. People had to stay at home, fearing for their health. The Covid-19 pandemic was to blame. You would think that a virus could have an impact on digital assets. As it turns out, it was able to reach cryptocurrency as well. Because of problems in the economy, cryptocurrency has begun to lose value.

This did not last long, and a year later Bitcoin set a new historical high. The price of the first cryptocurrency was above $63,000. Those enthusiasts, who during the chaos and lockdown did not stop believing that cryptocurrency was the future and continued to invest in digital gold, were able to make good money in just one year. Bitcoin began to be prophesied to reach $100,000 in the near future. There were many explanations from analysts and financial experts that Bitcoin could do this. Today, however, the picture for the crypto industry does not look so rosy.

Since the beginning of 2022, the first cryptocurrency began to lose heavily in price, for various reasons. Today, we can observe that Bitcoin is in prolonged drawdown, just like all other digital assets. Some call it a “crypto-winter”. This has already happened to the crypto market more than once. But why is the fall so noticeable?

Experts attribute the prolonged decline in quotations to the fact that the Federal Reserve System is tightening policy in the US, which raises rates to contain inflation in the country.

As cryptocurrency is a risky asset, investors and traders are trying to get rid of it or keep it to a minimum.

Also, the recent news that one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, FTX, has filed for bankruptcy has not had a positive impact on the value of digital assets either. The first cryptocurrency still remains in a kind of sideways position. At the time of writing, it stands at $16,993, according to CoinGecko.

What if Bitcoin keeps falling?

If the cryptocurrency drawdown continues, nothing good can come of it. As analysts say, this will entail quite serious and large changes in the global crypto market. A similar scenario was discussed this summer, in the online edition of CNews. The publication’s experts believe that continued drawdown will mean that many tokens that are not widely known will simply disappear, until there are only the top and in-demand coins that are able to survive in today’s realities.

Of course it is too early to talk about it now, things may change tomorrow if there is any positive news. But we can only wait and see what happens.

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CME Group Announces Launch of Euro-denominated Bitcoin and Ether Futures 7532

CME Group, the world’s leading derivatives marketplace, today launched Bitcoin Euro and Ether Euro futures.

“The launch of these new futures contracts builds on the strong growth and deep liquidity we have seen in our existing U.S. dollar-denominated Bitcoin and Ether futures contracts,” said Tim McCourt, Global Head of Equity and FX Products, CME Group. “Our new Bitcoin Euro and Ether Euro futures will provide institutional clients, both within and outside the U.S., with more precise and regulated tools to trade and hedge exposure to the two largest cryptocurrencies by market cap.”

Bitcoin Euro and Ether Euro futures contracts will be sized at five bitcoin and 50 ether per contract. These new contracts will be cash-settled, based on the CME CF Bitcoin-Euro Reference Rate and CME CF Ether-Euro Reference Rate, which serve as once-a-day reference rates of the euro-denominated price of bitcoin and ether.

These new futures contracts will be listed on and subject to the rules of CME.

For more information on this product, please visit https://www.cmegroup.com/cryptocurrencies#explore-our-cryptocurrency-products.

As the world’s leading derivatives marketplace, CME Group (www.cmegroup.com) enables clients to trade futures, options, cash and OTC markets, optimize portfolios, and analyze data – empowering market participants worldwide to efficiently manage risk and capture opportunities. CME Group exchanges offer the widest range of global benchmark products across all major asset classes based on interest rates, equity indexes, foreign exchange, energy, agricultural products and metals. The company offers futures and options on futures trading through the CME Globex® platform, fixed income trading via BrokerTec and foreign exchange trading on the EBS platform. In addition, it operates one of the world’s leading central counterparty clearing providers, CME Clearing.