BlockClick is Now Available on Partida Services and Exhina 1740

BlockClick, a blockchain platform designed to reduce fraud in the digital marketing industry, has unveiled two new listings on key exchanges. BlockClick is now available on Partida Services OÜ’s p2pb2b exchange, which supports up to 10,000 trades per second, and Exhina, which is committed to account safety and adheres to the strictest international standards and legal requirements.

Both platforms offer secure registration and intuitive tools for buying cryptocurrency, using funds, and managing accounts. The p2pb2b exchange applies two-factor authentication and KYC (know your client) regulation to all accounts, requiring companies working with private funds to identify the counterparty prior to completing a financial transaction.

Continued Expansion Into Cryptocurrency Exchanges

BlockClick’s announcement comes on the heels of an application and integration process with HitBTC. One of the most experienced cryptocurrency exchanges on the market, HitBTC launched in 2013, and is currently ranked #6 in overall daily trading volume by CoinMarketCap and billed as the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other types of cryptocurrency are now supported by this advanced platform.

Digital Marketing and Fraud

The digital advertising industry has faced fraud on many levels, from authenticity of transactions to traffic and metrics. All parties involved face issues of trust and security. BlockClick accepts not only Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also Litecoin, Monero, and other cryptocurrencies, which further highlights the importance of its latest and future listings. In fact, BlockClick enables access to the blockchain from any existing platform, providing digital advertisers with a great deal of flexibility.

BlockClick Is Here to Stay

Advertisers, digital marketing network providers, and publishers can utilize BlockClick to deploy smart contracts via the Ethereum network. The platform is designed around the tenets of transparency and accountability. Buyers and sellers can therefore record impressions, clicks, and conversions while tracking events and using their BLOK tokens, ensuring complete transactional purity.

Launched in Q2 2018, BlockClick provides a trustworthy platform for digital advertisers leveraging the blockchain. It deploys configurable smart contracts via the Ethereum network, so all parties involved can validate their marketing campaigns and transactions. Smart contracts include agreed-upon parameters, hence, the security of agreements and requirements being strictly enforced.

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Web3 Payments SaaS Can Push Mainstream Crypto Adoption 4696

Today, the Fuse Network unveils Fuse 2.0. Aimed at taking on a significant challenge cryptocurrencies face on the road to mass adoption. Delivering a mobile-friendly technology stack to safely open new SaaS business models in Web3.

Existing digital payment rails execute billions of daily transactions. Fuse believes that offering a cheap, flexible, and simple solution to transact with every business on the planet will drive the usage of digital payments and cryptocurrencies further.

Fuse unveils a payments network focused on mainstream business adoption to enable companies that may need to be more technically or crypto-savvy to provide a blockchain-powered user experience that is simple, fast, and secure.

“To drive widespread adoption, we must focus on competing with the dominant players like Visa, Mastercard, and Stripe rather than Ethereum or any other blockchain. So we built a fully interoperable and open-source one-stop shop to help businesses uncover the value added from the decentralization of finance,” says Fuse Network CEO Mark Smargon.

Initially launching in 2019, years of working with ecosystem partners have allowed the Web3 payments company to build a robust network, create and provide Ethereum-level tooling tailored for business, and vitally learn which aspects of business are not desirable to decentralize.

Fuse 2.0 heavily concentrates on providing all aspects required for businesses to explore Web3 payments from the network to core business-ready infrastructure and white-label mobile wallets. Most importantly, outlining a network structure for Fuse 2.0 fit to scale Web3 payments by introducing the concept of Operators and Power Validators.

Scaling crypto adoption with everyday payments

Introducing the concept of Power Validators and Operators in the Fuse vision, Smargon highlights how this structure can drive long-term growth and provide decentralized, scalable Web3 business infrastructure that is easy to navigate and build.

The new structure divides the network into three layers served by merchants, Operators, and validators. The consumer layer consists of merchants building Web3 applications for their end users using the Fuse tech stack, specifically the Charge platform. Here, fee abstraction is a powerful tool to remove complex blockchain actions and give users a similar experience to what they are used to with Web2 finance apps like Venmo or Revolut.

To do that, transactions are processed, and fees are paid by Operators, not end users. This forms the business layer and, ultimately, the layer that can drive the mass adoption of crypto through regular Web3 payments.

The final piece of the puzzle is Power Validators. They supply the services Operators require to build functioning Web3 apps such as node infrastructure and oracles. The Operators purchase these services to resell them to their customers, filling the demand side.

One Operator already showcasing the power of the Fuse tech stack is Bitazza, with the Freedom Wallet being the centerpiece of the value proposition. The Freedom Wallet is a mobile wallet running on Fuse Network, built using Charge’s API, already used to fuel everyday crypto payments for several small to medium-sized businesses in Southeast Asia.

Fuse firmly believes the new approach can emphasize Operators like Bitazza, drive the next wave of adoption, and get crypto into the hands of new users without the speculative qualities. At the same time helping small to medium businesses become more competitive in the global economy.

Fuse will have a significant presence at this year’s ETH TLV, taking place between Feb 1st to 9th, as one of the key sponsors for the week’s festivities. During the week, Fuse will unveil its new branding, website, and overall mission via a live broadcast from Fuse HQ in Tel Aviv. In addition, Mark Smargon will reveal more on Fuse 2.0 throughout Q1 2023.

In line with the rebrand, Fuse released a new White Paper that charts a course toward a new era of innovation. This will be followed by the highly anticipated 2.0 Roadmap and detailed technical documentation for the developer community.

About Fuse Network

Fuse strives to be the most business-friendly blockchain ecosystem for the mainstream adoption of Web3 payments. Our approach to bringing crypto payments and DeFi to the masses involves empowering other projects, businesses, organizations, and communities to adopt crypto payments and decentralized finance (DeFi). Fuse Network is the decentralized EVM-compatible public blockchain that powers the Fuse platform and ecosystem.

Introducing Proof Of Memes: The Ultimate Memecoin Blockchain 5068

The last ten years or so have done a lot to amplify and empower meme culture on the internet, but the truth is that memes have existed in one form or another for much, much longer. An in-depth history of memes is a topic for another time, but if there is one thing to know about memes it would be to understand their immeasurable impact on modern culture.

Memes are a perfect way to spread an idea, establish a concept, and make people think about it. The reason why they are so successful is that they rely on symbols, images, and a single idea assembled into a simple presentation. Memes are simple yet transfer complex thoughts and ideas, which is how they have become one of the most popular ways to spread ideas and information.

For some time now, companies have recognized that memes quickly and simply spread information. They have since been using memes in their marketing campaigns with great success. In 2013, memes entered the crypto industry with the launch of Dogecoin (DOGE), which then led to an entirely new facet of the crypto space called memecoins.

Everything that has happened surrounding the history of memes has led to a single point, preparing the industry for the launch of what might be the ultimate meme project — Proof Of Memes (POM).

What is Proof of Memes?

There have been plenty of projects in the memecoin sector of the crypto industry — Dogecoin being the first. This started the current popular memecoin trend. This opened the door for the creation of a blockchain focusing on this particular aspect of crypto. Memecoins began gaining popularity over the last few years, leading to majorly successful projects such as Shiba Inu (SHIB), Baby Doge Coin (BABYDOGE), Akita Inu (AKITA), and countless others.

Unfortunately this new trend created opportunity for dishonest individuals to take advantage of token buyers and traders in the space. A significant portion of tokens launched on existing blockchains have been built upon deceptive tactics or even outright fraud.

This high risk trading environment laid the groundwork for the creation of something new and innovative to address the issue head on. Proof Of Memes (POM) was designed to create safety for memecoin traders. Pomchain has been built from the ground up based around this purpose. Most memecoins post Dogecoin were launched on the Ethereum network. POM now aims to become a new hub for meme tokens, offering a number of features that have never been offered to projects on other blockchains.

Proof Of Memes is a Layer-1 blockchain ecosystem with a focus on memecoins. The blockchain itself is a pre-EIP 1559 fork of Ethereum. This is a Proof of Work validation system, which Ethereum used before switching to Proof of Stake. Proof of Work enables users to mine for POM Coin on Pomchain. When Ethereum switched over to Proof of Stake, this took jobs from millions who had been mining the Ethereum coin.

Proof of Memes chose to use the Proof Of Work system to allow those idle miners from the ETH Proof of Work transition to begin mining on Pomchain. This decision to use Proof of Work means the team does not have to worry about computing capacity to secure the blockchain. Additionally, making use of Ethereum’s technology also makes POM EVM compatible and highly familiar to existing ETH network developers.

What does POM have to offer?

POM has already started to build and create a rich and powerful ecosystem for memecoins and beyond. POM has launched its own block explorer titled Memescan, and the POM team previously entered into a partnership with Empire Capital to build its chain’s native decentralized exchange, called PomSwap.

Shortly, Pomchain will be launching several project launch avenues supported by the POM team, the most vetted of those being PomPad. This launchpad will be for projects officially supported by the POM team, with proven utility. The project’s team will have to KYC and provide a credible audit of their project’s smart contract. A simpler avenue for developers will be the SafeStealth option. Here POM will give developers several pre-audited contracts (provided by the POM team) to choose from. This gives investors peace of mind and represents a safe place for raising capital and launching new tokens. Pomchain has already had several successful supported launches which are endorsed by both the team and community leaders to meet a minimum standard of quality and safety for traders.

Proof of Memes is set to be transformed into the ultimate memecoin ecosystem and a one-stop-shop for all meme-based crypto projects. Pomchain began with the memecoin market, but will and has already expanded beyond the scope of memecoins in the future. This will include dApps, NFTs, blockchain gaming, and more. This is a common and successful strategy in business. By starting with a niche market, then expanding into other areas, Pomchain has set the stage to compete with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain in the near future.

Proof of Memes previously launched two limited edition NFT collections to raise funds for the development of the blockchain, while offering groundbreaking benefits to the NFT holders. Released first was the LaunchPack NFTs combined with 10 unique premium NFTs titled LaunchBox. This collection totals 500 utility-based NFTs. Owners of this collection are eligible to receive a 20% to 30% discount on all PomPad launches. The second of those limited edition collections is the BridgeKeeper NFTs. This collection enables holders to earn a percentage of fees collected by the upcoming MemeConnect cross-chain bridge. This will allow users to bridge to and from BSC or ETH.

LaunchBox and LaunchPack holders are considered VIPs of the project, and will receive VIP invitations for future exclusive in-person events planned for 2023 and beyond, including a planned annual memecoin conference. These NFT collections were in high demand at launch, and sold out quickly. In total, POM managed to raise over 400 ETH which is being used for development and marketing.

The platform has two official tokens launched thus far — the governance token, POMG, and the official dog meme token, Pomeranian (POMD). POM originally debuted with the ETH2.0 token, which served as a presale token for POM. ETH2.0 was exchangeable for both POM and POMG, an attractive 2-for-1 deal for early adopters.

POM — The future of memecoins

In a matter of a few months, this project has built and released the PomSwap DEX, safe trading tools and utilities, a governance token, its own NFT collections, and many other benefits and features. This has been done with 100% uptime with a strong network infrastructure, coupled with a strong community of traders and developers.

Proof of Memes has recognized 2023 as a fresh start for the cryptocurrency industry — one where most projects will seek to recover from the devastating effects of the “crypto winter” of 2022. The team behind Proof Of Memes will seize the opportunity and give something unique to both new and returning investors. Pomchain will further cement the presence of memecoins, and allow this sub-sector of the crypto industry to thrive in 2023 and for years to come.

The project’s long-term vision is to right the wrongs of the crypto space, and address issues related to scams and dishonest actors. The ultimate goal is for POM to become the number one home for memecoins and beyond, as communicated in POM’s catchphrase, We Meme Business.

BiXBiT announced a new Bug-Bounty program as a part of testing their products 4599

The BiXBiT Dev division has launched a monitoring system (AMS) that will help make mining more safe & convenient.  Users are invited to participate in the Bug-Bounty program as testing of a new system and make suggestions for improving the program. Also, the parent company BiXBiT has created immersion cooling for cryptomining, which is recognized as innovative. About unique developments for miners — further.

The monitoring system (AMS) from BiXBiT Dev now can be tested by any user. At the same time, miners are invited to leave feedback about the system, suggest ways to improve it and make objective comments. You can also try to find the system’s vulnerabilities and AMS bugs. The company does not focus on the last two factors, but nevertheless they can be considered.

BiXBiT bounty program

As an innovative project, BiXBiT combined the classic Bug Bounty program and the Giveaway referral program. As a result, the referral system acted as an additional incentive that motivated more users to join the project.

The company offers to become participants of the main prize drawing within the Seasonal Bug Bounty project. Seasonal drawings are very relevant, as every season a new version of the product is offered.

In order to get the maximum number of points, you need to leave a review, submit a video, do additional reviews on social media or invite new participants. The company provides a table that shows how many points you can get for an action. When evaluating a review, attention is paid to its usefulness and informativeness.

Duration date: Bounty program will continue for one month from the start date.

How to participate in a bounty program?

First, you should register on the BiXBiT bounty website. After filling in all the necessary information for the Bounty, you can start testing.

To start testing, you should log in to your AMC on BiXBiT website and download the firmware to his device. The firmware can save you up to 20% of total energy consumption and reduce your fees.After testing the system, you can leave your feedback on the website. As a bonus, the company offers an award to the winner who will leave the most detailed and useful feedback.

Also, when testing the system, all users automatically become members of the referral program. Everyone is given a referral code that can be used to invite new members. Points are awarded for a review left, a video sent, additional reviews and invited users.

Testing of the BiXBiT ecosystem is offered at a reduced fee or without it at all. At the same time, a branded ASIC is available to users. And, of course, the opportunity to win prizes should be considered as a motivation for activity. In the future, the AMS system will be supplemented.

It should be noted that BiXBiT is an experienced developer and implementer of innovative solutions for immersion cooling. The company’s proposals are very important when conducting cryptocurrency mining operations. High hash rates of mining equipment during overclocking and high-quality temperature control are the opportunities that the company creates.

BiXBiT immersion cooling systems

BiXBiT has repeatedly surprised miners with high-quality submersible cooling systems. These were racks, cells, as well as containers for full-fledged mining. Miners also got access to state-of-the-art firmware that optimizes settings and improves hashrate capabilities.

Core Advantages of immersion cooling

The advantage of immersion cooling is the use of a non-conductive liquid for more efficient heat dissipation. The advantage of this design is that there are no fine particulate emissions in the form of dust, which is helpful in better equipment protection. Along with noise reduction, this reduces energy costs by up to 30%.

Unlike other vendors, BiXBiT immersion cooling systems are compatible with ASICs designed for air cooling. This allows you to significantly reduce equipment costs without losing cooling efficiency.

Noise reduction makes it possible to ensure favorable working conditions. While the SRT systems equipped with air cooling are supplemented with muffling covers, as well as other similar devices, usually the noise flow is reduced only at the limit of up to 20 dB. Just a feature of immersion cooling is that the system reduces the noise level to a slightly noticeable indicator.

Will BiXBiT become an innovation in cryptomining?

For five years, BiXBiT has been creating innovations for mining cryptocurrencies.

The company offers miners safe and efficient equipment. At the same time, the details of the original design are well thought out and maximum mining performance is created.

BiXBiT miners are supplemented with submersible cooling systems. This property makes it possible to form a productive use of space and improve the potential value of the hashrate. After all, really effective cooling is carried out. The firmware performance is high, which is also important.

Results. BiXBiT offers unique solutions for miners. BiXBiT’s innovative cooling systems allow you to use space more productively, increasing the value of the hashrate. The supplied equipment is able to activate business processes, regardless of the scale of the business.

The Launching of the BIFROST Network, a Multichain Gamechanger 4266

The multichain middleware platform BIFROST run by PiLab Technology, a South Korean VC specializing in blockchain services, recently unveiled their mainnet, the BIFROST Network. Fueled by their own mainnet, BIFROST hopes to create an easy-to-use multichain experience and to foster a unique blockchain ecosystem that leverages the multichain technology.

The BIFROST Network is a permissionless Substrate-based, EVM-compatible layer-one blockchain solution, with reasonable fees (averaging $0.03) and fast finality. Through node operators called relayers, the BIFROST Network formulates an optimal crosschain route and provides an excellent environment in which DApps can easily grow.

With the launch of the mainnet, BIFROST is introducing an advanced bridge function that supports automatic rollback of transactions should any crosschain transaction fail. This mechanism reverts the transaction to its original state to prevent assets from being lost. Also, by providing a reliable price oracle with prices verified by network validators, BIFROST further enhances its security through decentralization. The fact that BIFROST’s previous DeFi projects including BiFi and ChainRunner are available on the mainnet, is another benefit of the network.

Furthermore, BIFROST created the BIFROST Ecosystem Fund in an effort to nurture their newly-founded ecosystem. By incentivizing development of multiple DApps on the ecosystem, it will foster and support the BIFROST Ecosystem and the many projects that decide to make BIFROST their homes.

Dohyun Pak, the CEO of BIFROST, exclaimed that he is thrilled to showcase PiLab’s technological prowess to the global audience with the launch of their mainnet, and that the company will continue to focus on the public adoption of blockchain technology by building a healthy ecosystem.

PiLab Technology is a blockchain-based technology company that has developed multiple multichain services, including BIFROST and BiFi. With the mission of enabling DApps to operate on top of multiple protocols, Dohyun Pak founded the company with Jonghyup Lee, CTO, and Changhyun Yoo, COO, in 2017.

Recognized for its innovative technology and proving the scalability of its products, PiLab has raised $8.4 million in Series A led by Korea Investment Partners, STIC Ventures, and Yuanta Investment.

DegenDAO, one of the largest communities on Solana, launches on Only1 4676

Community is the heart of any nonfungible token (NFT) project. While most communities are built around an NFT collection, DegenDAO has been a high-functioning decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) since 2021, long before announcing its first NFT collection. With over 5 million messages sent in the past year alone in its Discord server (averaging 14,000 messages per day), the community has been continuing to grow since the DAO’s inception.

DegenDAO aims to launch a 5,555-NFT collection that will grant holders exclusive access to alpha calls and multisig treasury management, while 66% of the mint proceeds and 75% of the royalties will go to the DAO for the community to decide how it will be operated. If a project with a solid community is what you are after, look no further. DegenDAO is launching on Only1 on Jan. 27, 2023.

Only1 is the first social platform, backed by Animoca Brands, to enable creators to monetize on Web3 by issuing passes or a subscription model to gate content. Only1 also features a one-of-a-kind NFT launchpad that is 100% bot-free and fair.

The next big launch: DegenDAO

Launch details:

  • Launch date – Jan. 27, 2023, 12:00 UST
  • Supply – 5,555 DegenDAO NFTs
  • Launch method – Raffle ticket for allocation
  • Price per raffle ticket – $25 (whitelist), $40 (standard); prices will be in Solana 
  • NFT per winning ticket – 1 (losing tickets receive a full refund)
  • Max. ticket per wallet – 10

Note: More details to be announced — stay tuned on Only1’s or DegenDAO’s Twitter pages.

About DegenDAO

DegenDAO is a premier decentralized autonomous organization on Solana. DegenDAO is community-led by its semi-doxxed owner, Tominator, for which the purpose is to reward community members by providing in-the-moment and long-term investment advice on NFTs and crypto, a solid network of possible connections and friends, and developing other advantages to make being part of the community enjoyable, exciting and enticing.

Having been around since early December 2021 with ever-increasing trust from the community and a nearly nonprofit passionate founding team, trust is central to DegenDAO. There have been plentiful donations from the community to the DAO treasury, which pays callers and developers, including large lump sums from the owner himself — a clear testimony of the community’s strength. The goal of the project is simple yet potent. It is to create a fully and totally decentralized and democratic DAO, with a voting platform and a multisig treasury wallet controlling 66% of the mint proceeds and 75% of the royalties under the control of a council of seven members.

What happens with the treasury? What will the project attempt? What will the project become? That’s up to the democratic processes of the community. Meanwhile, every member of DegenDAO, every holder of its NFTs, can continue to benefit from the plentiful rewards they already receive as being a part of their incredible community.

About Only1

Only1 is a Web3 social platform where creators earn, backed by Animoca Brands. Launching digital collectibles to gate access is a new and growing use case, but it is expensive, takes weeks and is difficult. Only1 enables any creator to launch passes (semi-fungible tokens) to gate content in 30 seconds for $0 and requires near-zero crypto experience.

The Awesome Power of Homomorphic Encryption Realized – DERO Project Leverages Cypherpunk-Designed Tech for Unrivaled Privacy in Transactions 4569

The DERO Project recently highlighted the importance of privacy for blockchain security by showcasing the innovative power of its DERO homomorphic encryption (DEROHE). Despite hundreds of millions of dollars spent in research and development by other companies who are desperate to develop this tech, DERO has already delivered – using a fully developed homomorphic encrypted blockchain for almost a year now. The DERO Project represents the ongoing evolution of a thriving ecosystem that protects a user’s privacy while enabling lightning-fast transactions and settlement times.

What Exactly Is DEROHE?

Researched by some of the biggest tech giants in the world, homomorphic encryption is the process of performing operations on encrypted data without first having to decrypt that data. DEROHE encrypts user balances and transactions before they are operated on, allowing the blockchain to function, update balances, and transact without ever having to decrypt user balances or exact transaction numbers. The history of transactions and balances is established via mathematical proofs, easily verified without the need for a transparent blockchain, and allows for chain pruning and verification of history without having to scan the entire blockchain.

Why Is DEROHE Important for the Future?

“Encryption has become almost a generic term at this point, used everywhere in the digisphere to lull users into a sense of security and safety,” said DERO Foundation members. “But even the best encryption relies upon first decrypting data in order to analyze it. And it is there – at the decryption stage – where the vulnerabilities lie. That’s the point of access for hackers and thieves. This is why DEROHE is so revolutionary. Data can be recorded, stored, secured, verified, and even shared without ever decrypting it – literally eliminating blockchain analysis.”

And while DEROHE can be used to share encrypted data with third parties to ensure absolute privacy, it has many other business and blockchain applications too, along with the potential to enable new types of distributed computation.

“DERO is the most technologically advanced smart contract platform out there right now,” said DERO developers. “It is the fastest privacy chain with near instant settlement, using DEROHE and an account-based decentralized blockchain. We’re the only ones successfully using this tech – others are still trying to perfect it.” The DERO Foundation also pointed out “There are already defi projects gaining traction including DEX, as well as NFTs and tokens – which are natively supported by the privacy protocol and move wallet to wallet like cash once they are created. This is a truly unique capability that only DERO provides.”

The DERO Project – dARCH Hackathon News

DERO is currently hosting an extended contest event called dARCH, which is a six-month hackathon scheduled from November 1, 2022 through May 1, 2023. The hackathon offers a total prize pool valued at over $40,000, with competition taking place in three separate events. DERO tokens and NFA trophies are awarded to the winner of each event. Round one is coming to an end on February 1st and developers need to make sure they have their proof of concept or complete projects submitted by then. Read more about the dARCH event at

About DERO – Privacy Together

Originally launched in 2017, with mainnet homomorphic encryption and smart contracts released at the beginning of 2022, the DERO Project is a platform for developers to deploy secure, open, scalable, and privacy-preserving decentralized applications. DERO is unique because the developers value security and privacy above all else, allowing users to transact privately over the network without fear of pitfalls, scammers, identity theft, common protocol-level or network attacks. And with tech that preserves transparency where required, scaling with network load, DERO provides the ideal environment for business-class applications. Learn more about the DERO Homomorphic Encryption Blockchain Protocol (DHEBP) at: