Malta Regulator Issues Virtual Assets 9804

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) has now published a Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) Rulebook specifically pertaining to the regulation of Issuers of VFAs under the Virtual Financial Assets Act (VFAA). However, it seems that the publication of this rulebook has not got down very well with financial services providers who spoke to CCN. Some have lamented that it is onerous and over-cautious in several aspects and makes business slightly more complicated where cryptocurrencies and blockchain are concerned.

Joseph Borg, Partner at WH Partners said that although the publication of the rulebook was a positive step, this needs to be polished to be actually effective.

“I strongly suggest to stakeholders to participate in this consultation in order to help the MFSA come up with a well-balanced regulatory framework that is robust and attractive at the same time. It is clear that some things published in the rule book need to be polished and, in some cases, toned down. However, if sensible responses with workable solutions to the consultation paper are received, I am sure that our regulators will take them on board and fine-tune the framework accordingly”, Borg said.

“The two consultation papers relative to the first two chapters of the ‘Virtual Financial Assets Rulebook’ provide a well-defined framework for what will constitute the eventual two chapters of the Rulebook,” he stated. “There are some issues which merit further discussion with the regulator, and in fact, as interested parties in this space, we have already provided our feedback for relative amendments and clarifications within the time frame of the conclusion of the first consultation period relative to the first chapter. We are currently reviewing the second consultation paper relative to the second chapter, issued just two days ago and we will provide with our feedback to the regulator in due course.”

Other stakeholders who spoke on condition of anonymity said that the rulebook needed to be drastically revised to be effective as in it’s current state, it was a ‘no go’.

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EXBI to Announce New Launchpad Platform 2540

EXBI, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, has announced the launch of its new launchpad platform aimed at providing users with access to promising early-stage Web3 projects.

EXBI is taking a strategic shift to offer its users an accessible and transparent investment platform. The launchpad will operate on a centralized model that is well-known within the crypto community, similar to platforms like CoinList. It will provide a simple entry point for investing in promising Web3 projects, even for those who are new to the ICO and IDO scene. The platform will feature educational materials, a low financial barrier to entry, responsive support, transparency, and easy-to-understand projects designed to attract tens of millions of new users to the world of cryptocurrency.

“Based on our 8 years track record of venture investing in the crypto industry, we believe that the market is in great need of quality Web3 projects that offer clear utility and tangible benefits to everyday people. Our launchpad infrastructure will provide the perfect support system for launching new projects that anyone can invest in, regardless of their experience in сrypto.” says Arut Nazaryan, founder of EXBI.

EXBI has already started accepting applications from teams interested in launching their projects on the launchpad. The first token sale is scheduled to be announced in June 2023. In addition to fundraising, EXBI will also provide legal, financial, and marketing support to launchpad projects. Users will still be able to enjoy spot trading and staking on the exchange, with the added benefit of potentially gaining allocations in launchpad projects for the most active traders.

This new venture from EXBI marks an exciting milestone for the company and the broader cryptocurrency industry as a whole. With a focus on transparency, accessibility, and quality projects, the launchpad is poised to attract a new generation of investors to the world of crypto.

To celebrate the launch, the EXBI team has organized a promotional campaign on the Gleam platform. Through this campaign, users will have the opportunity to undertake straightforward quests, earning them XP (experience points) as rewards. A leaderboard will be formed, and the most active participants will be granted the special “Early Bird” status, which may grant access to allocations, exclusive NFTs, project tokens on the EXBI Launchpad, and other rewards in the future!

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Xive Brings Secure and Efficient Bitcoin Group Mining Services 2702

Xive is a Bitcoin group mining company run by industry experts and practicing miners aimed at making mining accessible to everyone. Xive’s customers can now enjoy a new product – efficient and secure group mining services. Xive’s group mining is the purchase of a group share of equipment placement in an arrangement of 50 and more ASICs. The main difference and advantage of group mining is that Xive’s customers purchase a share of the real farm, not simply hashrate.

Xive has been developing an advanced mining web platform since 2019. It allows efficient and accurate calculation of energy consumption and automated payment and demonstrates the performance of the latest equipment throughout the year.

Group mining farms with Xive have a transparent, automatic allocation of profits with accurate data on each ASIC’s power distribution and real-time mining revenue. They also allow for a low-level entry threshold into mining, as the minimum farm share can be bought at the cost of just $30.

As mining starts immediately upon purchasing a share, customers can get returns in one of the popular digital assets without any delays, shipping or installation waiting time. The risks are shared equally among all the participants, which reduces the individual risk associated with owning a machine while the others continue running. If a farm becomes unprofitable, the equipment is sold at market price, and the proceeds are distributed according to the owner’s purchased shares.

As Didar Bekbauov, CEO and founder of Xive, highlights, “Xive is a company developed by Bitcoin miners for miners, as the company’s leadership team are co-investors of Xive’s group mining farms. And we are excited to announce a new chapter of Xive’s growth – group mining that will help serve the mission of providing everyone with an equal opportunity to mine Bitcoin in a secure manner.”

About Xive

Xive is a Bitcoin group mining company headquartered in Astana, Kazakhstan. The company provides easy and efficient group mining services and develops a transparent and fully automated mining web platform. The company’s core product, group mining, serves the mission of providing everyone with an equal opportunity to mine Bitcoin, placing customers at the heart of the company. In 2022, Xive established new partnerships with mining hosting companies in the U.S.: Kentucky, Iowa, and West Virginia.

Nearly $400B Current Yearly Global Gaming Industry Primed for Tokenization 2533

The current fragmented wallet infrastructure has immensely neglected the needs of web3 gamers. Preventing the full adoption of blockchain tokenization. V3’s Gaming Wallet has created an innovative new approach to solve this by focusing on simplifying the user experience of nearly 3 billion active gamers. For context, gaming alone is on track to hit nearly $400 Billion-dollar annual revenue in 2023. Which is projected to grow 7.7% annually over the next 5 years. While only 2% of this revenue has been tokenized on the blockchain.

There are several problems with current wallets that have prevented the wave of gaming tokenization. One is the lack of standardization. As the majority of games and platforms use different methods and interfaces for creating and managing in-game items. This makes it difficult for players to seamlessly Interact with tokenized assets between games or platforms. Which leads to confusion and poor player experience.

V3’s mission statement “To pioneer the adoption & management of tokenized gaming assets,” says Founder and CEO, Brandon Arndt.

A resulting issue from lack of standardization is the increased security and transparency risk. As game studios grow their desire to tokenize their gaming experience, the lack of support for proper wallet infrastructure pushes game developers to attempt to build their own wallet. This not only confuses a gamers’ experience by requiring the creation and adoption of multiple wallets for each gaming experience, but also increases the risk of improper development to store these tokenized game assets securely.

Both the game developers and players strongly benefit from a tokenized gaming industry. This is because current in-game items are often stored on centralized servers and traded on black-market style infrastructure, which bypasses the ability for game studios to add an additional revenue stream, but also increases vulnerability to hacking and fraud. Additionally, the ownership and origin of each in-game item being traded can be difficult to verify when not on the blockchain. Which makes it hard for players to ensure they are getting a fair deal when buying or selling items.

Co-Founder Ryan Zarzaur, “We’ve completed key milestones and made strategic moves to ensure a streamlined approach for the onboarding and management of gaming assets for players.”

All the most popular generic wallets fail to prioritize the gaming industry. Due to the required niche interfaces needed to improve a player’s experience. V3’s Gaming Wallet provides the much-needed solution by providing this standardization. Which allows direct integration into games for easy item swapping on an internal decentralized marketplace during gameplay. While also providing an easy interaction with accumulated in-game items directly from the players safety of their wallet.

“We’ve identified a massive product market fit with an incredibly active and evergreen audience, allowing V3 to have a first mover advantage in a growing $400 Billion market,” Co-Founder Jonathan Tuttle.

The Company has recently announced their Seed Round investment opportunity, for motivated investors seeking a position in a flourishing and lucrative industry. To learn more about V3’s Gaming Wallet investment opportunities connect with Founder and CEO Brandon Arndt.

NeoSwap AI Conducts World’s First Smart Auction of Ordinals for Bitcoin, Unveiling a New Era in the NFT Space 2402

In a ground-breaking move, NeoSwap AI is conducting the world’s first Bitcoin NFTs (Ordinals) smart auction, in strategic partnership with The event, which runs from May 15th to May 22nd, coincides with Bitcoin Miami 2023, marking a significant milestone for the blockchain and digital assets community.

In addition to the auction, NeoSwap is sponsoring two significant conferences, Bitcoin Builders and Ordinals 2023, taking place in Miami on May 17th and 18th. These events, featuring a range of activities, underscore NeoSwap’s commitment to innovation within the NFT space.

The Ordinals smart auction will provide a platform for 15 select creators to showcase their unique artistry, designed to enhance visibility and foster engagement with potential collectors.

On May 17, NeoSwap’s CTO, Kuba Kwiecien, will participate in an Ordinals Technical Session at the Bitcoin Builders Conference. His talk will focus on NeoSwap’s innovative solutions that facilitate seamless cross-chain transactions of Ordinals, thereby expanding the potential applications of these unique digital artifacts.

The subsequent day will see NeoSwap’s CEO, Dr. John Ennis, sharing insights on the potential of a circular smart economy on Bitcoin at the inaugural Ordinals Conference. This conference, which gathers leading builders, projects, and investors in the Bitcoin digital artifacts space, provides an excellent opportunity for NeoSwap to shape future dialogue and progress.

About NeoSwap AI

NeoSwap is a multi-party, multi-item NFT swap platform that utilizes advanced AI technology to provide a seamless, efficient trading experience. With a focus on innovation and user-centric design, NeoSwap is pioneering the way for a new era of NFT trading and blockchain integration.

Commodities Trading Made Easy with Finrex 2300

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Commodities trading has been around for centuries, with traders buying and selling goods like gold, silver, oil, and wheat. With the rise of technology, participating in the commodities market has become easier than ever.

If you are new to commodities trading, it is essential to do your research and understand the risks involved. Commodities’ prices can be volatile, and there is always the risk of losing money. However, you can minimize your losses and maximize your profits with the right strategy and risk management techniques. One platform that stands out is Finrex, a trading platform designed for active traders.

A Top-Class Commodities Trading Platform

Finrex offers unique features for pros, but it is also easy to use for beginners. The platform boasts zero fees and infinite liquidity, meaning you can trade without worrying about transaction fees or liquidity issues. Additionally, you can buy stocks on weekends, trade beyond pre-market and intraday, and act on breaking news over the weekend.

One of the best things about Finrex is that it allows you to explore a vast array of assets, including stocks, crypto, forex, and commodities. This means you can maximize your investment portfolio by diversifying across different asset classes.

Commodities trading can be challenging for new traders, but Finrex makes it easy. The platform provides access to real-time market data, allowing you to stay up to date on price movements and make informed trading decisions. You can also use technical analysis tools to identify trends and patterns in the market.

Finrex is secured with blockchain technology, ensuring your trading data is safe and secure. Additionally, the platform allows you to copy top investors, meaning you can learn from the best and replicate their trading strategies.

Maximize Trading Profits With Unique Features

One of the key benefits of trading commodities with Finrex is the ability to hedge against inflation. Commodities like gold and oil are often used as inflation hedges because their prices tend to rise when inflation is high. This means you can protect your portfolio from inflation by investing in commodities.

Another benefit of trading commodities with Finrex is the ability to profit from global events. For example, if there is a drought in a major wheat-producing region, the price of wheat may increase as the supply decreases. As a trader, you can profit by buying wheat futures or options.

Additionally, the platform allows you to explore vast assets, including commodities, stocks, crypto, and forex. You can also hedge against inflation and profit from global events by trading commodities with Finrex.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a platform to trade commodities, Finrex is an excellent choice. Its unique features and easy-to-use interface make it perfect for new and experienced traders. Whether you want to hedge against inflation or profit from global events, Finrex has everything you need to succeed in the commodities market.

So why wait? Sign up for Finrex today and start trading commodities like a pro!

Easy Launches The First Social Wallet on the Sui Layer 1 Blockchain 2367

The Easy Company (“Easy”), the creators of the world’s first social wallet, today announced the launch of its revolutionary mobile wallet on Sui Layer 1 blockchain, offering next-generation social experiences for the Sui community.

Available on iOS and Android, Easy’s innovative social wallet brings web3 to life by seamlessly merging the functionality of a traditional blockchain explorer with the engaging features of a social network. With real-time updates and a sleek, intuitive interface, users can easily connect with other Sui community members, exchange Sui tokens, and receive real-time updates on news across the Sui ecosystem.

Sui, which launched on mainnet on May 3rd, is a decentralized, proof-of-stake blockchain designed from the ground up to enable creators and developers to build experiences that cater to the next billion users in web3. Sui builds on important innovations in consensus algorithms and leverages novel data structures to deliver a high-performance, low-cost Layer 1.Easy will leverage the flexibility, scalability and speed of Sui to unlock new experiences in gaming, NFTs, and payments for web3 users.

“Easy provides a seamless way to send and receive Sui and to connect with other Sui users to discover what cool things are happening in the Sui ecosystem, now,” said Mike Dougherty, The Easy Company co-founder and CEO. “Our feature-rich mobile design is also important for users anywhere in the world who prefer mobile as their primary way to interact with web3.”

“Sui enables mainstream use cases like fast peer-to-peer payment solutions and social apps that require a new architecture at the protocol level to scale,” said Evan Cheng, Mysten Labs co-founder and CEO. “Easy’s beautiful, user-centric design takes advantage of the Sui protocol to unlock easier, safer, and more fun ways people can engage with web3, and each other.”

Designed and built by a team of consumer web and mobile experts from Airbnb, Disney, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Nuance and iHeartMedia, Easy is a new approach to wallet design, with a focus on user experience, safety and fun. Features and benefits for Sui users include:

  • Easy profile-to-profile payments are the fastest and safest way to send Sui to others.
  • Easy social profiles enable users to create an identity on Sui and curate what makes you special.
  • Easy social feed allows users to follow Sui friends and favorite communities to learn what is happening in the ecosystem, in real time. Users can also discover what games and apps you should be trying on Sui.
  • Easy is the first Sui wallet to enable users to earn Easy XP as they explore and engage with the Sui ecosystem.
  • All of this is built on a safe and beautifully-designed mobile wallet that helps users engage with the Sui community from wherever they are. Easy supports mobile notifications and Ledger integration.

Try out the first social mobile wallet for Sui, available today on iOS and Android, at

About The Easy Company

The Easy Company is on a mission to make web3 more accessible and safe. Their flagship application, Easy, is the first social wallet that combines beautiful, user-curated profiles, with engaging social discovery features, to help users navigate and discover the vibrant world of web3. For more information, please visit:

About Sui

Sui is the first Layer 1 blockchain designed from the ground up to enable creators and developers to build experiences that cater for the next billion users. Sui is horizontally scalable to support a wide range of dApp development with unrivaled speed at low cost. The first-of-its-kind platform brings users a general-purpose blockchain with high throughput, instant settlement speeds, rich on-chain assets, and user-friendly web3 experiences. Learn more:

About Mysten Labs

Mysten Labs is a team of leading distributed systems, programming languages, and cryptography experts whose founders were senior executives of Meta’s Novi Research and lead architects of the Diem blockchain and Move programming language. The mission of Mysten Labs is to create foundational infrastructure for web3. Learn more: