Salary Systems to Petro Cryptocurrency 6354

Venezuela is set to begin using its “petro” cryptocurrency as an official accounting unit, according to the country’s president. ABC International reported the development on Tuesday, citing a televised announcement by President Nicolas Maduro, who first unveiled the petro back in December. As part of the change, the state oil and gas company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) will reportedly begin using the petro as a mandatory accounting unit.

The moves come as Venezuela’s government seeks to combat growing economic turmoil by relaxing its currency controls, according to an August 7 report from CNBC. On August 20, for example, the government will seek to revalue its currency, the bolivar, and create a “sovereign bolivar.”

In turn, the central bank will begin publishing the price of the sovereign bolivar as it relates to the petro “and the price of the petro according to international currencies,” ABC reports. Similar moves will see the country’s salary and pension systems tied to the petro’s value.

Since its debut, the petro has proven to be highly controversial, drawing attacks from opposition politicians within Venezuela as well as those in the U.S and abroad. In March, the Trump administration barred U.S. citizens from transacting in the petro as part of a series of new sanctions against the South American country.

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Megapix Unveils AI Photo TG Generator and Presents Solana-Based Token 3559

The Megapix team has just unveiled a new feature for their project: the AI Photo TG Generator. This innovative tool intends to change how people create and share art within the Web3 community. With ambitious growth plans, Megapix aims to expand beyond Solana. The goal is to support multiple blockchains to enhance accessibility and engagement in the decentralized space.

Presenting the AI Photo TG Generator to the Web3 Community

Megapix introduces the AI Photo TG Generator, transforming the Web3 community through art. This engine crafts digital visuals with ease. Users simply input their vision.

The Generator then creates art instantly. It’s user-friendly and sparks everyone’s imagination. With just a few clicks, the Megapix Bot generates vibrant visuals. It works effortlessly within a chat environment. Users find their sense of creativity ignited. It democratizes the art-making process.

The Bot is a companion, turning a conversation into creation. Each idea blossoms into a unique digital piece. This artistic journey unfolds within one’s chat window. It connects with the growing Web3 space.

The AI Photo TG Generator is not just a tool. It’s a gateway to artistry for all. Its simplicity and efficiency make it stand out. Megapix propels its users into an artistic future today.

All the Project’s Ambitious Plans

Megapix’s roadmap unveils exciting features set to revolutionize the digital art space. The web version, soon to arrive, promises a seamless experience. It allows users to create and share art universally.

An NFT marketplace is also on the horizon. It provides a space for artists to sell their work and for collectors to discover new treasures.

The project will introduce an image enhancement tool next. It will refine and transform user-uploaded images using Megapix’s powerful engine.

Additionally, a collection generator is in the works. It aims to simplify the creation and minting of NFT collections for artists.

Finally, Megapix plans to embrace the MultiChain approach. This expansion will support Solana and various blockchains, making the platform more accessible. These developments seek to enrich the community’s experience and broaden Megapix’s reach.

About Megapix

Megapix is a new project in the Web3 community that aims to revolutionize the digital art space with multiple features. The team has also presented $MPIX, the native token linked to the initiative.

With $MPIX Tokens, users can access distinct levels of creativity and explore advanced AI-driven features to enhance their artistic expression. The platform offers three tiers – Explorer, Creator, and Visionary – each with unique capabilities for different types of users.

Moreover, Megapix has a transparent and secure tokenomics system with 0% tax and an immutable contract. The total supply of $MPIX Tokens equals 1 billion, with marketing, operations, and future CEX listings allocations.

The recent AI Photo TG Generator launch is just the beginning of Megapix’s plans to revolutionize the Web3 art scene.

OORT Announces Major Token Burn, Partnership with Poolz, and Launch of OORT Earn 5172

In a groundbreaking move that sets a new precedent in the blockchain sector, the OORT Foundation today unveiled a trio of strategic initiatives designed to significantly enhance its ecosystem and deliver increased value to its stakeholders. These initiatives include a major burn of over 1 million OORT tokens, establishing a key partnership with decentralized finance pioneer Poolz, and the rollout of OORT EARN, a novel platform that enables users to stake their tokens not just to receive APY and airdrops, but additionally users wil will receive early access to OORT ecosystem products, the opportunity to claim OORT Merch, engage with the project, as well as other benefits for the community. This includes Stake-For-Storage (SFS) which will launch shortly after the platform goes live.

Token Burn to Bolster Market Confidence:

In a decisive action to reinforce market confidence and augment the intrinsic value of its tokens, the OORT Foundation will execute a burn of over 1,000,000 OORT tokens. This move is part of a broader strategy to purchase up to 30% of the last quarter’s revenues in OORT Tokens, underlining the foundation’s commitment to its meticulously designed tokenomics and long-term value enhancement.


Revolutionizing Token Staking and Airdrops: OORT EARN introduces a dynamic staking model offering APYs of 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% for staking periods of daily, 3, 6, or 12 months, respectively. This platform also enables users to register their staked tokens to receive a proportional amount of Airdrop Rewards from various ecosystem partners, further enriching the OORT ecosystem and stakeholder value.

Strategic Partnership with Poolz:

Marking a significant milestone, Poolz becomes the first grant recipient under OORT Foundation, catalyzing the development of a project on the Olympus Protocol, OORT’s Layer 1 blockchain. This collaboration is poised to streamline Initial DEX Offerings (IDO) and claims over the OORT, simplifying user participation in token offerings and DeFi projects.

  • Seamless Integration: Poolz Finance will be seamlessly integrated with OORT, allowing for Initial DEX Offerings (IDO) and easy claiming via OORT. This integration will offer a streamlined experience for users seeking to participate in token offerings and engage with DeFi projects.
  • Co-Grants for Projects: Projects that choose to build on OORT will have the opportunity to apply for co-grants from both Poolz Finance and OORT. This support aims to foster innovation and accelerate the development of groundbreaking projects.
  • Investment by Poolz Ventures: Poolz Ventures, an arm of Poolz Finance, will actively invest in early-stage projects that choose to build on OORT. This strategic investment will provide a boost to promising projects and help them thrive in the DeFi ecosystem.
  • Cross-Chain Compatibility: Poolz’s agnostic chain feature and OORT decentralized cloud platform opens doors to cross-chain compatibility, potentially broadening opportunities for users to interact with diverse blockchain ecosystems.
  • Marketing Synergy: To amplify our reach and impact, Poolz Finance and OORT will engage in joint marketing efforts. Expect to see comprehensive marketing campaigns and educational content that empower users and foster community growth within the crypto and DeFi communities.

About OORT:

OORT is a decentralized cloud for privacy and cost savings. By integrating global compute and storage resources, we provide AI solutions to enhance business operations.

Ondo Finance Brings Real-World Assets and Yield-Bearing Stablecoin-Alternative, USDY, to Sui 5616

Ondo’s Sui upcoming integration will bring native access to new tokenized assets such as treasuries, securities, and stablecoins on chain

Sui, the Layer 1 blockchain which has experienced explosive growth since its inception eight months ago, today announced that Ondo Finance is expanding into the Sui ecosystem. The expansion will bring Sui Network’s first native dollar-denominated token (including stablecoins and interest-bearing stablecoin substitutes) in the form of Ondo USD Yield or “USDY” — a US treasury-backed and interest-bearing token issued by Ondo.

Ondo’s expansion to Sui adds to Sui’s blistering DeFi momentum, demonstrating the growth and demand for financial applications and native functionality on chain. Sui’s DeFi volume is up more than 1200% since October and Sui recently broke into the top 10 DeFi ecosystems as measured by TVL.

Ondo Finance is the third-largest platform bringing tokenized derivatives of real-world assets onto public blockchains with $185M in TVL and over $1B worth of its newly-launched governance token trading in its first week in late January. In addition to stablecoins, Ondo’s flagship Treasury-backed tokens, tokenized securities, and real-world assets will create countless new opportunities for teams building on Sui.

Ondo’s expansion into the Sui ecosystem also continues a trend of top projects affirmatively choosing to integrate into Sui. For example, in December 2023, leading Solana lending protocol Solend announced it would launch a lending protocol native to Sui and decentralized derivatives exchange Bluefin likewise shuttered its V1 Arbitrum implementation to focus entirely on Sui.

“The people who interact with our platform want fast and efficient transactions, which should be essential for any blockchain project,” said Ondo’s founder and chief executive officer, Nathan Allman. “Sui’s growth and network performance offer clear confirmation that its network is the perfect fit for Ondo’s ecosystem.”

Tokenized treasury offerings represent tradable tokens backed by real-world assets, and their presence on Sui is a significant step toward growing DeFi in the ecosystem and across the industry.

“Ondo is an amazing addition to the Sui ecosystem, providing a native yield-bearing stablecoin-like asset that will unlock new opportunities for Sui’s builders and developers and essential new functionality for the users of their applications,” said Greg Siourounis, Managing Director of the Sui Foundation. “Sui’s DeFi volume is already growing at a remarkable rate and Ondo’s participation will make that trajectory even stronger. I am excited to see how Sui’s community leverages the real-world assets and innovative financial products Ondo offers.”

Curtain Fell: Ideal Cooperation Blockchain (ICB) Presents Advanced Blockchain Network at ICO Level 6023

ICB Crypto Services eagerly announces the initiation of Ideal Cooperation Blockchain (ICB), a prominent venture introduced by ICB Labs. After its recent inception a few years ago, ICB Labs is going to organize an official launch of the blockchain network at the ICO level in Q1 2024, setting new standards within the blockchain industry.

Ideal Cooperation Blockchain network, also known as ICBX, is a promising project focusing on smart contracts and intermediary-free transactions. Addressing the reported troubles and issues found in other blockchains, the ICB blockchain’s foundational layer introduces significant changes, enhancing efficiency and rapid responsiveness.

Brief Description

The PoS Consensus Algorithm in ICBX offers an innovative method for verification and block formation, implementing advanced technologies to increase network performance and trust. CertiK, a leading security-focused ranking platform, has officially approved the ICB project, affirming the measures and precautions taken.

ICB Network’s blockchain bonding mechanism allows participants to lock their tokens as collateral, showcasing commitment and enthusiasm towards supporting decentralized applications within the network.

The democratic governance model within ICB empowers token holders to participate in network decision-making, boosting transparency and active engagement.

Efficient Technical Solutions

ICB Network’s compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) empowers developers to create smart contracts securely and efficiently. Adherence to standards like ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 ensures accurate smart contract definition and interaction with other EVM applications.

ICB Scan, an explorer within the ICB network, enhances transparency with open-source features, precise transaction tracking, and contract details checking. The ICBX project’s testnet phase and DAO implementation contribute to sustainable and secure development.

About ICB

Established in October 2020, ICB Labs marks the company’s breakthrough into the blockchain industry. With a mission to provide quick, affordable, and advanced blockchain technology, ICB is going to enrich the industry and restore trust through crypto’s potential.

ICB’s ecosystem, ICB NETWORK BIT, is part of a wider interconnected system, aiming to deliver the best possible experience. The ICB token serves as a versatile digital currency, facilitating transactions, network governance, and incentivizing active participation.

Ideal Cooperation Blockchain (ICB) possesses winning features, modern technologies, and commitment to efficiency and security. The launch at the ICO stage will definitely contribute to blockchain development, promising transparency, accessibility, and trust within the ICB ecosystem.


For more information, visit the official website at or check the latest news via the channels specified below:


High-potential platform: ICB Crypto Services declares official launch of ideal cooperation blockchain at ICO level 6659

ICB Crypto Services introduces its brand-new venture, the Ideal Cooperation Blockchain (ICB) network. The official launch of the network at the ICO level is scheduled for early 2024. This promising project is entering the blockchain industry with avant-garde technologies and adherence to the EVM standard.

The ICB network, also known as ICBX, was designed by ICB Labs. Established in October 2020, ICB Labs is an innovative branch of ICB Crypto Services.

The primary goal of their initiative is to enhance blockchain smart contracts and maintain fruitful partnerships with other networks.

The key aspect of the project lies in the foundational layer of the ICB blockchain, designed to tackle challenges observed in prior blockchains, leading to substantial improvements.

Additionally, the ICBX feature streamlines the adjustment of block sizes, ensuring efficient and prompt responsiveness.

The PoS (Proof of Stake) Consensus Algorithm, backed by advanced technologies, increases the level of trust by employing biometric data and KYC to ensure security.

Principal features

ICB network implements Proof of Stake (PoS). It stands out with its exquisite design, cutting-edge features, and dedication to efficiency, security, and scalability. The key points include:

Innovative approach

Integration of advanced technologies and adherence to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) standard.

Focus on smart contracts

Emphasis on the development of smart contracts and intermediary-free transactions.

Trustworthiness and efficiency

Implementation of PoS Consensus Algorithm to enhance network performance.

Democratic governance

The democratic administration model allows token holders to influence significant network decisions, ensuring transparency and direct engagement.

Token power

The ICB, a versatile digital currency, facilitates transactions, governance, and incentivizes participation across various sectors of the blockchain industry.

Proven security

CertiK, a leading security-focused ranking platform, has officially endorsed ICB, affirming the robust security measures implemented in the project. The ICB network’s blockchain bonding mechanism empowers participants to lock tokens as collateral, fostering trust and incentivizing active participation.

“The platform effortlessly bridges the gap between intricate blockchain technologies and user accessibility. I’ve found the insights provided to be invaluable, offering a unique blend of depth and clarity that’s hard to come by elsewhere.” Chris DeFuria, Chief Executive Officer.

About ICB

Established in October 2020, ICB Labs is the first step for ICB Crypto Services into the blockchain industry. The goal is to address challenges in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space using modern technologies, providing quick, affordable, and advanced solutions.

The launch of the ICB network marks a significant milestone in the industry, combining innovation, security, and transparency. With its remarkable features, trustworthiness, and democratic governance, ICB is determined to influence various blockchain sectors, greeting a new era of digital excellence.

For more information, visit the official website at

Bracket Labs Expands Cross-Chain to Deliver Volatility Trading Product, Passage, to BNB Chain’s 1+ Million Users 6796

Integration Comes on the Heels of $2 Million Investment Led By Binance Labs

Bracket Labs, a leader in on-chain volatility trading, announces the integration of its trading product, Passage, with BNB Chain, expanding Bracket’s simple, one-click trading platform to the most active trading blockchain in Decentralized Finance.

Crypto markets cyclically fluctuate through long periods of sideways trading followed by short periods of volatility. To take advantage of these conditions, Bracket innovates on traditional financial instruments and delivers an all-new leveraged trading product for volatility that is ideal in both sideways and trending markets.

With more than $3.2 billion in total value locked and 1+ million daily active users on BNB Chain, Bracket Labs will have access to increased liquidity for faster transactions and improved pricing. With this launch, Bracket Labs further diversifies its platform for traders with access to cheap fees on BNB Chain.

“We are excited to work with innovative, fully on-chain applications, especially as DeFi continues to grow and flourish. Tackling the problem of volatility or options trading is not easy, but Bracket Labs team has worked really hard to distill a complex topic into something that is fun and easy to use. This is a welcome addition to the BNB Chain ecosystem,” Mehmet Buyu, Global Business Development Manager, BNB Chain.

The latest expansion marks a culminating step in Binance Labs’ incubation and investment in Bracket Labs. The debut of the BracketX platform on BNB Chain follows the completion of a successful $2 million pre-seed fundraising round in January 2024. BracketX will incorporate infrastructure from BNB Chain, including BNB Greenfield, for optimal decentralized storage.

Passage, Bracket Labs’ flagship product, is designed to simplify on-chain volatility trading. The expansion to BNB Chain aligns with Bracket Labs’ commitment to democratizing financial products and fosters innovation in decentralized finance. Passage delivers an all-new volatility model for any market condition, enabling traders to navigate volatility and trade based on sideways or trending markets without a bias for price direction.

“We have worked closely with Binance Labs and BNB Chain for nearly a year to reach this point and we’re excited to finally debut our product for the incredible traders across BNB Chain,” says Pelli Wang, Co-Founder and COO of Bracket Labs. “Our launch on BNB Chain opens up a myriad of opportunities due to their active trading volume and liquidity. We expect many more partnerships in the future.”

Bracket Labs also expects to expand its derivatives trading products to include assets traded primarily on BNB Chain, including Pancake (CAKE) and more. Bracket Labs is also planning to add partnerships with major wallet providers, DEXs, Perpetuals, and Liquid Staking projects to grow its ecosystem with a focus on the international market.

For more information about BracketX and Passage, please visit

About Bracket Labs

Bracket Labs’ mission is to democratize financial products and introduce on-chain innovations in volatility trading. Domiciled in Panama, the team has deep crypto and traditional finance backgrounds and senior leadership experience at D.E Shaw, Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Bloomberg, Consensys, DeerCreek, and more.