Happy Sunday in Crypto Land as Markets Pump by $14 Billion 830

FOMO MomentsCrypto land is doing well today, altcoins on the up include Bitcoin Cash, Neo, Tezos and Bitcoin Diamond.

The weekend has been a little brighter in crypto land has upward momentum has resumed and there have been no further declines. A few hours ago markets shot up over $10 billion in less than an hour in one epic pump. Total market capitalization shot from around $266 billion to just under $280 billion before pulling back a little.

Bitcoin jumped $250 in less than an hour giving it a 2.8% gain on the day. BTC is currently trading at $6,830 and technical indicators suggest that it could reach $7,000. Ethereum followed suit with a 4.6% gain to trade at $490 again with positive signals to break $500.

Altcoins are mostly in the green this Sunday with a few streaking ahead of the pack. In the top ten Bitcoin Cash has made the biggest gains with 6.4% to trade at $770. The rest are up between 4 and 5% except Stellar which has only managed to claw 2.3% back at the time of writing.

Neo has made a solid recovery today with 7.5% on the trade price pushing it back over $40. Tezos once again is pumping with an impressive 22% climb on yesterday’s trade price. XTZ is currently trading at $2.18 up from $1.78 this time yesterday and $1.18 the day before. With a market cap of $1.3 billion Tezos has surged into the top 20 surpassing OmiseGO, Qtum and Zcash.

Further down the list Bitcoin Diamond is flying with a 31% pump on the day to trade at $2.70. Other altcoins riding on the back of the upsurge include VeChain up 5.6%, Verge gaining a similar amount, and Digibyte climbing 13% on the day.

Crypto markets have gained 3.4% on the day and are currently at a level of $277 billion. Trade volume has remained stable at $12 billion though Bitcoin dominance has fallen back slightly to $42.1%. Over the past week markets have gained 7.8% climbing from $257 billion this time last Sunday showing short-term bullish momentum. Over the past 30 days however they are still down 18.5% indicating that the mid-term outlook is still bearish.

FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 25 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing one, looking for trends and possible fundamentals.

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Zoniqx and Ripple Partner to Bring Multi-Asset Tokenization onto the XRP Ledger 2825

Zoniqx (formerly known as Tassets) a pioneer in digital asset management, announced today its partnership with Ripple, an enterprise blockchain and crypto solutions provider. This strategic collaboration harnesses the robust, scalable infrastructure of the XRP Ledger (XRPL) and seamlessly integrates it with Zoniqx’s cutting-edge Tokenization Platform as a Service (TPaaS) and Tokenization Life Cycle Management (TALM) solutions. Tokenization improves access to an asset class by reducing traditional barriers to entry, lowering costs and eliminating geographical boundaries.

The partnership aims to streamline the tokenization process for real-world assets on XRPL, which supports native (XRP) and issued tokens to represent assets on-chain, making the process more efficient, accessible and liquid in the digital asset market. By leveraging XRPL’s fast, safe and low-cost blockchain infrastructure alongside Zoniqx’s state-of-the-art tokenization and digital asset lifecycle management offerings, the integration seeks to redefine industry standards and facilitate the seamless digital conversion of traditional assets on-chain.

Revolutionizing Asset Tokenization on the XRPL

Zoniqx’s integration with the XRPL will allow the tokenization of multiple real-world financial assets on the XRPL and offers a low-code conversion of real-world assets into digital assets. Zoniqx’s tokenization platform as a service TPaaS) ensures compliance with local jurisdictions by leveraging the Dynamic Interoperable Compliance Security Token Standard (DyCIST) standard and provides direct access to liquidity options.

Token issuers can seamlessly integrate with the XRPL and experience an intuitive interface for primary users to participate in asset tokenization. Users can easily create accounts, complete Know Your Customer (KYC) verification, and submit buy offers to receive tokens, thereby enhancing accessibility and liquidity in the digital asset market on the XRPL.

CEO and Founder of Zoniqx, Prasanth Kalangi said: “Joining forces with Ripple is a testament to our commitment to setting new standards in the digital asset space. Our combined efforts will ensure the tokenization of assets is not only dynamic and compliant, but also accessible to everyone, everywhere.”

Markus Infanger, SVP of RippleX said: “Zoniqx’s integration with the XRPL marks a significant milestone in the journey to enable the Internet of Value. By integrating XRPL’s fast, cost-efficient blockchain technology with Zoniqx’s pioneering tokenization services, the XRPL is poised to showcase unparalleled efficiency and scalability to the world of asset tokenization.”

About the XRP Ledger

The XRP Ledger is a decentralized layer 1 blockchain renowned for its decade-long reliability and stability in tokenizing and exchanging crypto-native and real-world assets. Designed to support businesses and builders, the XRP Ledger, powered by XRP, offers institutional-grade functionality and built-in features to enable secure, efficient, and scalable financial services and use cases. It’s more than just a blockchain – it’s a global developer community dedicated to transforming future business solutions. Learn more and build your business with confidence at XRPL.org.

About Ripple

Ripple is the leader in enterprise blockchain and crypto solutions, transforming how the world moves, manages and tokenizes value. Ripple’s business solutions are faster, more transparent, and more cost effective – solving inefficiencies that have long defined the status quo. And together with partners and the larger developer community, we identify use cases where crypto technology will inspire new business models and create opportunity for more people. With every solution, we’re realizing a more sustainable global economy and planet – increasing access to inclusive and scalable financial systems while leveraging carbon neutral blockchain technology and a green digital asset, XRP. This is how we deliver on our mission to build crypto solutions for a world without economic borders.

About Zoniqx

Zoniqx, formerly known as Tassets, stands as a beacon in financial technology from Silicon Valley, specializing in Tokenization Platform as a Service (TPaaS). It adeptly transforms Real World Assets into Digital Assets. The cornerstone of its offerings, the Tokenized Asset Lifecycle Management (TALM) solution, embraces the DyCIST – Dynamic Compliant Interoperable Security Token (ERC-7518) standard, ensuring utmost security and scalability. Central to Zoniqx’s ecosystem is SecureConnect, a groundbreaking platform that seamlessly bridges asset tokenization with institutional liquidity, amplifying market reach and ensuring compliance. This synergy positions Zoniqx not just as a provider but as an innovator at the forefront of digital asset transformation.

Superfluid Secures $5.1M to Launch Distribution Pools and Unlock One-to-Many Streams 3309

Optimism, Gitcoin and ENS DAO Adopt Token Streaming Protocol For Grant and Hackathon Payments

Superfluid, the leading asset streaming protocol that brings subscriptions, salaries and rewards to DAOs and crypto-native businesses, today announced a $5.1M strategic round led by Fabric Ventures with participation from Multicoin Capital, IOSG Ventures, Circle Ventures, Safe Foundation, WAGMI Ventures, Eterna Capital, Veris Ventures, Skyland Ventures and Hyperithm. Notable angel investors also include The LAO, Bernardo Bilotta, Alex Van De Sande, Kartik Talwar, and Taavet+Sten. This round brings the company’s total financing to date to $14.1M. The new funds will be used to support Superfluid’s growing developer ecosystem, expand the core team, and launch Distribution Pools.

In addition to raising the new funds, the company also announced Distribution Pools today. Distribution Pools give developers a powerful tool to program one-to-many streams that easily scale to up to millions of recipients in real-time. Developers can program Distribution Pool streams for a variety of use-cases, including dynamic revenue sharing, continuous token rewards, grant payouts, and programmable airdrops.

“Superfluid is off to a hot start in 2024. We’ve been working closely with several DAO leaders to streamline their payment operations to contributors and sub-DAOs, and have several pilots in the works that meaningfully demonstrate the power of Superfluid,” said Francesco Renzi, Co-Founder and CEO of Superfluid. “Fabric is known for its strategic support of innovative blockchain and crypto projects. This funding will be instrumental in advancing Superfluid’s mission to accelerate the flow of value around the world.”

In December 2023, ENS DAO held an open procurement process and selected Superfluid to distribute $5.4M in developer grants. Optimism also selected Superfluid to distribute 30M OP tokens (approximately $114M USD) of their Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RPGF), which are being distributed to over 500 leading projects and individuals in the web3 industry instantly onboarding them as Superfluid users.

“Superfluid represents a 0-to-1 innovation in money movement. Streaming payments, from salaries, subscriptions, and renting, will revolutionize our financial lives,“ said Anil Hansjee, General Partner, Fabric Ventures. “We’re excited to be a part of this vision and back Fran and the team as they continue to build out Streaming as a new core primitive for DeFi.”

Gitcoin’s Allo Protocol, an open-source funding protocol, and Geoweb, a public-good inspired AR metaverse, are leveraging Superfluid Distribution Pools to develop Streaming Quadratic Funding, a new public goods funding mechanism. A paradigm shift from one-off funding to continuous and real-time funding, dynamically allocated over time through the democratizing quadratic functions pioneered by Gitcoin. Funding allocations can now be tied to project progress and change based on the milestones achieved.

“We are glad to see the integration of Superfluid’s Distribution Pools into Allo Protocol, enabling continuous and dynamically allocated streaming for high velocity Quadratic Funding,” stated Meg Lister, General Manager of Grants Lab, a newly established business unit within Gitcoin. “The Distribution Pools play an essential role in bringing more consistency for grantees, aligning with our efforts to empower communities to leverage web3 technology for funding Public Goods effectively.”

Following the launch of Distribution Pools, the Superfluid protocol V1 will be feature complete. The company plans to decentralize core protocol governance to the community later this year.

About Superfluid

Founded in 2020, Superfluid is an asset streaming protocol that has the power to describe cash flows and execute them automatically on-chain over time in a non-interactive way. Superfluid streams are programmable, composable and modular. The first cash flow types allow constant streams of value and one-to-many distributions. All streams are settled at the same time, based on block timestamps. No capital is locked up, and all inflows and outflows are netted in real-time, drastically increasing capital efficiency. Learn more about Superfluid at https://www.superfluid.finance.

About Fabric Ventures

Fabric is a venture contributor building and backing the boldest ideas across Web3 and AI, to create a more fair, productive and sustainable economy—an Open Economy. We provide capital and technical support to Founders across the entire lifecycle of their companies. Fabric has a portfolio of 116 global investments across pre-ideation to Series B and beyond with a few of our portfolio deals including: Polkadot, Sorare, NEAR, 1inch and many more.

Mr. Journaler: AEM Algorithm’s virtual accountant using Bitcoin NFT Ordinals 3681

AEM Algorithm, a leading cryptocurrency accounting solution platform integrated with Xero and Intuit QuickBooks, is thrilled to announce the development of Mr. Journaler, an exclusive collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) based on their new virtual crypto accounting assistant who helps simplify the tracking of crypto transaction activity and reporting. The collection is due to launch on the Bitcoin blockchain, using the BRC20 (BTC) Ordinals standard, which allows the inscription of metadata directly on the BTC blockchain.

The initial prototyping has already been developed in-house by AEM Algorithm and their tech team at FDS Soft, who will drive the utility implementation of the NFT Ordinals directly into the crypto accounting software AEM Journaler. Given the image storage requirements, AEM is currently exploring the ability to take the data cross chain onto the Filecoin IPFS storage with the help of their long standing partner at Linden. At a later stage, the implementation of the BRC20 mint and multi crypto wallet upgrade for AEM+, available on Apple App Store and Google Play, is also being explored as part of the broader utility of utilising the NFT for unlocking future subscriptions.

Krzysztof Pająk, AEM’s early investor with his strong presence in the Bitcoin and Solana ecosystems, will also offer mentorship for the NFT project from Europe, alongside AEM’s Head of PR Hailee Hu in Hong Kong who is also a well known NFT artist. Additionally, Independent Reserve, a prominent Australian digital currency exchange, has joined as a key exchange partner after AEM’s recent admission to Google Cloud Web3 Scale Up Program, further solidifying the exciting development of Mr. Journaler and its long term AI capabilities.

This powerful collaboration will ultimately strengthen Mr. Journaler’s evolution as an NFT collection and utility, further expanding AEM’s solutions. With all teams having expertise in blockchain, smart contracts and NFT minting, Mr. Journaler will result from a robust technical collaboration between AEM and their expanding list of partners.

Breaking new ground in the competitive market, the collection showcases yet another pioneering leap by AEM Algorithm in the world of blockchain and financial technology innovation. AEM foresees significant interest from crypto-native users and individuals who find crypto accounting and tax reporting challenging.

The inception of Mr. Journaler was sparked by a coincidental introduction on a trip to AEM Algorithm’s local Cyberport office in Hong Kong that occurred between AEM and the founders of Mutaverse, Coco and Vinto, who are also the co-builders of the BRC-1024 metaverse protocol on BTC. Their emphasis on community engagement and encouragement to delve deeper into the Bitcoin ecosystem inspired the founder and CEO of AEM, Jakub Sawczuk, who envisioned a decentralised approach to elevate AEM’s presence within the Bitcoin Ordinals community and foster innovation with a meaningful, fully functional NFT.

Further validation of the concept came after fruitful discussions with Dr. Jinglee from Foundinals, exploring strategies for incentivisation through NFT tracking.

The creation of Mr. Journaler adopts a bottom-up approach, fostering vibrant NFT communities and introducing innovative reporting standards that transcend traditional accounting boundaries. “Having realised that almost all the competitors in the crypto accounting space chose the very traditional path of venture capital (VC) funding and corporate control, AEM Algorithm wants to give control back to the users and the ecosystem, and where else better to do it than on Bitcoin’s Layer 2,” as commented by Sawczuk.

AEM Algorithm will leverage the novelty use of Bitcoin Ordinals to create, mint, and auction their first NFT collection and unlock features for the holders. The release of Mr. Journaler NFT Ordinals is set to make history, recognising the early-stage contributors and holders who will play a pivotal role in its success. AEM initially plans to intertwine Mr. Journaler into their platforms, integrating with their crypto accounting tool AEM Journaler for Web3 businesses. AEM Journaler’s existing NFT wallet feature tracks users’ NFT activity with detailed transaction insights and will seamlessly utilise the transaction hash of the collection upon its launch. Mr. Journaler serves to revolutionise the NFT integration tools within the automated accounting system, and users will soon be given the upgraded ability to access the system together with other exclusive applications, further down the roadmap.

Given AEM Journaler and the complementary AEM+ mobile crypto wallet are cross-chain applications, and Mr. Journaler’s ultimate destination being the metaverse, a prototype is already being built with another strategic partner CanvasLand from Hong Kong – due to release soon.

While details are currently taking shape in Mr. Journaler’s early stages of development, this ambitious project demonstrates AEM Algorithm’s commitment to innovation and signals the potential for new, dynamic solutions within the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain and fintech.

AEM Algorithm is excited to reveal that selected AEM Journaler and AEM+ users will receive a complimentary NFT after the launch of Mr. Journaler Bitcoin NFT Ordinals collection. Eligible users must have an active subscription to Journaler and proof of transaction activity using AEM+. Sign up now for your chance to own an exclusive Mr. Journaler NFT, and join the revolution in crypto accounting:

About AEM Algorithm

AEM Algorithm (AEM) is an innovative accounting system provider, empowering Web3 businesses and accountants with advanced solutions and applications for accurate cryptocurrency transaction reporting and financial automation. Their flagship product, AEM Journaler, is a cutting-edge SaaS B2B accounting software that seamlessly integrates with Xero and Intuit QuickBooks. We are the only accounting platform offering a complimentary self-custody crypto wallet, AEM+, under active development.

ALMAN Company Partners with SEIL-X to Commercialize AI Blockchain Authentication for Defense and Aerospace 4002

ALMAN Company, the developer of the AI blockchain NFT web3 platform ‘CLEBUS X,’ has signed a strategic partnership agreement with SEIL-X, a growing company specializing in defense, satellite, drone, and wearable robots. The partnership aims to apply AI, blockchain, and NFT security authentication technology to the defense and satellite sectors.

CLEBUS is revolutionizing the industry by leveraging blockchain technology in various sectors such as automotive, cosmetics, and luxury to address security vulnerabilities and expand ESG management. It also integrates blockchain and AI to provide customers with a choice of various AI application concepts, such as chatbots.

Furthermore, ALMAN Company has been providing certified used car NFT warranties to Hansung Motors, an official Mercedes-Benz dealer, since 2022. Customers purchasing a Mercedes-Benz certified pre-owned vehicle through Hansung Motors showrooms nationwide or the website receive the vehicle’s warranty in NFT form. This NFT represents ownership of the digital warranty certificate for the purchased certified used car. Recently, the company entered into an exclusive agreement with Smart Token Labs, a global company with technology and expertise in controlling cars through NFTs, to explore various industrial applications of the technology.

SEIL-X specializes in defense industry solutions, including autonomous mobile vehicles, aerospace, and satellite technologies. It has expanded into developing electronic warfare shielded drones and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as non-powered exoskeleton wearable robots. CEO Hyunsang Yang, with experience in the defense industry at the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, large companies, and universities, serves as an expert committee member for space commercialization and writes columns on defense, aerospace, and satellites to introduce the latest technologies.

Mr. Yang emphasized that applying CLEBUS-X’s blockchain and NFT technology could enhance data security and authentication for autonomous vehicles, wearable robots, drones, and aerospace and defense products. This collaboration is expected to create a secure communication and data management system protected from hacking and forgery.

Both companies expressed their commitment to technology and knowledge sharing, facilitating research and development activities to develop new ideas and innovative products. The collaboration aims to help maintain their leading positions in their respective fields and gain competitive advantages. Through this agreement, the two companies will provide various strategic support for technology development and business expansion, playing a crucial role in creating new markets and business models. There are also anticipated synergies with Clebus’ new initiative, a marketplace for AI chatbots resistant to censorship. SEIL-X is poised to leverage Clebus’ AI authentication technology within its own systems.

Minutes Network Unveils Plans To Onboard More Than 1 Billion Users By Q1 2026 4196

Minutes Network, the world’s only blockchain based, distributed and decentralised voice carrier, has declared its plan to onboard over 1.2 billion users over the next two years.

The key to this expansion plan is the proprietary Rapid Growth Library (MRGL) which enables rapid user scaling at the press of a button. This unique technology seamlessly onboards users eliminating the need for consumer marketing and the investments typically associated to such an endeavour.

Josh Watkins, Minutes Network CEO added ‘MRGL is the key that unlocks Minutes Network. Exceeding one billion users in twenty-four months sounds like a large mountain to climb, however our innovative engineering makes this possible. The next two years are going to be an incredible journey.’

Minutes Network has a unique commercial model. First, the Mintech technology suite facilitates close to zero-cost termination rates, ensuring the internal value capture from every call terminated is close to 100%. This has never been done before. Secondly, the decentralised and distributed architecture allows the general public to own, operate and benefit from running the Minutes Network node infrastructure.

´500 Switch Nodes and 2500 Validation nodes will provide capacity to terminate up to 72 million minutes of call traffic every day. This will be one of the first opportunities, if not the first opportunity for the mainstream public to be a part of the telecommunications minutes sector.

Minutes Network’s model at its core, utilises proprietary technologies to leverage call traffic volumes and termination revenues from Tier1 carriers. The market is forecast to increase with a CAGR of 15% up-to 2030, creating the perfect foundation for Minutes Network Token’s reward based sharing economy.

Alex Houssam Berry, Head of Minutes Network Token (MNT), commented ‘All the net revenues of Minutes Network are transformed, on-market, into an MNT reward pool and distributed to network participants. Node owners will undoubtedly be the biggest beneficiaries, but our caller reward programme will do something very special in the world of blockchain. By providing MNT rewards to both parties on every call, we will passively introduce millions of people to the blockchain. As the awareness grows around the network and MNT, we anticipate exponential growth in MNT adoption and utilisation’.

Asked when the public can expect to learn more about the technologies behind Minutes Network, Watkins added ‘Our whitepaper will be released in the near future and will explain much more about our of the proprietary protocols and technologies, and in the meantime, there is much that is already available in the Discovery section of the Minutes Network Token website’.

About Minutes Network:

Minutes Network operates in the $251 billion paid-for voice calling market. Our proprietary, next-generation, technologies deliver the lowest-cost termination charges in the market.

Minutes Network Token (MNT) uses blockchain technologies to decentralise the global scale, multi billion dollar, telecommunications commodity minutes market. MNT tokenises bandwidth and distributes value to Minutes Network participants

For more information go to minutesnetworktoken.io or join the MNT community on telegram https://t.me/minutesnetworktoken

Sovereign Yidindji Government and Sovereign Wallet Join Forces on Currency Alliance Initiative 4316

The Yidindji Sovereign Government, an Australian Aboriginal micro state, has formed a partnership with Sovereign Wallet Co., Ltd. to use the MetaMUI CBDC platform for developing the Allodial Unity Digital Dollar (AUDD). This initiative seeks to foster economic cooperation, trade, and mutual prosperity among Indigenous nations on the Australian continent through a unified digital currency.

Since January 2022, Sovereign Wallet has provided the Yidindji with advanced National Identity and CBDC solutions, facilitating easy access to critical financial services. This collaboration introduced the world’s first self-sovereign identity-based national identity system. Moreover, together, they launched the Sovereign Yidindji Dollar (SYD), marking a significant achievement by deploying a CBDC in about 4 hours using the MetaMUI CBDC Cloud Service, a testament to the partnership’s success in financial innovation.

Sovereign Wallet’s MetaMUI identity-based blockchain underpins AUDD, ensuring legal compliance, privacy, and enabling immediate peerto-peer transactions. This decentralized method reduces reliance on central banks and enhances financial stability in the AUDD alliance. Unlike the Euro, AUDD acts as an account unit for Indigenous currencies, backed by their nation’s unique assets, eliminating the need for a central managing authority. This framework allows Indigenous communities to regain economic independence and build collective economic resilience.

Key Highlights of the AUDD Initiative:

  • Unified Ledger CBDC: AUDD serves as a relay chain that connects and unifies each Indigenous nations own national currency. Each nations currency would have their own ledger. It will be powered by Chained Cash technology pioneered by Sovereign Wallet.
  • Co-existence of Common Currency and Sovereign National Currency: Each currency alliance participating countries does not need to give up their own currency to join common currency alliance. Each country can increase its monetary power through a common currency while maintaining its independent currency sovereignty. This is a reproduction of Bancor, which Keynes had proposed.
  • Decentralized Monetary System: The AUDD features a decentralized monetary system where each participating country is a member of the governance council, collectively managing the common currency, AUDD, via a voting mechanism on the MetaMUI blockchain. Exchange rates between national currencies, like the Yidindji Dollar, and AUDD are automatically determined by the volume of AUDD reserves and the issuance volume of the national currency by each country.
  • Direct cross-border payment and algorithmic exchange bank: Leveraging MetaMUI’s Chained Cash technology, residents of Indigenous nations can conduct cross-border transfers directly from their wallets, bypassing traditional banking institutions.

Murrumu of Walubara, the Minister for Financial Technology, representing Sovereign Yidindji Government, stated, “The AUDD Initiative marks a crucial move towards creating an inclusive and sustainable future for indigenous communities. AUDD is more than just a digital currency; it’s a symbol of empowerment and collective effort. We’re honored to collaborate with Sovereign Wallet, utilizing their knowledge to empower our communities and change the story of economic exclusion.”

Seokgu (Phantom) Yun, CEO of Sovereign Wallet Co., Ltd, adds, “Three years ago, Yidindji became the first nation to adopt MetaMUI’s CBDC platform. We’re thrilled to further this partnership and initiate a new phase of fast cross-border payments. AUDD holds the promise to transform the financial framework for Indigenous communities, promoting economic inclusion and sustainable growth.”

The AUDD Initiative represents a significant leap towards economic sovereignty for indigenous tribes, aligning with global efforts to build a more sustainable and inclusive financial ecosystem.

About Sovereign Wallet Co., Ltd

Sovereign Wallet is dedicated to deliver financial services to millions of people by leveraging identity-based blockchain. Our flagship technology, MetaMUI, is reshaping the financial landscape, fostering self-sovereign finance, and constructing a sustainable, inclusive economic model. We digitize vital national infrastructure – from identity and credentials to financial transactions – eliminating the need for paper and empowering individuals with self-sovereign finance. MetaMUI’s hybrid structure is ideal for global applications, ranging from central banks to digital stock exchanges and cross-border payments, reinforcing our vision of an inclusive and sustainable economy.

About Yidindji

The Yidindji people are a rainforest-based society with several clan groups in the area as far north as Queensland on the Australian continent. The Sovereign Yidindji Government has a rich history and deep connection to the land. Since its inception in 2014, the SYG has established various departments and consistently enacted laws for the well-being of its people. The AUDD Initiative represents a key pillar in its ongoing efforts to secure economic self-determination and build a brighter future for generations to come.


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