Coronavirus Crisis Trading: Why The Current Volatility Is An Opportunity For Profit 23303

The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus has caused panic across the world as the virus in just over three short months has gone from new discovery to a terrifying global pandemic. It’s caused a shut down of the economy that could bring about a massive recession, and as the world begins to prepare, investors are panic selling their stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, precious metals, and any other asset they have into cash in case a worst-case scenario arrives.

And while the current market environment is hellish for investors – especially long-term investors who have now had to witness their holdings evaporate in a matter of weeks since the virus began to reach a critical point – traders who thrive during peak volatility are having a field day profiting from the quick, successive ups and downs of valuations as markets try to price in a pandemic and recession.

Given the situation and state of panic, it may seem like it would be impossible to make money in today’s market. But for those looking to day trade while they’re suddenly working from home, or are simply interested in earning more ahead of a crisis, with the right tools, trading plan, and capital, anyone can turn a significant amount of profit in the current market conditions.

Examples of Current Market Volatility and Profit Potential

Before the outbreak truly began to rampage across Europe and the United States, Bitcoin had been trading at over $10,000. In less than one month’s time, the cryptocurrency fell to as low as $4,000.

Those that held spot Bitcoin at the time, would have lost $6,000 in less than four weeks during the 60% drop. However, those that opened up a short position at $10,000 and closed it at $4,000 using 100x leverage, would have made $600,000. Seriously.

Because so many traders had expected the asset to rise in value ahead of its halving, taking a contrarian position was especially profitable.

And it’s not just Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that are this volatile. The Dow Jones Industrial Average saw its worst one-week drop since 1987 this past March.

Nearly all major stock indexes have shown a similar collapse. Other markets were hit hard also. Precious metals were devastated, even gold which typically performs positively in a crisis environment.

Oil prices fell to the lowest prices in 18 years, and the forex market is on fire as some economies are being hit harder than others when dealing with COVID-19 related fallout.

Every market has been impacted in some way, and the volatility has presented a ripe opportunity for traders to profit from the violent and rapid peaks and troughs. There’s never been a better time to trade a variety of markets, build a portfolio with many assets to spread opportunity and risk, and ensure that no profits are left on the table.

Tips To Take Advantage of Volatility and Keep Risk at Minimum

Some trading platforms, such as those like PrimeXBT, offer tools that are specially designed for traders to profit from market volatility rather than be stuck simply holding assets and praying they appreciate in value.

Especially during the current market selloff, long-term holders are dumping assets, causing prices to plummet.

But falling prices doesn’t have to mean losses for traders. Traders can profit from declining prices by opening a short position. As prices begin to rebound, traders can open a long position in anticipation of prices rising. If traders are unsure when markets heat up, building hedge positions can be helpful.

When trading ranges tighten before a larger move, traders bolster profits by using tools such as leverage. Leverage also is a great tool during such market volatility. Not only can it multiply profits, but it allows traders to use less capital to trade with, but still open large, profit-generating trade sizes.

Adding stop losses can further protect from putting too much capital at stake, and take profit orders can maximize profits by ensuring targets are hit – even if you are away from your trading desk during the action.

For those with serious skills, OCO order lets traders carefully time an order type that closes after reaching a certain price and then opening a new order in the opposite direction – the perfect tool for trading ranges with precision.

Charting tools for technical analysis can help make sense of the market and filter out noise from the price action.

Paying close attention to technical analysis indicators to watch for trend changes, breakouts of important moving averages, overbought or oversold conditions, and more to time position entries and exits, will allow traders to truly get the most out of their trading strategies.


With every market more volatile than they’ve been in over a decade, traders are salivating over the potential profits located behind every turn.

But as traders know, markets can be tricky, especially in conditions like this. There’s no more important time to select a platform with professional tools to take full advantage of any direction the market trends, protect from risk, and get the most out of their capital. Additionally, finding a platform that offers exposure to as many markets as possible is ideal, given the circumstances and profit opportunities in abundance.

PrimeXBT is a Bitcoin-based margin trading platform offering a wide variety of tools to maximize profits and minimize any risk associated with the powerful market volatility and offers exposure to forex, commodities, stock indices, cryptocurrencies and more.

Platforms like it represent the best way for traders to squeeze the most from market movements in either direction with short and long positions, protect capital and amplify profits with leverage, and using advanced trading turn the current crisis into unimaginable wealth.

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Bitcoin Association hires Patrick Prinz as Europe & Operations Manager to further advance Bitcoin SV 3693

Bitcoin Association, the Switzerland-based global industry organization that advances Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), has named Patrick Prinz, CFA as its new Europe & Operations Manager. Working out of the Association’s headquarters in “Crypto Valley” Zug, Switzerland, Prinz will serve two roles – advance the business growth of Bitcoin SV throughout Europe and support the operational needs of the organization globally.

Bitcoin Association supports Bitcoin SV because it is the only blockchain protocol adhering to Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s original design and vision for Bitcoin to become a peer-to-peer electronic cash system and global data ledger for enterprise. The Bitcoin SV ecosystem has rapidly grown to over 428 known Bitcoin SV projects and ventures worldwide. Developers and businesses are discovering the value of the Bitcoin blockchain when it massively scales — a public ledger capable of huge transaction volumes, micropayments, greater data capacity, smart contracts, tokenization, and many advanced applications.

A true believer in this Satoshi Vision for Bitcoin, Prinz has a strong background in financial services and strategy consulting. Most recently, he worked as a senior investment advisor for a global asset management group. Prinz advised on emerging technologies, and discovered the benefits of having a single, massively scalable, public, auditable ledger for storing any type of data and allowing value transfer at a micropayment level – only possible using the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Previously, Prinz was a consultant at a leading strategy consulting firm – acting as advisor to international banks on how to incorporate complex regulatory requirements and adapt business models to industry paradigm shifts. He began his career in corporate and investment banking, working at Deutsche Bank and Citi. Prinz holds a Master of Science degree in Banking and Finance and a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business Administration.

Speaking on his appointment, Prinz said: “Bitcoin SV is finally fulfilling the potential that initially excited me about Bitcoin many years ago – to achieve efficiencies as the single public data ledger and micropayment system for the world. As I was puzzled by the fact that innovation and development were not happening on BTC, I did my own extensive research and realized that Satoshi Nakamoto’s original design and the Bitcoin white paper always had the answers to achieve a massively scalable global public blockchain. With scaling comes efficiency, and with efficiency come innovation and entrepreneurship – which is all happening on Bitcoin SV with the emergence of completely new business models powered by microtransactions and the immutable public ledger that Bitcoin is. I am thrilled to join Bitcoin Association to work with businesses and entrepreneurs to educate them on the transformative power which Bitcoin SV brings to the world.”

Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of Bitcoin Association, commented: “With Patrick’s addition, we welcome to our team another high-caliber professional with international business experience. Patrick will play a vital role in operational management as we grow our headquarters in Zug, Switzerland. He will also be a strong business voice for Bitcoin SV across Europe – with his financial services knowledge, effective communication skills, and passionate belief in Bitcoin’s true power.”

Patrick’s hire is the latest step in the global expansion of Bitcoin Association. He joins two other regional business managers – Lise Li (China) and Ella Qiang (Southeast Asia, based in Singapore) – all with considerable experience in both Bitcoin and business. Additional team members come from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, China, and New Zealand. The staff is further supported by Bitcoin Association Global Ambassadors in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Panama, Russia and CIS region, the Scandinavia region, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, and the United States.

TradeStation Crypto Continues to Revolutionize the Crypto Space with the Launch of Several New Platform Features and Innovations 5479

TradeStation Crypto, Inc., a subsidiary of TradeStation Group, Inc., today introduced a series of new features to its crypto brokerage offering, including crypto deposits and withdrawals, new interest earning capabilities on eligible assets, ability to track profit and loss (P&L), and mobile trading through the TradeStation mobile app. The added features underscore TradeStation Crypto’s commitment to constant innovation and providing its customers sophisticated offerings and technology to support their needs and investment objectives.

With these new enhancements, crypto investors can not only buy and sell crypto, but can now deposit cryptocurrencies they already own. In addition, customers can earn interest on eligible assets simultaneously, without locking up their crypto. When combined with other traditional investment products – such as equities, options and futures – available to traders through another subsidiary TradeStation Securities, Inc., the TradeStation Group brand provides an all-in-one experience for investors and traders, a key differentiator in the crypto space.

“The current ultra-low interest rate environment has made it difficult for investors to earn interest on traditional products, which may incentivize certain investors to explore adding crypto to their portfolio,” said James Putra, Senior Director of Product Strategy at TradeStation Crypto. “Now, and for the first time, TradeStation Crypto customers can earn interest on their eligible crypto balances whether they’re actively trading or sitting on the sidelines during times of market volatility. Cryptocurrency interest could be a real game-changer,” said Putra.

The series of enhancements also includes P&L functionality. “We have one of the first crypto trading platforms with a feature that allows traders to instantly see their unrealized P&L to gain a better understanding of the status of their TradeStation Crypto account,” said Putra.

Additionally, TradeStation Crypto introduced mobile app trading capabilities to complement the features and benefits of the TradeStation Crypto platform. Investors and traders will enjoy augmented flexibility by taking the power of the TradeStation Crypto platform wherever they go.

“We’re thrilled to be able to add these new capabilities and offer our customers a one-stop-shop for all products under the TradeStation Group umbrella,” said Putra. “This is just the beginning of new innovations on the horizon to improve the customer experience. More features are being developed as we speak, and will be introduced to our traders in the coming months, as we strive to make trading crypto as accessible and intuitive as possible.”

Digital Asset Fintech Company, The Bayesian Group, Launch 12452

The Bayesian Group is a global digital asset fintech initiative consisting of a collection of strategically aligned businesses with the singular goal of moving the world into a frictionless, digital-first financial future. The Group currently operates with two distinctive pillars, namely:

i. Bayesian Markets: headed by Steven Walt, previously Head of OTC at Paycase Financial and National Bank (Canada). Bayesian Markets’ Market Making service uses proprietary trading bots to place multiple orders for particular digital assets across multiple exchanges, to boost overall liquidity. The Liquidity Provision service aims to provide wholesale liquidity to regulated digital asset on/off ramps to facilitate its use and broad adoption. Over The Counter (OTC) facilitates the purchase and sale of large amounts of digital assets, made possible by access to deep liquidity pools and proprietary trading algorithms without impacting market prices.

ii. Bayesian Fund: Headed by Kamyar Hazaveh, before joining Bayesian Group he was the Vice President of Fixed Income at CI Investments, overseeing $15 billion of global fixed income and FOREX assets for retail and institutional clients.

In the backend, the Toronto-based Group uses blockchain technology to make transactions and store data. After evaluating Ethereum, BTC Core, BCH and Litecoin, they decided to utilise the Bitcoin SV protocol. Many factors influenced this decision; however, at its core, the decision was based on the scalability of the network. The Bayesian Group believes in a world where everything is tokenized and transferrable to accomplish that fees need to be as low as possible to remove any barriers to entry.

The CEO of the Group, ex-Harvard, Computer Science alumnus with both legal and hedge fund background on the CV, Roy Bernhard, commented: “We have been open for business for a very short period of time so, to be already working with some household names in the digital currency world, shows me that we must be doing something right. We will roll out more details on how our services are truly unique in the coming weeks, We believe we have some algorithms and features that are game-changers in trading digital assets.”

About Bayesian Group:

The Bayesian Group is a collective of companies operating in the Fintech and Digital Asset Investment market. Bayesian Labs creates software, market research and trading algorithms. Built on top of that technology and research are financial services such as Market Making, Liquidity Provision and an OTC desk delivered by Bayesian Markets. The Bayesian Fund (a segregated portfolio) is an alpha-generating A.I-powered hedge fund that leverages proprietary algorithms to provide outsized returns to its institutional investors. The Bayesian Group is dedicated to showing the world the power of Digital Assets within a regulated, private, secure global economy.

Arca Offers The First SEC-Registered Fund Issuing Digital Securities 15127

Arca, an innovative, digital asset investment firm that blends traditional finance with cutting edge blockchain technology, today announced that the Arca U.S. Treasury Fund (the “Fund”), an SEC-registered closed-end fund, is available for investment. The Fund is the first product registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940 (“’40 Act”) to offer its shares as digital securities, called “ArCoin.” Shareholders can directly transfer ArCoin using blockchain technology, broadening the use cases within the digital ecosystem.

The Arca U.S. Treasury Fund invests 80% of its portfolio assets in interest-bearing, short-duration, U.S. Treasury securities and seeks to combine the regulatory standards applicable to an SEC-registered closed-end fund with the efficiencies of blockchain technology. Each ArCoin is a share in the Arca U.S. Treasury Fund. Accrued interest is paid directly to ArCoin holders each quarter.

ArCoin was created by Arca Labs—Arca’s innovative, digital product development division—as the first product in an upcoming portfolio of complementary ’40 Act financial products being developed for the digital marketplace. Arca Labs creates tomorrow’s digital investment products in SEC-registered structures of today.

“Our announcement today is a ground-breaking and transformative step toward the unification of traditional finance with digital asset investing as this new category of regulated, digital investment products is made available to investors,” said Rayne Steinberg, chief executive officer of Arca. “It is truly exciting to be pioneering new digital investment products through our Arca Labs division that marry best practices used in traditional finance with the many potential benefits of digital and blockchain technology—this is the next stage of development for the digital ecosystem.”

“We have seen a dramatic shift in our world from physical to digital during the last several years and an accelerated move toward digital in the last four months amid the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Jerald David, president of Arca Capital Management LLC, which oversees Arca Labs. “The digital assets ecosystem is a rapidly growing and evolving industry. We are establishing Arca Labs at the forefront of this industry to innovate digital investment products that provide regulatory oversight and transparency, along with daily valuation, that investors look for in their traditional core investment holdings. Furthermore, ArCoin offers enterprises the opportunity to manage their business operations, treasury management and payments with greater efficiency, less cost, faster settlement times and direct tracking of all transactions.”

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, ArCoin is an ERC-1404 token that provides customers digital access to sophisticated protections and transparency. The Fund is registered under the ’40 Act, providing daily net-asset-value (“NAV”) reporting, bankruptcy protections, periodic audited financial statements, and assets held in a statutory trust overseen by an independent board of trustees.

ArCoin offers digital enterprises and investors multiple use cases and widespread integration. Individuals could use ArCoin as an alternative to volatility in other digital assets, while financial institutions and digital asset enterprises could use ArCoin for clearing and settlement, lending, treasury management, and payments in industries where banking has created friction.

Investments in the Arca U.S. Treasury Fund can be made directly via the website beginning today with a minimum purchase of $1,000. Shareholders are required to establish an account with the Fund’s transfer agent and must complete required know-your-customer and anti-money-laundering (“KYC/AML”) documentation, as is recognized as best practice in the digital investing industry, prior to any investment. Launches as a Secure Trust-based Donation Platform for Leading Charities to Incentivize and Interact With New Donors 14663

Donation platform has launched today with notable BBB Wise Giving Alliance’s (BBB WGA) accredited charities including: Save the Children, Easterseals, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Population Media Center, RedRover, Wild Animal Sanctuary, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and World Emergency Relief. The platform aims to provide a safe and transparent space connecting the donors with charities ensuring any personal information is secured by the Ardor blockchain. Donors who agree to share their information with charities, are rewarded with TrustTokens. has been launched with the aim of reaching out to younger and more technologically proficient donors who are less likely to make donations compared to older or less technologically savvy ones. This is despite the fact that both Generation Z and Millennials indicated a higher willingness to be approached by charities to give (19% and 23%, respectively) compared to 11% for the general population. plans to engage these donors on terms more accustomed to them. The platform also aims to restore trust in the online donation model, address concerns people have about misuse of their personal data and potential hacks. All personal information is stored on the Ardor blockchain and is only accessible to charities with donor permission.

Art Taylor, CEO, BBB Wise Giving Alliance: “This platform will provide new forms of engagement with Millennials and Generation Z which we believe are critical audiences for the future growth of philanthropy. Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, charities were facing a wide variety of challenges in how their traditional fundraising model operated, we believe this new donation platform will help strengthen donor trust in charities while also providing a bridge to younger donors seeking new forms of engagement.”

“We are living through a period of unprecedented technological change and disruption,” states Ettore Rossetti, Senior Advisor, Digital, Marketing and Fundraising, Save the Children. “This is having far reaching impact on how traditional industries operate including non profit organizations. For charities to thrive in these increasingly uncertain times, they should look to embrace new technologies when trying to reach new, potential donors. Test, learn, innovate.”

In addition to strengthening trust in the online donation model, the TrustTokens people are rewarded with can be redeemed for gifts and online experiences that combine a human element with a connection to the charity’s mission. These 15-20 minute experiences include offers like healthy cooking tips and a discussion of what it’s like to work at the selected charity, and other conversations that connect them to the charity’s mission. also enables cryptocurrency users to make donations directly to charities, responding to a recent finding that 25% of wealthy Millennials hold or use digital currencies and 31% have expressed an interest in using it (Edelman Report, Millennials with Money).

When Projects Are Real – Why “CryptoUnit Scam” Claims Are Unfounded 15012


The crypto universe is filled with painful examples of projects that have proven to be scams. The arrival of a new player on the market is immediately met with deluges of accusations and rightful suspicion. The same applied to the CryptoUnit project, which was immediately greeted with the “CryptoUnit scam” branding.

However, after careful analysis, it becomes clear that the claim “CryptoUnit scam” does not hold up, as the project is developed by legitimate specialists with noble purposes and a real value offering. The first reason why “CryptoUnit scam” does not manage to be a true statement is because the project is developed by specialists in the investment industry with more than 20 years of experience. Such expertise and the backing reputation does not allow the founders to be eligible for scams, and such schemes. It is simply unprofitable for both the present and the future to be involved in illicit schemes.

The CryptoUnit program is a financial undertaking that provides anyone a unique opportunity to become co-owners and shareholders of a major fund, which is a financial program operating in every investment market segment. The creator of the Global Program is professional investor Andrei Khovratov, the founder of the immense community of the New Economic Evolution of the World, NEEW. The CryptoUnit Security Tokens (CRU) that will be issued as part of the CryptoUnit program are digital counterparts of securities based on the Security Token Offering model with underlying blockchain technology and smart contracts. The reliance on the STO model for the placement of tokens will ensure complete compliance with international legal norms.

Participation in the program gives participants access to assets that are currently valued at $404 million. The funds raised as part of the CryptoUnit project will be used to expand the existing portfolio with other profitable investment instruments. The combined participation in the CryptoUnit program will allow holders of CRU tokens to partake in the profit sharing of the portfolio’s revenues.

The Global CRU Program currently includes more than 60 financial instruments from various segments of the investment market. Venture capital, precious metals, banking sector, the stock market, cryptocurrencies, equity participation in business, culture, real estate, and precious stones are all part of the investment portfolio. With a total investment of about $51 million, the Global Investment Portfolio has a capitalization of more than $379 million.

Part of the profits from the assets of the Global Investment Portfolio will be directed at the payment of Profi-Bonuses for all investors of the CryptoUnit program. After the issuance and registration of CryptoUnit CRU tokens, token holders will receive dividends in the amount of 8 to 35% of the total profits of the portfolio.