Cryptocurrency Market Update: Waiting For Signals on a Flat Monday 1372

FOMO MomentsMarkets are flat this morning with few coins moving; ChainLink doing well but Aelf, TenX and Bitcoin Gold suffering.

As we start another working week crypto land remains flat after a weekend of inactivity across the markets. There have been virtually no movements in total market capitalization which remains under $300 billion.

Bitcoin hasn’t moved at all and is still trading at $8,160 where it was this time yesterday. Likewise with Ethereum which is trading at $465, the same level as the weekend. Altcoins are mostly in the red but by very small amounts, the top ten is pretty much the same as yesterday. Stellar has fallen back the most once again with a 4% decline to $0.30. Over the week XLM is still up 3.5% since last Monday.

The top twenty is also red at the moment with all coins in decline aside from Ethereum Classic which is up 1.6% to $17. The biggest loss is from Binance Coin which has dropped 5.8% to $13.60 followed by Monero which is down 4.4% to $135. The rest are losing between 1-2% at the moment.

Further down the list the losses are greater with over 5% declines for 0x, Zilliqa and Bitcoin Gold. Icon however is in the green by 2.6% to trade at $1.33. ChainLink is the top performing altcoin at the moment with a climb of 6.8% to $0.342. At the opposite end of the crypto spectrum is Aelf which has dropped 10% followed by TenX down 8%.

Markets are poised for another movement over the next couple of days. Total capitalization has not changed in the past 24 hours and remains just below $295 billion at the time of writing. Since last Monday crypto markets have gained a marginal 2.7% and are still up trending slightly since mid-July. Trade volume is currently at $13.5 million which is slightly higher than this time yesterday.

A further upswing will take markets over $300 billion and Bitcoin to its next major resistance level near $9,000. More bearish selling though could see things go back to the lows earlier this month.

FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 25 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals.

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NEXT SHIB: Next generation MEME token about to go public! 1777

Next shib

DeFi’s newest cutest meme token announces the launch of its public sale. The mascot of the new, ultra-fast ultra-cheap NEXT Smart Chain has arrived.

Deflationary on every transaction (5%) and with no other tax, no team tokens, and starting with a very low market cap, this meme token is lifting off to visit its Nextronaught NFT siblings in orbit (#Nextronaughts are coming down to play in the #Nextverse very soon!).

In recent years meme tokens have emerged to become more popular than many mainstream cryptocurrencies, thanks to their unique mass appeal. NEXT SHIB is the newest entrant into the meme coin space so far ruled by DOGE and Shiba Inu. The tokenomics and the underlying operations of NEXT SHIB, however, differ vastly from the rest of the meme coins, powering NEXT SHIB with rocket fuel. The token follows a deflationary model where the total supply of 100 billion tokens deflates every time a transfer is made, but with no other reservation of tokens for any purpose other than to permanently lock its liquidity (yes permanently!). It also has a low initial market cap of less than $500K.

This ensures a steady growth in value and wealth accumulation possibility for early adopters. The private presale was a success and the public sale opened today, until the end of January. NEXT SHIB token is available on the Ethereum Network (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and on its own native NEXT Smart Chain (NSC).

The blockchain built for scalability

The NEXT Smart Chain is a third-generation blockchain network that has clear advantages over Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. With a clever combination of Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) and Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) technologies, the network manages to achieve a speed of 300000 transactions per second (yes 300K tps) and a persistently low transaction cost of circa $0.0001 per transaction – the lowest fees in the current market.

NEXT Smart Chain is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), so all ERC-20 tokens and decentralized applications can function on the NEXT Smart Chain (yes – all DAPPS will just work). Just like NEXT SHIB, the NEXT Smart Chain (ticker: NEXT) has a very low market cap of less than $1 million and a fixed token supply of 30.3 million NEXT, while its competitors reach over $1 billion in market cap.

The unmatched scalability and transaction speeds offered on this blockchain make it the ideal network to deploy the next generation of NFT and NEXT Metaverse projects. With NFT gaming and trading within the Metaverse becoming the highly anticipated products of Web3, projects using NEXT Smart Chain will be poised to uniquely benefit from its robust underlying architecture to provide a healthy user experience to early adopters. The smart chain will launch with over 200 independent validators, making it a very decentralized and secure blockchain.

With the launch of the NEXT SHIB once the public sale completes, NEXT Smart Chain will transform the market as a center of excellence for metaverse innovations & crypto projects.

The future is bright – come and see what’s NEXT !!

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OMNI, The Blockchain-Based Social Media Platform, Names ONE Entertainment Group as CMO 1911

Los Angeles-based ONE Entertainment Group has taken over the CMO role for OMNI, Inc the Nashville-based technology and evolved blockchain social media platform boasting integrated features and blockchain based security. ONE Entertainment’s CEO, Brent Johnson will take the lead on the integrated marketing efforts moving forward.

Johnson is a 25-year veteran of entertainment marketing, branding, and event projects around the globe. As a first step on the OMNI project, ONE offered an initial rebrand and stylizing to truly make OMNI look and feel as innovative as the company seeks to be. “It was not so much of branding a new OMNI, it was more about iterating a brand design that can carry the company to a place of prominence amid the noise of competitive products,” says Johnson.

ONE Entertainment has done projects internationally and domestically with companies like Endemol, NBC Universal, Warner Elektra Atlantic, and Sony featuring talent like Floyd Mayweather, Sean Combs, Channing Tatum, Kim Kardashian, J. Cole, Charlize Theron, Khloe Kardashian, Marshmello, Joe Manganiello, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, Evan Ross, Chris Brown, Ian Sommerhalder, Steven R. McQueen and more.

OMNI’s most impressive feature is that users maintain true ownership of all content posted. This is a full-scale departure from the terms of use of any social platform. For instance, when posting on Meta (formerly Facebook), there is a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Meta. For the layman, they can do whatever they want and not pay you for your content. OMNI allows you to share content while maintaining 100% ownership. OMNI is giving content back to the users.

The OMNI promise is elevated features, perfected and evolved, and creator-owned content. With a world moving toward decentralization, OMNI is creating a safe environment for users to share their content while maintaining control of their own destiny in the social media metaverse.

ONE Entertainment and OMNI, Inc are trying to change the world that we live in for the better and by doing so, evolve the experience that connects us. OMNI is not only here now with a way to generate change, it is here with the way to connect the world powerfully and securely.

Drew Estate To Offer 1 BTC To Lucky Viewer During January Broadcast 2165

onathan Drew founded Drew Estate in 1996 as a retail tobacconist shop within New York City’s World Trade Center as a lifestyle premium cigar brand. The company then relocated to Esteli, Nicaragua, two years later, to construct a premium cigar factory and eventually released ACID premium infused cigars, which sparked Drew Estate’s aim and mantra known as “The Rebirth of Cigars”.

Most recently, Drew Estate has also gotten involved with cryptocurrencies due to the industry’s growing demand, popularity and usage. As such, it shall be giving away 1 full BTC (currently worth over $40,000 at today’s prices) to one lucky individual who partakes in the upcoming Freestyle Live broadcast, scheduled to occur on the 20th of January 2022. Drew Estate is picking 5 potential winners with the grand prize being announced February 17th 2022 on the companies Facebook page.

Drew Estate continues its groundbreaking efforts

Drew Estate, in keeping with its unique, trailblazing, and inventive nature, will offer one whole Bitcoin to a fortunate spectator during their Freestyle Live show on February 22nd as aforementioned. A pool of 15 possible winners will be chosen at random from comments made during Drew Estate’s “Freestyle Live” as well as “Freestyle Live: Special Edition” broadcasts which were held on October 15th and November 11th, 2021, in addition to the next one on January 20th, 2022. The winner shall be picked at random during the February 17th telecast.

Essentially, Freestyle Live and Freestyle Live: Special Edition may be understood as live shows in which Drew Estate launches seasonal marketing campaigns that feature an industry-wide and consumer-oriented educational strategy. Freestyle Live and Freestyle Live: Special Edition are two-hour episodes that show on Drew Estate’s Facebook page.

Redefining the business

Drew Estate has now grown to be one of the planet’s biggest and most successful premium cigar brands. Through its passionate as well as aggressive dedication to its brands and its mature clientele, the firm has earned a reputation for breaking the typically conservative premium cigar sector.

Furthermore, Drew Estate has also gained quite the reputation for producing amazing experiences for its customers through hundreds of in-store alongside digital cigar events, such as Cigar Safari and Barn Smokers, in addition to their instructive and interactive Facebook Live stores, Sticks & Sips, and so much more.

It would therefore only make sense for the company to get involved with cryptocurrencies too, as the crypto sector has been at the forefront of the seismic shift towards complete digitalization and decentralization over the last decade. Even now, Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL) and so many more cryptocurrencies continue to dominate the headlines with increasing frequency, and the industry has gained so much traction and success that El Salvador made headlines not too long ago by being the first nation in history to officially make the flagship cryptocurrency legal tender.

Ultimately, Drew Estate’s Bitcoin Sweepstakes represents an unparalleled opportunity for the company to promote the growth of P2P (Peer To Peer), decentralized love that so many individuals have for the premium leaf as well as the burning passion for its time-honored history. Fans are therefore strongly encouraged to show up for the upcoming above-mentioned event on time and to readily adhere to all of the different rules and guidelines which can be found here. The chances of being picked as a winner of the ‘Entry Period Prize’ shall also rely on the amount of eligible entries which would be obtained per period of entry, so participants are encouraged to keep that in mind.

AFKDAO Brings a Universal Governance System for Play-To-Earn Metaverses 2302


The AFKDAO protocol is a decentralized protocol that promotes the growth of play-to-earn economies. It connects gaming projects, guilds, and players from the start of a project, providing potential investors with an easy way to access investment opportunities in gaming and metaverse initiatives through initial game-asset offerings and automated play-to-earn techniques. The community will be able to decide on portfolio games, guild admissions, and treasury tactics for the DAO’s best interests through DAO governance, resulting in the strongest and largest player syndicate in the play-to-earn market.

For the first time, the Play-to-earn method has enabled players to partake in the profits from a game’s growth. Professional gamers can now convert their talents into a source of revenue. New projects, on the other hand, may find it difficult to attract real players and build their in-game economies while their complex designs keep the majority of the DeFi community at bay. Many people don’t have the time or don’t understand how to play-to-earn. AFKDAO is creating a platform that allows everyone to simply join in play-to-earn projects, allowing projects to bootstrap their economies and programmers to profit and shine.

The goal of AFKDAO is to create the world’s greatest play-to-earn economy. The company believes that the play-to-earn mechanism has the ability to change the gig economy paradigm and enable widespread adoption of crypto asset management. AFK Dao’s goal is to bring together liquidity, skill, and innovative initiatives, allowing the economy to grow sustainably while maintaining sufficient extensibility and decentralization.

Why AFK DAO can play a key governance role in Metaverse

The project connects games, guilds, and investors in the most efficient way possible through AFK DAO. The company enable guilds to attract NFT assets in a similar fashion to a decentralized fund manager by providing the on-chain infrastructure, effectively lowering their treasury risk. Since the inaugural NFT drop through AFK Game Aggregator, additional promising games will have specialized scholarship programs. This would drive the demand for NFTs and make sure the NFTs go into the right hands of users who participate in play-to-earn rather than flip NFTs in the marketplace.

The Game Asset Launchpad is a place where game asset NFTs from some of the best and most promising gaming projects can be showcased. AFK DAO’s hand-picked game assets are NFT delegate protocol compatible and Game Aggregator ready from the start. AFK Point systems govern access to these assets, which enables AFKDAO to identify and keep loyal community members who are truly committed to helping us create the play-to-earn economy.

AFKDAO will be able to provide low-collateral lending & borrowing pool solutions to unleash the liquidity value of gaming assets using the AFK delegator protocol, addressing the inefficiency of NFT lending in P2P matchmaking methods. Owners of NFTs will be able to stake their assets in the pool at any moment and collect instant dynamic interest while also having access to indefinite players who are borrowing at a dynamic interest rate. Owners would only be renting access to using the NFTs through the delegator, not ownership. The quantity and frequency of interest accrued are determined by the demand for loans, the minimum return on investment, and the accrued interest algorithm. Billing cycle regulations may be imposed on withdrawals such as T+1 or more due to the nature of games.

AFK DAO’s Tokenomics Makes it a Unique Protocol

The founding team of AKF DAO will manage to operate the core responsibility for DAO. As the community expands, the holders of the $AFK tokens will govern together.

  • DAO should organize activities for members:For normal/daily proposals: members can vote via discord or website.
  • For important task operations, such as asset management, new project incubation, project investment. Activities are managed on-chain with smart contracts and determined via voting by members.
  • DAO members can vote to authorize multi-signature for the assets/projects
  • DAO members can vote to authorize trading requests for DAO contracts
  • DAO members can vote to determine the DAO system strategy
  • DAO members vote by $AFK token, $AFK token is a representation of voting rights.

The total amount of supply has been capped at 1,000,000,000 which will be distributed and divided in the following manner:

Treasury: 180,000,000.00 (18%)
The Treasury of AFKDAO will hold 18% of the total allocation. No vesting schedule.

Team: 150,000,000.00 (15%)
The Team of AFKDAO will hold 15% of the total allocation. 2-year cliff, monthly release for 2 years.

Advisor: 20,000,000.00 (2%)
The Team of AFKDAO will hold 2% of the total allocation. 1-year cliff, monthly release for 1 year.

Investors – Seed/Private A/Private B/Public: 200,000,000.00 (20%)
Ecosystem: 450,000,000.00 (45%)
The Team of AFKDAO will hold 45% of the total allocation. 10% at TGE, the rest unlock based on DAO decisions.

To learn more about AFKDAO visit

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Secret Society of Odd Fellows NFT the Next BAYC? 2930

The Secret Society of Odd Fellows is releasing a collection of 10,011 NFTs on Saturday, January 15 at 5:00 p.m. ET. Owners of the NFTs gain membership access to a secret society whose benefits and offerings will increase over time.

When you buy an Odd Fellow NFT, you’re not simply buying an avatar or a dope piece of art, explained founder Jeremy Dunn. “Your Odd Fellow can serve as your digital identity, open digital doors and open doors in the real world like never been done before with real world utility.”

The first benefit of owning an Odd Fellow NFT is VIP access, and table and bottle service, including a free bottle of liquor, at the Penthouse Club in Baltimore for the owner and four friends. Future exclusive benefits can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation and 100 percent of the royalties from sales on OpenSea will go into the community wallet.

Odd Fellow NFT owners will also receive a free stack of pancakes at an IHOP in New Jersey!

Creating 11 NFTs for the project is Oschino Vasquez, the popular rapper who has written and produced multiple songs, mixtapes and studio albums and has worked with some of the greatest rap artists of all time, including Jay-Z and Kanye West. Vasquez has enjoyed a successful rapping and acting career through his affiliation with the State Property label since the early 2000s. Vasquez was signed to Roc-a-Fella Records along with Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Peedi Crakk, Omillio Sparks, and the Young Gunz (Young Chris and Neef Buck).

Each Odd Fellow is unique and programmatically generated from more than 160 possible traits, and hand drawn by artist Redouane Belhadi. The Odd Fellows are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and purchasing an Odd Fellow costs 0.08 ETH.

The Secret Society of Odd Fellows will be offering sneak peaks of the NFTs on its Discord and social media.

“I think the biggest thing with this particular NFT is the real world utility. Blockchain technology and NFTs in this regard will truly change the world,” Dunn said. “That’s what we are looking to do here. Change the world.”

To learn more about the Secret Society of Odd Fellows NFTs, visit

Move over Axie Infinity, Monsta Infinite is here to take over 3179


With Facebook announcing their latest Metaverse makeover, tons of other Metaverse-inspired NFT GameFi rode the Metaverse hype train, evidently proven with crypto tokens from Metaverse-inspired projects like Decentraland reached an all-time high in the crypto market. Since then, multiple projects have been introducing their own personal twists to the Metaverse concept. But of all the interesting ideas and concepts available in the crypto industry, one project steals the spotlight by miles ahead. That would be Monsta Infinite.

The key to developing a sustainable and successful GameFi is to provide creativity and innovation, introducing new technological advances or simply described as modern-day solutions in order to digitalise the basic needs of civilization (as referred to in Maslow’s theory on the Hierarchy of Needs) into their respective projects. What other projects often lack would be the lack to provide their users with one or more of these factors; safety needs (security or resources), love and belonging (a sense of connection), esteem (freedom or recognition), or self-actualisation (desire to be the most that one can be).

This is where Monsta Infinite steps in to win the race. Monsta Infinite is developing a complete and self-sustaining GameFi ecosystem that will fulfil the basic needs of mankind. They thrive to digitalise all basic and complex human needs into the game, Monsta Infinite, covering from the basic needs of physiological and financial security to the psychological and self-fulfilment needs of creativity and socialisation.

Monsta Infinite is currently developing a complete and self-sustaining financial blockchain platform that is optimized for blockchain gaming as a foundation for the Monsta Infinite gaming launch, which will subsequently lead to the Openworld gameplay, AKA the Infinite Verse. It will be the first of its kind that will provide users with ample freedom and creativity; as stated in their ‘Infinite Verse Unveiled’ article, the possibilities of your universe are only limited by your imagination.

It’s a known fact that there is still a lack of public blockchains that are optimized for games, from scalability issues to high transaction and gas fees. Therefore, they want to build a blockchain that will not only solve these common issues but will also give other projects the freedom to build and develop new features and implementations that are solutions to current modern-day problems; aspiring creativity and innovation to revolutionize blockchain technology, benefiting everyone in the blockchain industry for decades to come.

Monsta Infinite thrives to be a one-of-a-kind project by being more than just another conventional GameFi project; honing the potential and resources to branch out of the GameFi industry and into other possible and prospective industries in the crypto space. They will first begin with developing a state of the art GameFi, Monsta Infinite. The game will be a play-to-earn based GameFi that will implement creative and innovative solutions meant to solve problems users often face in other conventional GameFi. They aspire to provide veteran consumers all around the world better gaming and earning quality and experience and at the same time welcoming to new users.

Things to note from their gameplay description would be the innovation of utilizing a Slay: The Spire concept correlating with dynamic gameplays onto their PVE, which will definitely make the experience enjoyable and competitive for the gamers while acting as a layer of protection against farming bots due to their complex variations within the PVE. Alongside their wide variety of enemies and Jilaka bosses, it will surely be a breath of fresh air for players knowing that it wouldn’t just be another conventional and boring PVE. Now with the variety of levels and enemies, it would also mean that players would require different Monstas of different attributes to surpass the level, making every Monsta unique and essential to the gameplay; which in turn improves the liquidity of the Monsta NFTs, ensuring the long term sustainability of the entire financial ecosystem of the project.

One interesting feature that they are bringing to the spotlight would be their anti-bot features like the Match-Three puzzle. Since it will be implemented between battles, it will add to the competitive gaming environment of the players while acting as an anti-bot feature, further improving the gaming experience because truth be told, no one likes playing against bots. Another interesting feature would be that all P2P battles will be processed on the server-side instead of the client-side, further eradicating hacks and cheats in-game. These are just a few of the many features Monsta Infinite is going to implement in the game, placing Monsta Infinite miles ahead of its competitors in the GameFi industry.

One applauding attribute Monsta Infinite has would be the capability of thinking forward. Even though the game release is only due on the first quarter of 2021, they have already begun making plans and constantly upgrading their current Marketplace and Monsta wallet inorder to accommodate fo their future plans. Monsta infinite will then begin developing the Infinite Verse structure, incorporating the infamous Openworld voxel art concept (Minecraft and Roblox fans rejoice). Their infrastructure will consist of a solid monetary system, a sustainable financial ecosystem that is often lacking in other conventional Metaverse projects in the industry. Seeing this as a lacking feature in other metaverse projects, Monsta Infinite will introduce a balanced and sustainable economic model that will be constantly optimized in order to adapt to the constant market changes.

In order to develop such technologically advanced projects while still providing ample freedom to users, the entire project will be built on their very own Monsta Chain technology. When in full force and completely optimized for blockchain gaming, it will enable Monsta Infinite to be multi-project compatible, honing the capability to interact with other gaming or IT related projects. This will transcend Monsta Infinite to be more than just an NFT GameFi, honing the capabilities of structuring multi-currency exchange mechanisms to unify and strengthen the financial structures of Monsta Infinite to accommodate these projects.

This will then develop into new and innovative ideas to be implemented within Monsta Infinite that will breach the gap between these projects, developing a unified society consisting of various GameFi or crypto-related projects into one huge Metaverse. To further encourage this concept, Monsta Infinite is providing assistance to early-phase startup projects by introducing their very own Incubator and Launchpad programs, all built on the Monsta Chain. They have already started taking in new projects, as they have just released an official statement saying that they have been incubating the latest NFT project, League Of Ancients since September 2021 regarding blockchain and crypto aspects. With all of these features synchronised, Monsta Infinite will be deemed as a Steam-inspired universal entry to a plethora of games and projects.

The Monsta Chain will provide Monsta Infinite with infinite possibilities on how its Metaverse will be developed, ranging from multi-chain compatibility to a multitude of features and amenities to facilitate a vast and ample space for the Infinite Verse to metamorphose into a one-of-a-kind multiverse platform for other projects. It will be constantly optimised to accommodate multiple gaming platforms simultaneously, constructing the ideal public blockchain for GameFi.

Monsta Infinite plans to develop its swapping mechanism, Juggy Swap, into an advanced exchange platform for all the project tokens available in the Infinite Verse. The Juggy Swap will go hand-in-hand with their in-house liquidity pool, called the Juggy Pool, forming a one-stop exchange platform for all the projects. Early-phase projects would not need to look or stress out any further knowing that Monsta Infinite will provide a full-on blockchain project ecosystem for them to grow prosperously, from providing incubators and launchpads, to solving scalability and transaction fee matters.

Their main concept is to ensure limitless capabilities and endless possibilities for the crypto community, sparking true creativity and innovation among the users in the crypto space. Users will hone the ability to design, build, develop or even sell their creations at our Marketplace; a possible breadmaker for the avid gamers and crypto community. Monsta Infinite also has plans to endorse futuristic compatibilities like AI, VR, AR and even Machine Learning later on that will provide a continual growth of user base and projects in the future.

This project has already developed a stupendous amount of hype in the GameFi industry, factorised by their massive community, NFT sales and current token value even with the game launch still awaiting its release in Q1 2022. There are speculators on the Internet doubting their potential as a start-up project, but the volume of their Telegram and Discord community members would definitely prove otherwise. The wonderful developing team led by the CEO of Monsta Infinite, Jin, has provided transparency to the community by hosting regular AMAs to discuss and bring about the latest updates of the project. As it stands, Monsta Infinite will be the upcoming powerhouse in the cryptocurrency space; being more than just a game and will transcend to become the upcoming No.1 Metaverse worldwide.

To learn more about Monsta Infinite visit

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