DORA Investigates 3 Cryptocurrency Firms Behind Unregistered ICOs 4364

Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) has revealed plans to asses three crypto-based firms offering “unregistered Initial Coin Offerings” in the state as part of an ongoing investigation into a practice being used by fraudulent companies to defraud members of the public.

The investigation is being carried out by members of the Division of Securities, part of the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), an “ICO Task Force” convened by the Commissioner in May.

The announcement from DORA reads in part:

“The companies that received the orders are Bionic Coin, Sybrelabs Ltd. (also known as Cryptoarb), and Global Pay Net (also known as Glpn Coin and Gpn Token). Previous orders were submitted to Bitcoin Investments Ltd. (also doing business as Db Capital), Estatex, Bitconnect Ltd., and Magma Foundation (also doing business as Magma Coin).”

Commissioner Rome signed the “orders to show cause” recently which is a notice sent to business to defend their case in court by explaining their business operations. The court orders were issued on Friday, August 24, 2018, but at press time, none of the three firms have answered, the report notes.

Bionic Coin, one of the firms being investigated promises investors that invest in their token (BNC) a wild growth of their “money without any effort.” The site goes on to list the logos of media partners such as Forbes magazine, but there are currently no mention or reference of the company on the sites it claims are promoting it. The website also incentivizes users to promote the coin on social media for a chance to receive in exchange for tokens.

The story is the same for Sybrelabs and Global Pay Net. Sybrelabs Ltd, also known as Crypotarb encourages investors to promote the investment pool and “offers large percentages of profits for minimum participation of $25.00, up to soliciting “active investment portfolios” of $25,000 or more,” according to the report.

Global Pay Net is said to be an international financial platform with its native token (GLPN) that equates ownership in the business. The company also promises an 80 percent stake in the business for investors, and it lists cryptocurrency experts as advisors, two of whom, has denied involvement with the company.

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SHARE protocol whitepaper establishes a revolutionary peer-to-peer method for music distribution 2928

Formless, Inc. announced that the whitepaper titled, SHARE: Decentralized distribution using peer-to-peer, pay-for-access micro-transactions on blockchain describes a revolutionary way to distribute music and other digital content, enabling creators to make orders of magnitude more money by eliminating the dependence on centralized content streaming platforms (e.g. Apple, Spotify, and YouTube).

Author Brandon Tory explained, “We’ve always distributed music as a standalone file, such as an MP3, and we put that file on platforms like Spotify or SoundCloud. Blockchain is a new way to distribute music, not just as a file, but as a program. Although blockchains are most widely known for digital currencies, the larger vision is that blockchains are actually programmable world computers. This is important because programs control how money flows on the internet. As artists, if we want to have any control of the way that the money moves, we have to have some say in the actual code that’s associated with the song and not just the song. Blockchain technology enables us to do that. Whether you believe music should be free, or available at a non-zero price, I believe those decisions should be made by each individual artist, while remaining compatible with multiple consumer-facing streaming applications.”

Using the whitepaper as a foundation, Tory and his team at Formless developed a Web3 protocol, called SHARE, that enables artists to control access terms to audio or video content and directly distribute it to consumers, or to marketplaces that interoperate with blockchain. The Alpha version of the protocol is available on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, with a Beta version expected later this year.

Today, content creators and developers can register to try out the first decentralized application that showcases the power of the protocol, and organizations and builders can review the protocol documentation.

About FORMLESS, Inc.

Formless is a Boston, Massachusetts music technology company with the mission of creating virtual and physical experiences that enable people to live more fulfilling lives. Formless was founded in 2018 by Brandon Tory, a signed artist, former Staff Engineer at Google AI, and former Senior Engineer at Apple. Tory’s story of pursuing his dreams as a musician and engineer in parallel is featured in national media that include: Forbes, CNN Great Big Story, CNBC, and Yahoo Finance.

BIB Exchange Provides an Exquisite User interface for Crypto Traders 3478

Blockchain has had a remarkable run of form so far. Its dominance and evolution of the financial sector have been exemplary, alongside its impact on the daily activities of humankind. Crypto was designed in 2009 by Satoshi to thrive on the blockchain as a means of exchange.

It’s the dawn of a new era, as the revolution of technological advancement has led to the development of crypto exchanges. These platforms have been the sole intermediary for crypto dealings as investors use them to buy, sell, and acquire cryptos.

The crypto market has recently been mystified to crypto holders, as the fall of Bitcoin and other cryptos continue to show that the crypto winter or recession is near. Eventually, the crypto market would overcome the bearish season, and a bullish run would emerge.

When this happens, investors or crypto traders should use promising exchanges like the BIB exchange to help make their crypto involvements successful. Not all that glitters is gold; therefore, avoiding dodgy crypto exchanges synonymous with a ticking time bomb is advisable.

BIB Exchange Amazing User Interface and Experience

Undoubtedly, crypto has made a name for itself in the financial sector. Its fame and utility continue to grow daily, but it still encounters a hiccup in its adoption rates. One of the hurdles challenging the crypto adoption rate is the bad user experience from crypto exchanges.

Most crypto exchanges claim they can proffer solutions to the several needs of crypto traders but always overlook the essential requirement: creating a platform that users can understand and interact with effortlessly.

BIB Exchange has taken note of this common mistake, thus rectifying it by creating a user-friendly, durable, and fantastic user interface to improve its users’ experience. It has one of the best user interfaces a user can ask for, especially for beginners with no trading experience. The BIB exchange user interface is a platform for the people, with a distinct and straightforward layout that gives users the freedom to trade and make the best out of the crypto market. Leverage trading, trading fees, futures, etc., are spot on and boldly indicated to avoid confusion.

Available Trading Services on BIB Exchange

Founded in 2021, BIB Exchange raised a US$ 20M first-round fund led by top blockchain investment firms in Singapore, with a view to developing the services in the cryptocurrency market.

BIB exchange offers a wide range of trading products for users. BIB also ensures that traders enjoy these services while charging low fees. The list of trading services on the BIB exchange includes:

Spot trading: The BIB exchange is one of the latest crypto exchanges in the market. It is a game changer that has taken the crypto space by surprise. It has an average daily trading volume of $80 million, supports over 50+ currencies, and a vast array of perpetual swaps to satisfy traders’ needs, thus increasing liquidity on the exchange.

Futures: Alongside spot trading, the BIB exchange provides users with futures contracts on a silver platter to trade 24 hours daily throughout the week. It has an estimated value of 9,000 active users daily and an average daily trading volume of $1 Billion, making it an exemplary exchange.

Margin trading: Margin trading is made available on the BIB exchange for experienced crypto traders to make trades and increase their profits quickly.

BIB exchange is a trustworthy decentralized exchange with no black holes and complete transparency. Moreover, its trading platform is sophisticated, with options to keep traders engaged and help them accomplish their trading objectives.

Reef’s highly anticipated Reef Card is officially available for crypto holders 3530

Reef, a layer-1 Substrate-based blockchain for decentralized finance (DeFi), nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and gaming, announced today its highly anticipated Reef Card is now available for people in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Reef has been working with Baanx, an experienced partner for revolutionary Web3 financial solutions, to create and produce Reef Card. Reef Card, powered by Baanx, is part of the Mastercard crypto debit line. Due to COVID-19 and material production delays, the card was put on hold until this year. Now it’s officially available to everyone in the U.K. and European Economic Area.

Denko Mancheski, CEO of Reef said, “We feel good about the future of Reef, and over the past year, we’ve been working hard with Baanx to get Reef Card out. We’re excited to have it available now and allow hodlers the opportunity to spend their cryptocurrencies in the physical world.”

Crypto debit cards have become a hot ticket in the physical world as they add another layer of utility to tokens and the cryptocurrency landscape. Reef Card owners will be able to spend their crypto and have their card convert it to fiat only at the time of purchase, and they will be able to use their card at over 90 million merchants worldwide and even withdraw fiat at certain ATMs. To start, Reef Card will be available as a physical card and Google Play right away. Apple Pay will come next.

Garth Howat, CEO of Baanx said, “It’s very exciting to see that more companies and communities are adopting our solutions to bridge the gap between DeFi and traditional finance. We’ve been working hard with the Reef team on this project, allowing the community to enjoy Reef’s ecosystem to the fullest.”

Reef continues to evolve and expand its blockchain, quickly gaining momentum on the lead to becoming one of the top five Web3 blockchains. Recently, Reef launched an NFT division, attended Binance Blockchain Week in Dubai, launched ReefScan V2, and a new REEF Community Staking Bond. Reef Card is another innovative addition to the rise of the chain and its native token, REEF.

About Reef

Reef’s Substrate-based layer-1 blockchain with smart contract functionality offers an intuitive user experience, high scalability and low fees, helping the ecosystem to be a go-to platform for NFT projects. Reef is the most advanced Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible blockchain with smart contract functionality. Based on a nominated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, the network offers low fees and scalability, as well as myriad features, including native token bridges, on-chain governance, recurring payments and much more. Eventually, the platform will also support an additional virtual machine that will allow developers to write code in several different programming languages.

About Baanx

Baanx offers fintech services to the digital asset sector, including Cryptodraft and payment authorization integration into Visa, Mastercard and other transaction payment systems. Baanx headquarters are in London, U.K. with subsidiaries in Delaware, United States, Portugal and Lithuania. Baanx manages digital assets with maximum privacy and security. The company is launching services for more than 25 top-tier clients, including Ledger and Reef. Baanx is managed by a seasoned team with over a hundred years of combined experience in banking, financial technology, cryptography, finance and digital marketing.

AngelBlock, DeFi protocol for crypto-native fundraising, announces it’s Startup Grant Program and platform launch 3458

AngelBlock is a platform dedicated to bringing together vetted, noteworthy crypto and FinTech startups with knowledgeable investors. The aim is to allow frictionless providing of financing and support by investors to new ventures in the crypto, blockchain, and FinTech space focusing on early-stage investments, in a manner that’s fully on-chain and decentralized. The team prepares to launch the fundraising platform in Q4 later this year, and they want to support three promising startups with a 90,000 USDT grant program. Winners of the grant will not only get 30,000 USDT each but will also be listed on the platform for fundraising and have access to the core AngelBlock team for mentoring.

Grants applications will open on August 31 and close on September 30, 2022. The review process will take about a week, and the winners will be announced on the week of October 10, 2022. The team will consider startups wanting to do a token sale, that are ready to fundraise, and that are willing to raise in USDT, USDC, and/or DAI on Ethereum. Other terms and conditions may apply and can be found here.

“We saw this crypto winter as an opportunity to not only help some promising startups but also as a great way to showcase our unique solution to what we think is one of the biggest blockers in this space” says Alex Strzesniewski, AngelBlock CEO.

What is AngelBlock

There were many reasons for creating AngelBlock. The most important is that the team saw a glaring need to address the friction points for fundraising in crypto. Holdings post-raise are not well decentralized, there’s a lack of transparency and investor protection, not enough emphasis on keeping startups accountable for their milestones, and the obvious problem of VCs dumping on retail even though both parties took part in the same round. In short, AngelBlock wants to generate as much value for investors, startups, and their communities within the digital assets ecosystem.

“The easiest way to describe AngelBlock would be to call it a DeFi protocol focused on fixing the problems of fundraising within the space. Our solution works solely on smart contracts and adds much-needed transparency and decentralization to the fundraising process. Investors can vote on startup milestones and track everything on-chain which means governance out-of-the-box from day 1 – that’s really cool.” says COO, Max Torres.

The team has been building all throughout 2021 and 2022 having launched their AngelBlock NFTs in Q2 2022 – which will unlock benefits on the platform. The launch of v1.0 of the AngelBlock protocol and platform is planned for October 2022, followed by the $THOL Token Generation Event in the same month.

AesirX DMA – Digital Marketing Automation delivers enterprise-level backend as a service with up to 100 free delivered posts to Social Media per day 3913

As part of their initiative to reshape the world of digital marketing, the company behind the AesirX Solutions Series just released AesirX DMA App 1.4.0, an Open Source Digital Marketing Automation platform available to download from GitHub and offering 9 free social media channels with up to 100 delivered daily posts, for free.

AesirX has been developing successful digital solutions for more than a decade with a passion that has evolved to help their clients sell millions of products and reach their business goals. The company has also empowered and enabled agencies, developers, and organizations globally through their Open Source technologies, sharing their solutions as Free Open Source Software (FOSS) projects on GitHub.

As a former board member at Open Source Matters, Inc. (OSM – the nonprofit organization behind the CMS Joomla!) and many working groups as a contributor for more than a decade, AesirX founder, Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen and his global team have led the initiative not just to reshape the world of digital marketing to be privacy-first based, but also to democratize technology to the world.

“In the past decade, we have invented and developed Aesir – the world’s only actionable 1st-party data Digital Experience Platform that is legally compliant and privacy-first by design,” Christiansen said. “AesirX is the evolution that enables the community of javascript developers and partners into delivering customer journeys in the most meaningful way by utilizing qualitative behavioral data to personalize each customer experience, without abusing any personal data.”

The next generation AesirX Solutions Series is being continually developed to support organizations globally with AesirX DMA, AesirX DAM (released Q3), AesirX PIM (released Q4), AesirX Ecommerce, AesirX Content, plus five further planned digital solutions to be released in the coming 18 months while evolving the future of the world wide web utilizing blockchain technology to resolve the problems of Web2.

The all-in-one flexible tool connects any marketing department with web, social media, CMS (content management system), DXP (digital experience platform), email, publishing (e.g. Tumblr & Medium), ads, e-commerce channels, or any custom channels as desired. As with the entire series, AesirX DMA is time saving, cost effective, privacy focused and compliant by design – and then you can download and install the PWA and customize it all you want.

Using social media management tools to deliver SoMe content is convenient and helpful, yet something that can increase your marketing spending and decrease your overall revenue. AesirX DMA offers social media automation (currently 9 platforms and apps – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Discord, Telegram, Zalo, FB Groups) with unlimited users for free up to 100 delivered posts per day, unlike any other competitor in the industry.

As well as the Free Open Source version, there are three tiers that are self-hosted/managed from only $49 per month, plus a fully hosted/managed and serviced ‘Enterprise’ edition providing end-to-end support for complex workflow, roles, and organizational structures in large-scale organizations.

AesirX DMA is a PWA-powered (Progressive Web Application) Open Source Software platform that enables any frontend capable staff, agency, or supplier to customize their very own user experience and invidualize any digital marketing automation platform to exactly meet the needs of the customer.

AesirX gives back to the open source community on their journey to reshape the world of digital marketing and democratize access to mature technology. As such, all 10 AesirX Solutions as a Service will have the same Open Source PWA foundation – breaking the mold and removing all the hardship and expensive backend development. Instead, offering the full flexibility and freedom to the frontend while maintaining a free and Open Source foundation that includes access to the newest technology, to even the smallest of organizations.

About AesirX

All AesirX Solutions have the pricing and customer strategy based on an ideal deployment into the Microsoft Partner Network, or any similar IT Solution Consultancy Partner Channel. AesirX offers full support and services as well as 1 click installs on all Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud regions and can be npm deployed by any of the 20 million JavaScript developers in the world.

AesirX is born out of a purpose to deal with the consumer privacy issues in MarTech that are not being addressed by Web2 alone. Driving the need for a compliant, privacy-first future, WEB2 + WEB3 = AesirX heralds a new age of technology to reflect what the digital marketing industry needs, and what consumers deserve.

AesirX DMA is moving toward decentralized file storage and will soon release its first Single Sign On and Login solution based on Concordium ID blockchain. Eventually, all 10 AesirX solutions will evolve from Web2 to WEB2 + WEB3 – utilizing the best aspects to help solve real problems Web2 is failing to address largely because it is founded on technology that does not protect the user. AesirX will improve the customer, staff, or learning experience to create personalized and more meaningful engagement using Web3 and ID Blockchain technology – the answer to a mature and secure future for the world wide web.

Everyone is welcome to join the “AesirX Community” on Telegram; A friendly Open Source community that celebrates and promotes the concept that transparency, giving back to the community, sharing and collaborating, lead to better software – and, maybe, a better society.

You can download AesirX DMA from GitHub:

Here’s How OVER Is Revolutionizing The Fashion Industry Via The TINUS Affiliate Program 4246

1 2022 08 16 в 14 34 41

The fashion industry has been a cornerstone of every society for the longest time, regardless of personal preferences based on differing aspects like culture, ethnicity, background and location. This sector, along with so many others, should therefore be taking advantage of the vast potential of the different innovative technologies that are emerging nowadays which are also contributing to the seemingly inevitable transition into a Web3 era.

With that in mind, OVER’s new TINUS Affiliate Program aims to create a defined space wherein 3D clothing designers and fashion houses can sell their creations. The program relies on cutting-edge technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), NFTs and the metaverse.

What is the TINUS Affiliate Program exactly?

The TINUS Affiliate Program helps 3D artists and fashion brands communicate effectively. Furthermore, it allows content creators to participate in Web3 via the creation of virtual clothing along with related accessories which may be subsequently sold through OVER’s global open-source AR platform, powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.

As such, those participating in the program can help define ‘Digital Identity’ in correspondence to the OVER Metaverse. In this way, OVER’s decentralized AR platform allows all kinds of prominent figures in the fashion industry such as brands, individual creators and 3D designers to bolster their presence and spread their influence. In addition, the program also allows users to obtain OVR tokens as well as collect important feedback which can further help improve the product. All interested parties can register to participate in this program and learn more about it if they so desire.

What is OVER and why is the program important?

OVER is a decentralized platform for promoting art without regard for dress codes, color restrictions, or material limitations. In order to provide the best possible experience, the platform aims to commit a dedicated page to the TINUS Affiliate Program, which will help provide important details concerning the application process. There is a form on the page that creators must fill out with their personal information and some creations. It is also strongly advised to read through the guidelines prior to submitting the request.

In terms of why the program matters, the world is quickly becoming more digitized with each passing day, and it is hence crucial for the fashion industry to progress along with this socio-technological change. With that being said, the concept of virtual 3D clothing no longer exists in the realm of science fiction, as through a combination of both OVER’s NFT Stylist Program and the TINUS Affiliate Program, creators who have a passion for fashion and the metaverse will have the chance to both earn as well as receive visibility for their respective creations. In 2022 and beyond, the emphasis will thus be about monetizing creators’ passions and ‘living’ the clothes, rather than just wearing them. Lastly, check out OVER’s Twitter, Discord and Telegram channels for additional information and regular updates.