DORA Investigates 3 Cryptocurrency Firms Behind Unregistered ICOs 4381

Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) has revealed plans to asses three crypto-based firms offering “unregistered Initial Coin Offerings” in the state as part of an ongoing investigation into a practice being used by fraudulent companies to defraud members of the public.

The investigation is being carried out by members of the Division of Securities, part of the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), an “ICO Task Force” convened by the Commissioner in May.

The announcement from DORA reads in part:

“The companies that received the orders are Bionic Coin, Sybrelabs Ltd. (also known as Cryptoarb), and Global Pay Net (also known as Glpn Coin and Gpn Token). Previous orders were submitted to Bitcoin Investments Ltd. (also doing business as Db Capital), Estatex, Bitconnect Ltd., and Magma Foundation (also doing business as Magma Coin).”

Commissioner Rome signed the “orders to show cause” recently which is a notice sent to business to defend their case in court by explaining their business operations. The court orders were issued on Friday, August 24, 2018, but at press time, none of the three firms have answered, the report notes.

Bionic Coin, one of the firms being investigated promises investors that invest in their token (BNC) a wild growth of their “money without any effort.” The site goes on to list the logos of media partners such as Forbes magazine, but there are currently no mention or reference of the company on the sites it claims are promoting it. The website also incentivizes users to promote the coin on social media for a chance to receive in exchange for tokens.

The story is the same for Sybrelabs and Global Pay Net. Sybrelabs Ltd, also known as Crypotarb encourages investors to promote the investment pool and “offers large percentages of profits for minimum participation of $25.00, up to soliciting “active investment portfolios” of $25,000 or more,” according to the report.

Global Pay Net is said to be an international financial platform with its native token (GLPN) that equates ownership in the business. The company also promises an 80 percent stake in the business for investors, and it lists cryptocurrency experts as advisors, two of whom, has denied involvement with the company.

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Stader releases Litepaper for ETHx, its ETH liquid staking solution 2497

Stader, a multi-chain, non-custodial liquid staking protocol with ~100mn $+ in TVL, will soon launch its liquid staking token, ETHx. Stader released its Litepaper for ETHx highlighting how ETHx will boost home stakers, with the lowest bonding requirement in the ecosystem of just 4 ETH and also deliver best-in-class staking yield and DeFi for users.

The Ethereum staking ecosystem is mature with multiple protocols and entities providing services, however, an evaluation of the current state of Ethereum staking highlights some key challenges:

● High concentration of ETH staked with few entities:

  • Top 3 entities having over 50% of ETH staked through them.
  • A top liquid staking protocol that has nearly 90% market share and works exclusively with permissioned node operators.

● Liquid Staking Deposit (LSD) protocols that work with permissionless node operations have struggled to keep up with user demand.

● Beyond the top protocol, LSDs have yet to achieve meaningful acceptance in the DeFi space.

Stader’s ETHx has been thoughtfully designed to address these challenges:

  • Home stakers will be the backbone of ETHx with only 4 ETH required for bonding: Stader did an extensive data analysis in collaboration with SSV on the bond requirement and concluded 4 ETH is sufficient to cover key tail risks that impact staked funds.
  • Scalability and Resilience: ETHx will have a multi-pool architecture that includes permissionless and permissioned pools solving for decentralization and scalability at the same time. In the future, ETHx will also support a dedicated Distributed validator technology (DVT) pool that will improve node operator resilience.
  • Best-in-class staking yield to users with exposure to staking rewards, MEV and tips at a competitive commission of 10% (to be shared equally between node operators and Stader).
  • Full fledged DeFi, leveraging Stader’s expertise from building DeFi ecosystems for its liquid tokens across 6 chains. Stader has 40+ protocols supporting its LSDs including AAVE v3 (Polygon market), Balancer, Beefy, Quickswap, Apeswap, BeethovenX and more!

Amitej Gajjala, Co-founder and CEO, Stader Labs, CEO of Stader, said: “We are excited to launch ETHx soon. ETHx is meticulously designed to address key challenges in the Ethereum ecosystem. ETHx will be decentralized, yet scalable with home stakers as the backbone and permissioned operators supplementing home stakers and providing scalability. ETHx will also provide best-in-class staking and DeFi yield for its users, building on our strong, multi-chain track record in liquid staking.”

Stader’s ETHx mainnet launch is scheduled for Q1 2023.

About Stader

Founded in April 2021, Stader Labs ( is a non-custodial multi-chain liquid staking platform with over USD 110 Mn+ PoS assets staked. Currently live on 6 chains (including BNB Chain, Polygon, Hedera, Fantom, Near, etc.), users can stake PoS tokens, earn staking yields, and also amplify yields across several DeFi opportunities like Aave, Balancer, etc.

Over 25,000+ wallets have staked with Stader. Stader is backed by notable funds including Coinbase Ventures, Pantera, Jump Crypto, Accel Partners and Accomplice.

Website: – a new staking platform, simplicity and transparency in one 3058

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MET500 LTD has launched a great cryptocurrency staking platform. The user-friendly website offers staking on the 8 most popular cryptocurrencies at the moment: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, RIpple, Tron, Binance BNB, and the USDT stablecoin on ERC20, TRC20 or BEP20 chains.


On the MET500 platform, we have our internal cryptocurrency wallet, after topping up we can go to the “STAK COINS” section, where we can choose 4 staking plans to block our cryptocurrencies:

  • 30 days with a reward of 1% per day
  • 45 days with a reward of 1.5% per day
  • 60 days with a reward of 2% per day
  • 90 days with a reward of 2.5% per day

APY rates are respectively: 365%, 547.5%, 730%, 912.5%.

When it comes to stable, guaranteed prizes, not taking into account exchange differences, the MET500 has a really impressive offer.

1 2023 01 06 в 19 26 05

After the lockout period ends, the base deposit returns to our balance, from where we can withdraw it to our private crypto wallet, or continue staking. Rewards are awarded every 24 hours and land directly on our MET500 wallet balance where they are at our full disposal.


To further maximize your profits, we can use the Automatic Reinvestment option, which triggers the compound interest of our investments. The system may add our daily rewards to your initial staking deposit capital, increasing it each day, creating a financial snowball effect.

When adding a staking plan, we can choose the level of reinvestment: 25%, 50% or 100%. This means that the system will increase our initial deposit every day, instead of sending prizes to our account balance. We can increase or decrease the level of compound interest at any time during the duration of the staking plan.


The referral program implemented by the MET500 platform gives you an amazing opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies, even without any financial contribution on your part, because you get a referral link right after registration, which is free, takes 2 minutes and does not require any sensitive data.

2 2023 01 06 в 19 26 44

After logging in to the platform, you can copy your referral link and share it wherever possible so that users registered in your structure generate your future profits.

For every staking deposit made by your referral you will earn commissions. We distinguish 3 levels of users in the structure for which you will receive 5%, 2% and 1% of commission respectively. The number of users in your team can be unlimited as well as your earnings.

Earned commissions can be withdrawn immediately or can be used to make a staking plan.


Cryptocurrency users often look for staking pools on their own. This requires considerable experience and doing time-consuming research on your own. Many different ecosystems and decentralized exchanges offer staking through complicated token exchanges, the value of which is debatable to say the least. offers no-trade staking, without losing the market value of your cryptocurrencies. You don’t have to exchange BTC or ETH for another token to receive daily rewards, and when looking for direct staking of cryptocurrencies on the largest exchanges and comparing the rewards with those offered on MET500, the decision what to choose probably comes to everyone right away.


MET500 LTD is a UK-registered and legally operating company managed by specialists in blockhain technology and financial markets. The security and guarantees presented by the company allow us to claim that we can entrust our cryptocurrency funds to them without any worries about tomorrow. Live chat is available on the MET500 platform with team support operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The team is always there to help you operate the platform.

MET500 is a relatively new company, but prepared very professionally with large financial outlays. The company has great prospects, and we can expect further improvements soon. The company’s management is always open to suggestions from the user community and gives a lot of work to provide cryptocurrency investors with their favourite place to earn profits using their cryptocurrency funds.

Website Link:



Korea’s leading ICT company, Lotte Data Communication, unveils a more advanced ‘hyper-realistic’ metaverse platform 2906

Korea’s leading ICT company, Lotte Data Communications (LDCC), will participate in the coming CES 2023 held in Las Vegas, USA. It will be showcasing differentiated metaverse technology at the main exhibition hall, Central Hall.

LDCC is a key affiliate of the Lotte Group in charge of DT (Digital Transformation). With total assets amounting to about 125 trillion won, Lotte Group is a global corporation that engages in various businesses such as distribution, chemicals, food, tourism, construction, and services, etc. in more than 30 countries around the world, including Korea, the United States, Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Having drawn much interest with its first CES participation last year, LDCC will feature booth space three times larger than before this time round and offer richer and more developed experiential contents.

The final version that Lotte Metaverse aims for is a world where online and offline worlds are integrated, just like the movie ‘Ready Player One’. Products purchased within the metaverse can be used in the virtual world and also be delivered in the real world. To enable such a business model, LDCC created an immersive and realistic metaverse platform based on hyper-realistic content. This is because when browsing expensive items, consumers will not click on the purchase button if they are looking at unsophisticated product images in the form of game items.

Combining real-life characters with graphic backgrounds created with the world-class graphic engine, ‘Unreal Engine 5’, Lotte Metaverse uses cutting-edge technologies such as three-dimensional real-time rendering technology, the best live-action VR shooting technology in the world, as well as ‘deep-interactive’ patents that allow users to realistically interact with objects or real-life characters in VR content, offering a strong feel of realism and immersion to shopping, entertainment and community experiences in the virtual world.

The LDCC exhibition booth at CES is made up of a ‘VR Zone’ where visitors may experience the virtual world through a head-mounted display (HMD) and a ‘3D Display Zone’ where visitors may enjoy the experience through 3D monitors. The ‘VR Zone’ is divided into a shopping area where users may purchase products such as fashion, cosmetics, and home appliances, as well as an entertainment area where users may watch movies, idol concerts, and EDM performances. For each area, about 20 visitors are allowed to access one virtual world and enjoy its contents together.

In addition, there is also a ‘Community Zone’ that offers a glimpse of the entire virtual world and its city planning, a ‘LOTTE Zone’ that offers an introduction to the Lotte Group, and a ‘Mobility Zone’ that promotes LDCC’s electric vehicle chargers.

Without any space restrictions, Lotte Metaverse is able to present products in a way more luxurious and grander than the real world. Fashion items may be displayed like works in an art gallery, whereas camping items may be showcased in an in-store forest. The virtual theater allows users to feel like they are in a real theater. By reproducing more than 65,000 spectators as digital humans, the concert hall gives users a sense of realism as if they are watching a performance with other people in front of them. This year, Korean idol group NMIXX and world-famous EDM DJ ALOK took part in the event and garnered great interest.

Lotte Metaverse aims to become a user-oriented, UGC (User-Generated Contents) based platform in the future. Rather than building a castle with blocks, users are able to buy a high-quality building in a well-planned city and luxuriously decorate their own space with luxury furniture and appliances just like in the real world. In addition, users may use their building space for various purposes, turning it into lesson and practice rooms, karaoke rooms, wedding halls, and they may even resell their buildings.

LDCC plans to launch a non-fungible token (NFT) series linked to the metaverse in the first half of this year and open an NFT marketplace and virtual asset wallet while drawing a rough sketch of the full-scale metaverse business ahead of the early access opening at the end of the year.

Cf. YouTube Link –

B2BinPay successfully unveils its renovated website along with reduced rates, new tokens, and expanded merchant models! 3889

B2BinPay, the market leader in crypto payment processing, has revised its Enterprise and Merchant Models, as well as lowered its commission rates, and improved the look of its website. The team behind this project makes all included solutions considerably more affordable for businesses to try out B2BinPay’s services, and the company has changed its price structure so it can attract even more customers.

The website modernized several features and underwent an extensive restructuring to improve the user experience. What will be included in this freshly updated version of B2BinPay is explained below.

Updates to the fee structure

The price options have been updated to provide extra value to all clients. The Merchant Models’ percentage tiers and volumes restrictions are as follows:

The B2BinPay activation charge for Enterprise clients has been considerably reduced, and now costs only $1,000. The B2BinPay team has also lowered the percentage tier level for Enterprise users, which has led to substantial cost reductions. The changes are illustrated below modifications:

Outgoing transfers are free! All clients are now able to take advantage of this incredible deal since the B2BinPay services are positioned as one of the best in the whole industry.

Rebranded website, UI, and other features are now ready!

The B2BinPay group has released a reworked website in order to deliver its users additional yet valuable content in the simplest and friendliest form possible. New and improved sections have been added to the site to provide information on all of B2BinPay’s offerings. The newly redesigned pages are easier to navigate and provide instantaneous access to the most important content.

Now, the company has provided a detailed explanation of both On-Chain and Off-Chain transactions. Transactions that take place “on-chain” are those that take place directly on the blockchain and therefore require a confirmation from other users on the network. A consumer must pay the blockchain commission. Note that B2BinPay does not charge a fee for an On-chain transaction. B2BinPay’s proprietary technology allows for Off-Chain transactions to be processed. These trades occur off-chain between B2BinPay customers. They don’t cost anything and happen instantly so you won’t waste time or money. You may now get a comprehensive breakdown of all On- and Off-Chain dealings that have taken place between users on the site.

Customers may now browse the expanding array of supported digital assets thanks to the “Available Currencies” section, which now lists over 80 unique coins.

Another valuable feature is a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, which will answer all clients’ potential questions. There is always a broad variety of topics covered in the FAQ section, including questions about services, features, as well as security measures, etc.

Furthermore, Application Programming Interface (API) is yet another cutting-edge decision provided by B2BinPay. Using API, businesses can integrate blockchain technology into their payment systems. Doing so will result in faster and more secure transactions. With only a few clicks, you may get all the required documentation. Additionally, B2BinPay’s functionality was enhanced with the addition of Merchant Invoice Limits, Delta Amount, and support for Cardano (ADA), as well as other improvements for efficient use.

Dozens of new tokens are now part of B2BinPay system

B2BinPay’s Merchant and Enterprise versions now support a wider variety of currencies and tokens. WBTC, ANKR, GALA, IMX, and dozens of more tokens have been added.

Enhanced merchant models

B2BinPay has taken a significant step to better assist its clientele by updating all of its business operations. The previous two types (Enterprise and Merchant with Fiat Settlement) have been enhanced by a third, known as crypto settlement. Merchant users, who can use crypto settlement, have the option of creating BTC, USDT, or USDC wallets in the digital cloud.

Final thoughts

As you can see, B2BinPay is an ideal option for businesses that are looking to accept crypto payments, mainly thanks to its updated platform and user-friendly interface. Customers will be able to pick the perfect plan for their requirements thanks to flexible payment options and low prices. B2BinPay provides safe, quick, and dependable payment processing for businesses of all sizes.

Antier Leverages New-age Technologies to Provide Top NFT Solutions 3891

Antier is a global leader in NFT development services. The company ventured into the NFT space when NFTs were still in their infancy; Antier understands the minute details of NFT development and has made its mark as one of the top NFT development service providers.

Talking about the success of Antier, the CEO of the company, Mr. Vikram R Singh said, “Antier always tries to leverage cutting-edge technologies to provide new-age solutions to clients. We value integrity, honesty, and transparency. Antier ensures that all clients have a wonderful experience with the company, and we have a proper communication channel in place so that clients are well-informed about all the milestones touched in their projects.” He further added, “I would like to extend gratitude towards my team that strives hard to provide world-class solutions in minimum time. Antier values its workforce, and we try to provide the best environment and guidance to all our employees to flourish with Antier.”

Antier provides a variety of NFT solutions:

NFT Token Development

NFTs are non-fungible tokens, they are unique and scarce. Antier can turn an image, video, audio, GIF, etc. into an NFT. NFTs have a promising future. Many people have earned millions of dollars by selling NFTs.

NFT Marketplace Development

Antier is renowned for its NFT marketplace development services. The marketplace is an online platform that allows buying, selling, and trading NFTs. Antier has served technological giants by offering them NFT digital art marketplace services, NFT generative art development services, NFT gaming platform development services, and NFT music marketplace services.

NFTs are a safe and secure way for artists to showcase their creations to a wider audience. For instance, musicians can turn their audio or videos into NFTs and sell them on an NFT marketplace, similarly, artists from around the world can get in touch with a wider audience by leveraging an NFT marketplace.

Nishant Mitra, CTO at Antier, said, “At Antier, we work towards making the best solutions accessible to a global audience. Our solutions are competitively priced and we make it a point to keep ourselves abreast with the changing industry trends. At Antier, we frequently hold workshops to keep our employees in tune with what’s happening in the industry and how we can walk hand-in-hand with the new technologies.”

About Antier

Antier is a renowned NFT token and marketplace service provider. The company has been serving a global audience and has garnered recognition as one of the top-performing NFT development companies. Apart from NFTs, Antier works on the latest technologies such as blockchain, web 3.0, DeFi, Exchange, Crypto banking, and so on. Antier serves clients from around the world and is known for quality solutions at competitive prices.

CoolWallet App Launches Web3 Hot Wallet To Help Novice Crypto Users Self-Custody Safely 3571

Blockchain security firm CoolBitX, maker of the award-winning CoolWallet hardware wallet, has launched CoolWallet HOT: a new software wallet module in its CoolWallet App that will enable all crypto users to self-custody their crypto assets with confidence.

The new CoolWallet HOT integration provides the CoolWallet App with a versatile platform to onboard powerful Web3 features faster and helps bolster the industry-wide movement of crypto self-custody among novice mainstream users who don’t use cold storage yet.

CoolWallet App users can switch with a simple screen tap between CoolWallet HOT and the CoolWallet COLD, its hardware wallet module which remains unchanged and completely isolated.

Early CoolWallet HOT users that try the in-app staking or exchange services will get an exclusive NFT, which will give holders a 20% discount on a CoolWallet hardware wallet. Early supporters will also qualify for future CoolWallet token airdrops.

CoolWallet HOT Targets Web3 Wallet Security

Web3 adoption has been accelerating despite scams and collapses of centralized crypto custodians like FTX during the 2022 crypto winter. In this landscape, CoolBitX decided to introduce a safer option for all crypto users looking to self-custody their funds through the CoolWallet App.

The hot wallet module is only available on the CoolWallet App, which now becomes an exciting fully-fledged Web3 hub. CoolWallet Pro and S users retain the same user experience, but will now be able to move funds to their hot wallet to access new features and coin support faster.

CoolWallet App: What’s New?

  • Enhanced Coin Support: users can enjoy more supported mainnet cryptos and their ecosystems’ custom tokens.
  • Enhanced Marketplace features: users can enjoy integrations with WalletConnect, OpenSea, exchanges and more.
  • Improved ease-of-use: the brand new and intuitive user interface is designed to give users all the information you need at a glance.

At launch CooWallet HOT will support EVM-compatible chains, WalletConnect, and OpenSea with new features integrated periodically afterwards.

Download the official CoolWallet App from Google Play and Apple App Store.

About CoolBitX

CoolBitX has been championing crypto mass adoption through superior non-custodial wallet technology since 2014. Its card-sized CoolWallet hardware wallet range, launched in 2016, offers industry-first portable retail cold storage that allows users to transact anywhere with confidence.