a16z crypto purchases 6% of MKR, backing Stablecoin Vanguard MakerDAO 1546

American venture capital fund Andreessen Horowitz has invested $15 million into blockchain startup MakerDAO (MKR). Signaling their support of MakerDAO’s Dai stablecoin, investment fund a16z crypto has purchased 6% of the total MKR token supply for $15 million USD.

The purchase gives a16z crypto a stake in the first functional decentralized stablecoin and the only system built with formally verified smart contracts on Ethereum (or any blockchain). As a MKR holder, a16z crypto will participate in governance of MakerDAO and the Dai Credit System as it becomes the first decentralized autonomous stablecoin organization.

The strategic purchase in MakerDAO is one of the first from a16z crypto, the newly created, dedicated crypto fund from Andreessen Horowitz. The move was driven by General Partner Katie Haun, an accomplished former federal prosecutor who led the first government task force on cryptocurrencies and also led the investigation into the Mt. Gox hacks and into the federal task force investigating Silk Road.

“As a first mover and innovator in stablecoins, MakerDAO represents a very compelling opportunity in the crypto space,” said Katie Haun, “MakerDAO’s technology, ecosystem and talent have put theory into action to deliver a decentralized stablecoin that we believe will help drive the future of the crypto economy.”

As part of this partnership, MakerDAO will receive operating capital through the next growth stage, 3 years of support for the MakerDAO community, and most importantly, full operational support from the 80+ person Andreessen Horowitz a16z team. Specifically, Dai Stablecoin adoption and regulatory support are two of the first priorities.

Andreessen Horowitz and a16z crypto are opening up their expertise and network in areas ranging from sales and business development (including partnerships), marketing, technical talent, HR operations, and more. We look forward to being able to utilize a16z’s vast array of resources and knowledge to help guide and build Maker for years to come.

“a16z crypto shares our vision for a world where the blockchain has leveled the economic playing field for everybody,” said Rune Christensen, CEO and cofounder of MakerDAO. “With investment and operational support from a16z crypto, MakerDAO will be able to accelerate evolution, innovation, and adoption of the Dai Credit System.

The Future of MakerDAO

To our MKR holders, this is an exciting time to be part of the community. a16z crypto will act as a peer, helping us build strengths, solve problems, and drive momentum. As MKR holders, a16z crypto has responsibilities like every other MKR holder. With their point of view as active governors, they will provide insight and participate in critical conversations with other MKR holders.

In addition to the investment from a16z crypto, Maker recently launched Multi-Collateral Dai on Kovan TestNet and held its first public governance vote. With an exciting fall full of announcements, MakerDAO is making its mark as a vanguard of blockchain technology. The team looks forward to continued product excellence and rapid Dai adoption in the coming months.

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R Games Worlds First AI and Gaming token is set to Launch on Top Exchanges 6591

R Games, the Most Hyped AI and GameFi Project of 2024, an innovative gaming platform set to launch on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) & Solana Network, is on the cusp of a groundbreaking milestone as it gears up for the listing of its native token, $RGAME. This pivotal event represents a significant leap forward for the platform, set to redefine the gaming landscape within the Web3 ecosystem.

Distinguishing itself with cutting-edge features and a commitment to user empowerment, R Games offers a dynamic gaming experience infused with advanced AI technology and intricate automotive design elements. The platform’s fully customized approach, powered by Unreal & Unity engines, ensures an immersive and interactive gameplay environment.

Key features of R Games include interoperable NFTs, user-generated content capabilities, and AI-integrated designs that deliver precision engineering and unmatched visual appeal. This unique combination sets R Games apart as a frontrunner in the Web3 AI and Gaming sector, catering to seasoned gamers and newcomers alike.

As R Games prepares for its Token Generation Event (TGE) on April 8th, 2024, excitement is mounting within the gaming community. The platform has already garnered significant traction, with partnerships in progress with prominent automotive brands and a growing user base comprising over 50,000 gamers from Fabwelt Studios and 300,000 gamers onboarding from WEMIX Play. Additionally, collaborations with over 200 KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) worldwide and influencers with a combined success of over $1B further solidify R Games’ position as a game-changer in the gaming industry.

The upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO) platforms like DAOMaker, Poolz Finance, Finceptor, Paragen and Cex and Dex listing platforms like Gate, MEXC, Pancakeswap, Raydium and BingX mark a crucial step in R Games’ journey towards widespread adoption and market penetration.

The $RGAME token’s Fully Diluted Valuation will be marked at $7.5M, with an initial market capital of $296,250

Supported by advisors and backers such as Ferrum Network, Lavender Capital, BMW Capital, Qu Ventures, IBC Group, Oddiyana Ventures, Mario Nawfal, Sky Wee, Yuen Wong, Robby Joe, and Rajan Raj among others, R Games is well-equipped to navigate the dynamic Web3 landscape and unlock its full potential.

Produced by Dubai-based Gyros Studios formerly known as Fabwelt Studios, R Games leverages state-of-the-art gaming development tools and AI-driven game design to deliver a seamless and captivating gaming experience. With a keen focus on user engagement and community building, R Games is poised to become a frontrunner in the ever-evolving Web3 gaming ecosystem.

As the countdown to TGE and IDO commences, R Games invites gamers, investors, and enthusiasts alike to join its journey towards revolutionizing the gaming industry and unlocking new possibilities in the Web3 world.

Who are the Founders of R Games?

R Games team comes from a successful studio venture Gyros Studios LLC Formerly Known as Fabwelt Studios LLC built numerous successful Blockchain Games

Loet de Hooge, Abhishek Pegada, and Rubina Naaz are the visionary founders of R Games, bringing together their diverse expertise and passion for gaming and blockchain technology. Loet de Hooge is known for his technical prowess and innovation, Abhishek Pegada contributes his strategic leadership and business acumen, while Rubina Naaz brings a creative and user-centric approach to the team.

Loet de Hooge has a background in Technical development and entrepreneurship, having successfully led previous ventures to success. Abhishek Pegada is a seasoned developer with a deep understanding of blockchain technology and its applications in gaming. Rubina Naaz is an experienced game designer and business head with a knack for creating engaging and immersive user experiences.

Highlights of R Games

The Alpha Version of R Games was officially launched on April 4th, 2024, at 14:00 UTC, having undergone extensive testing within their close-knit community. This testing phase has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback, particularly regarding the game’s graphics, which are likened to Web3’s Asphalt. The seamless integration of high-end quality graphics has generated significant anticipation within the R Games Community leading up to the Alpha Launch.

Looking towards the future, R Games has ambitious plans in store. Development efforts are focused on implementing upgrades such as an advanced Upgrade System, Virtual Garage, and AI integration. These additions will provide users with various earning opportunities through models like Develop-to-Earn, Watch-to-Earn, and Play-to-Earn.

Within the game, players can fine-tune and electronically upgrade all vehicle models within the workshop, offering a customizable experience. The integration of AI technology allows users to effortlessly design their car characters, even without technical expertise. The roadmap also includes diverse modes like Formula One, Street Racing, Story Mode, and Off-Road Racing to cater to a broad audience.

For the Alpha version, the spotlight is on Circuit Racing, featuring professional racing tracks that promise an immersive experience. This comprehensive approach is designed to appeal to racers, automotive engineers, and car enthusiasts alike.

Co-founder Abhishek Pegada’s background as an Automotive Engineer has played a pivotal role in shaping R Games’ unique vision. His insight into the field’s dynamics has fueled the belief that many automotive engineers would relish the opportunity to work on passion projects during their leisure time. This vision has been realized through R Games’ innovative AI technology.

The collaborative efforts of the R Games team with a group of automotive engineers and R&D experts have resulted in the creation of original and innovative designs that enhance the R Games Ecosystem.

About R Games

R Games is a leading gaming platform built on Solana and Binance Smart Chain, offering a diverse range of gaming experiences powered by advanced AI and cutting-edge technology. With a focus on user engagement, innovative gameplay mechanics, and strategic partnerships, R Games is set to redefine the gaming landscape in the Web3 era.

Bullish performance sets new ATH for Pop Social’s AI SocialFi multi-chain token PPT 8287

The Popular Multi-Chain AI SocialFi Project, Pop Social, Celebrates Bullish Rally for $PPT Setting New ATH of $0.51 on Bybit in Under 24 Hours.

The rapid growth of the Web3 SocialFi sector bursts through as Pop Social, the leading multi chain AI SocialFi project, emerged triumphant when its native token, $PPT, surged to unprecedented heights, setting a new all-time high (ATH) of $0.51 in under 24 hours. Indeed, the popularity of the largest SocialFi project on the BNB Chain is evident by this incredibly bullish performance from the platform’s native Pop Token ($PPT).

To highlight, $PPT saw a remarkable upward momentum where the asset witnessed a staggering surge from $0.26 to $0.51 in under 24 hours. In particular, for the $PPT Community Sale Round 1 participants, their $PPT value is up by 300%. Furthermore, this move was accompanied by a significant increase in trading volume, surpassing $8,000,000, again setting new records for the AI SocialFi project.

As a founding cohort on the opBNB Chain, Pop Social began its journey to onboard the next billion users to Web3. So far, the multi-chain platform has unveiled bridges to other thriving blockchain ecosystems like Polygon, Linea, Blast, Ethereum, and others, thus inviting more.

Users across multiple chains to leverage the creator economy on Pop Social. The latest initiative from the Pop Social team to enhance the Web3 SocialFi experience includes NFT Bridging from Ethereum to the BNB Chain to alleviate high gas fees for its users.

Over the last month, Pop Social set a series of impressive milestones, including surpassing 500,000 registered users on the Pop DApp and establishing ecosystem partnerships with over 100 esteemed organizations. Pop Social also saw an exponential surge in content creation, celebrating the 17 millionth to the 20 millionth unique content in a matter of weeks. With over 20 million unique content creations and counting, Pop Social continues to witness unprecedented demand for SocialFi within the Web3 ecosystem.

At the heart of the Pop Social Ecosystem lies its cutting-edge AI technology, which powers AI Creator Tools aimed at eliminating the barrier to creation. By monetizing time and tokenizing innovation, Pop Social offers users an equitable and transparent platform to unleash their creativity and tap into a thriving economy. With strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as ChatGPT and SORA, Pop Social is poised to unveil its AI-powered creator tools, chatbot, and unrivaled algorithms, further solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the Web3 landscape.

After dedicated months towards building the ultimate AI Social platform to simplify the onboarding process to Web3, Pop Social has become a flourishing ecosystem for content creators and consumers worldwide. The ecosystem also boasts GameFi elements such as account level-ups, equipping dynamic Accessory NFTs, and opening Treasure Chests to keep their users delighted and pleasantly engaged. Join the Pop Social Community now and dive into the endless possibilities of AI and SocialFi on Web3.

M2 launches MMX Loyalty Rewards: Hold MMX Tokens for a chance to win share of 300,000 USDT! 9451

M2, ‘The New Home of Crypto’, is thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new campaign aimed at rewarding all MMX token holders on its native M2 exchange. The campaign, which runs from 08th of March to the 19th of April, offers participants the chance to win their share of a whopping 300,000 USDT simply by holding MMX tokens in their M2 Wallet.

Campaign mechanics:

Hold a minimum of 200 MMX tokens in your M2 wallet to qualify for entry into the draws. The more MMX tokens you hold, the greater your chances of winning. Existing MMX holders are automatically eligible for the draw from the campaign’s launch date. New customers can join the campaign by purchasing 200 MMX tokens during the campaign period.

Weekly draws schedule:

  • 15th March: 20,000 USDT draw – top prize 2,000 USDT
  • 22nd March: 30,000 USDT draw – top prize 3,000 USDT
  • 29th March: 40,000 USDT draw – top prize 4,000 USDT
  • 5th April: 50,000 USDT draw – top prize 5,000 USDT
  • 12th April: 60,000 USDT draw – top prize 6,000 USDT
  • 19th April: 100,000 USDT draw – top prize 10,000 USDT

The campaign will conclude with a final draw on April 19th at the Token2049 event in Dubai, featuring a top prize of 10,000 USDT from a guaranteed prize pool of 100,000 USDT.


To qualify for the MMX Loyalty Rewards, participants are required to hold their MMX tokens within an M2 wallet. All M2, MMX holders, whether existing or new, are eligible to participate in the campaign from the day of its launch subject to the exclusions specified in the Terms and Conditions. This inclusive approach ensures that all members of the MMX community have the opportunity to take part and potentially win big.

Campaign duration:

Spanning from March 8th to April 19th, this campaign celebrates the commitment of the MMX community by offering guaranteed winnings from a substantial prize pool of 300,000 USDT. Participants are encouraged to act swiftly to maximize their chances of winning.


“Our MMX token promotion campaign underscores our commitment to rewarding our loyal community members and driving engagement within the MMX ecosystem,” said Stefan Kimmel, CEO of M2. “We’re excited to offer this exclusive opportunity to our valued MMX holders and look forward to seeing the positive impact it has on our community.”

How to participate:

To participate in the campaign, MMX holders simply need to ensure they hold a minimum of 200 MMX tokens in their M2 wallet. Existing holders are automatically entered into the draw, while new customers can join by purchasing 200 MMX tokens during the campaign period.


With a total prize pool of 300,000 USDT up for grabs, distributed through escalating weekly draws, M2’s MMX token promotion promises to be an exhilarating opportunity for MMX holders to win big while reinforcing the token’s value within the crypto market. This campaign not only underscores the value of holding MMX tokens but also solidifies the bond between M2 and its community.

This offer is from M2 Global Wealth Limited, a registered Digital Asset Business regulated and authorized by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas. It is not a product offered by M2 Limited; M2 Custody Limited, which is regulated and licensed by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Abu Dhabi Global Market.

About M2

M2 is a leading crypto exchange platform committed to providing a secure and transparent trading environment for crypto enthusiasts worldwide. With a focus on regulation, security, and transparency, M2 aims to redefine the crypto investment experience and empower users to explore the vast potential of digital assets.

Most anticipated AI trading tool by Kelp.org (KELP) announces presale 10172

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is abuzz with anticipation as Kelp (KELP), a project with the potential to reshape the trading industry, gears up for its presale. With a comprehensive ecosystem of groundbreaking products and services, Kelp.org is set to redefine the way individuals and institutions interact with the digital economy.

Kelp’s transformative vision lies in Kelp’s Autonomous Trading Engine (K.A.T.E.), seamlessly redefining the way users trade utilizing an unique approach to AI. K.A.T.E. empower users to trade cryptocurrency automatically building each user a winning portfolio, Averaging 88% APR yearly with over 7,000 assets tracked in equities and cryptocurrency, so each user will be able to spend more time with the ones they love. This paradigm shift has the potential to fundamentally alter the way people trade because they don’t need to trade, deeming KATE the title of the “Aladdin of crypto.”

Complementing KATE, Kelp’s whitepaper plans to transform cryptocurrency as we know it creating “Stable money for all.” Leveraging cutting-edge technology, this offers an experimental cryptocurrency catering to the evolving needs of merchants and customers alike. Its innovative features and seamless integration with Kelp’s DeFi ecosystem set it apart from traditional cryptocurrency, paving the way for a more streamlined and secure adoption solving the difficulties between integrating fiat and cryptocurrency in a decentralized manner.

Beyond its flagship products, Kelp’s comprehensive DeFi ecosystem encompasses a decentralized exchange (DEX), staking platform, Kelp’s Autonomous Trading Engine (K.A.T.E) and over 7 other protocol features. This approach caters to the diverse needs of DeFi users, providing them with a one-stop platform for managing their digital assets and exploring the full potential of decentralized finance.

Kelp.org Presale

The upcoming Kelp presale marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of DeFi, offering early adopters an exclusive opportunity to become a part of this transformative project. With a total supply of 80 billion tokens, the presale will allocate 31.25% of $KELP tokens, providing participants with a chance to secure a stake in the future of AI.

To participate in the presale, individuals can visit the Kelp.org and participants can contribute to the presale using various cryptocurrencies, including USDT, BNB, BTC, and ETH. #KelpersUnite

Conclusion: Embracing the future of DeFi with kelp

The Kelp.org presale is a call to action, inviting individuals worldwide to join the DeFi and AI revolution. With its innovative products, unwavering commitment to security, and transparent approach to DeFi services, Kelp is poised to reshape cryptocurrency, empowering individuals and businesses alike to embrace the future of finance. As the presale approaches, anticipation rises high, signaling a new era of AI driven inclusivity, accessibility, and innovation.

For more information about Kelp.org, visit:

Website: https://kelp.org

Founder: Ed Bishop

Multichain Gaming Incentivization Token WUFFI Expands to Solana via Airdrop 10112

WAX, one of the largest Web3 ecosystems for gaming and NFTs, today announces that WUFFI, a next-generation gaming meme-coin and incentivization token for third-party game developers, is expanding to the Solana network via an airdrop.

As part of this expansion, WUFFI has earmarked a significant allocation of WUF tokens for holders in the Solana ecosystem. This initiative welcomes new members to the $WUF Pack and strengthens the bond within its existing community.

WUFFI’s journey has been marked by remarkable community support. The team’s initial airdrop on the WAX blockchain resulted in a significant surge in active participants across platforms. The move to Solana is expected to further accelerate this momentum and bring new opportunities for enthusiast engagement and ecosystem growth.

In line with its community-focused approach, WUFFI will conduct a snapshot for BONK holders on the Solana network on March 28th at 4 PM PT to determine the distribution of WUFFI tokens.

The token allocation strategy for the Solana expansion allocates 10% of the total WUF supply to BONK holders. Eligibility for participation requires Solana wallets to hold a minimum of 25 million BONK tokens locked via https://bonkrewards.com.

WUFFI is an incentive token for third-party game developers that lays the groundwork for gaming and future game development. The broad distribution of $WUF lays the foundation for incentivizing third-party game developers to tap into a vibrant base of token holders and create games with ready-made reach and utility.

Each partner will provide unique utility to the project, ranging from gaming integrations to exclusive in-game items.

WUFFI will expand to more chains, including Solana, in the coming months and has already partnered with over 80 partners, including marketplaces like NFTHive and AtomicHub; games like Landbox, Music Mogul, FGL, and Brawlers, and more.

The WUFFI team invites cryptocurrency enthusiasts and Web3 gamers to join this exciting new chapter.

For more information, please visit: https://www.wuffi.io/


WUFFI is a community-driven, multi-chain meme coin that has captured the hearts of cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide. With a focus on innovation, inclusivity, and community engagement, WUFFI provides a fun and rewarding experience for its members across multiple blockchain networks.

SphereX Celebrates Its Grand Launch with Dual-Track Event: Warp Drive and Lightspeed Tracks Offer Exclusive Atlas Collections NFT Airdrops 9893

SphereX, the ultimate DEX to launch on Blast, is proud to announce its grand launch event, marking a significant milestone for the platform. The event, consisting of Warp Drive and Lightspeed tracks, aims to reward active Blast and BMX users while fostering community engagement and further boosting Blast’s Total Value Locked (TVL).

Until March 18, 2024, the campaign offers participants equitable opportunities to receive SphereX’s “Atlas Collections” NFT Airdrops through Warp Drive and Lightspeed track. These NFTs can later be utilized for redeeming $SXT Tokens (SphereX Governance & Utility Token) and provides user benefits after Blast’s mainnet launch.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Atlas Collections NFT as a symbol of our appreciation for our early users,” said Kaimin Hu, CEO of SphereX. “This campaign not only aims to elevate our users and enhance utility but also sets the stage for exciting rewards through $SXT tokens after Blast’s mainnet launch.”

The Atlas Collections NFT, an exclusive reward for early SphereX users, will have a total issuance of 10,000. Of these, 8,000 will be distributed through the Warp Drive track, while 2,000 will be airdropped via the Lightspeed track. These NFTs offer various utilities, including:

  • Utility I: $SXT (SphereX TGE tokens) Airdrops 
  • Utility II: Trading fee discounts with “Atlas Collections NFT” on SphereX 
  • Utility III: Staking bonuses for Atlas NFT & $SXT dual staking 

More features are forthcoming.

Additionally, during the campaign period, participants in the Warp Drive and Lightspeed tracks who complete designated tasks will be eligible for $1,200 prize pools each.

About SphereX:

SphereX is a decentralized crypto exchange designed to provide users with a more secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform for trading digital assets. SphereX boasts a unique combination of capabilities that include off-chain matching for lightning-fast trade execution, on-chain settlement for enhanced security, and cross-margin trading to optimize capital utilization.