Statement: EOS Developer Public Blockchain Governance 1979

The EOS public blockchain has quickly become one of the highest performing and most used public blockchains in the world, but it is important to be reminded of its infancy having launched less than five months ago.

We are beginning to see live environment results of a new form of consensus that aligns token holders with block producers by incorporating the community into the selection of the individuals that run and govern the network.

We are aware of some unverified claims regarding irregular block producer voting, and the subsequent denials of those claims. We believe it is important to ensure a free and democratic election process within EOS and may, as we deem appropriate, vote with other holders to reinforce the integrity of this process. We continue working on our potential involvement with the goal of empowering the intent of the greater community through a transparent process that incorporates community feedback.

As we go forward and continue to improve the EOSIO open source code, we extensively think about the future of decentralized governance and are committed to continually pushing thought leadership on optimal design.

We remain very optimistic about the future of the EOS public blockchain and see its rapid adoption as evidence of success in delivering a free, high performance, decentralized infrastructure for next generation internet applications.

-Brendan Blumer, CEO,

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Crypto E-Commerce – Shopping․io Introduces $SHOP Back 3259

Crypto E-commerce giant, is streamlining its operations. On September 9th 2022, will be airdropping its new native utility token – $SHOP to the holders of $SPI and $GSPI. To celebrate the launch, is hosting multiple events offering major benefits including 20% $SHOP back rewards and exciting giveaways!

Shop Online Using Nothing but Crypto!

In 2020, retail e-commerce sales worldwide topped $4.28 trillion, according to Statista, a 27.6% increase on the previous year. By 2022, e-retail revenue is projected to grow to an impressive $5.4 trillion, as consumers move more of their shopping online. In addition, as of 2021, there are over 300 million crypto users worldwide and over 18,000 businesses that have already begun accepting cryptocurrencies as forms of payment.

September 2020 – launches version 1.0 of its platform giving holders the ability to pay for concierge online shopping services with their crypto for the first time. The website enabled purchases of tangible goods via major retailers such as: Amazon, eBay and Walmart, delivering to a handful of destinations around the globe. The platform’s traction was instantly recognizsable even with its limited functionality and was the proof-of-concept needed in order to justify its growth.

Fast forward two years and has two native utility tokens; $SPI and $GSPI (wWith another merged utility token on the way), an NFT set, and a plethora of new payment options under its belt, including: Binancacne Pay,, CoinbBase Commerce and Utrust. These major developments were also accented by the increase in the amount of destinations orders could be sent to. is now on the cusp of its biggest development to date. Following months of work and testing, is upgrading its platform and launching a more robust, well-rounded ecosystem consisting of a Metaverse mall titled The Shopverse and a web extension facilitating purchases through almost every online store. This overhaul, however, would be incomplete without the release of’s new native token: -$SHOP!.

Introducing the $SHOP Token

In late 2021, found itself with two native tokens that were originally designed to improve users’ experience and governance on the platform. The company however, felt that further improvements to its tokens and their use case within the platform were necessary in order to achieve the ‘token platform relationship’ previously envisioned.

With 2022’s inception came the first internal proposal for the merging of’s current tokens into one ‘do it all’ token. presented its idea for $SHOP in May 2022 paired with the tokens shift in platform utility and tokenomics. The merge of $SPI and $GSPI was put to a community vote, ending in an overwhelming 97% approval rate, opening the door for development on $SHOP’s smart contracts to commence.

Following its launch, $SHOP will inherit the functionalities that $G/SPI currently perform within the ecosystem such as offering discounts, voting, and free international shipping when used as a form of payment within the platform. In addition to these already present utilities, $SHOP’s improved tokenomics and flexible smart contract has allowed to create its state of the art $SHOP Back system that will make its debut on September 9th, and will star in the first of the platform’s $SHOP launch events.

The $SHOP token is designed to reflect the success of the ecosystem thanks to its quantitative burn/mint mechanism. This mechanism creates a direct correlation between the use of the ecosystem and the circulating supply of the token, giving a deeper meaning to the phrase “sShop to earn”.

20% $SHOP Back Event is launching $SHOP on September 9th, 2022, alongside a selection of platform oriented events; the first of which being a 20% $SHOP Back event that will commence on September 10th, 5 PM CET. The $SHOP Back event will be held for 48 hours giving shoppers the ability to earn an additional 20% of their order value back in $SHOP with the use of selected tokens such as $ETH, $APE and $AVAX as a form of payment.

$SHOP Membership Raffle Event will unveil $SHOP’s membership platform on the day of the tokens launch, allowing both seasoned community members and newcomers to lock their $SHOP rewards and become a part of the ecosystem. $SHOP’s membership program consists of five tiers, with each package’s benefits being accessible through the locking of a corresponding amount of $SHOP for a three month period. These benefits enhance the shopping experience by activating increased $SHOP Back rewards, aAirdrop rewards, and free shipping. To celebrateboost the membership program’s launch, is holding a month-long staking raffle event for members only!, giving members Thisthe This opportunity gives members the chance to win prizes in addition to their already present platform benefits. Prizes include gift cards, $SHOP credits, access to’s Galaxy membership tier, an iPhone 13 Pro, and the Golden Ape from the Villager of XOLO NFT set. envisions a future where people have the flexibility to buy anything with anything.

New Devil Dogs NFT Release Supports Service Members With a Crypto Investment To Feel Good About 3839

Can the high-energy excitement of the crypto-token investment space be a force for good? That’s the idea driving development of the new Devil Dogs NFT series—a crypto token project crafted to support America’s service members.

The first-of-its-kind project aims to leverage Web3 technology to achieve both real-world and virtual benefits, with opportunity to purchase unique and tradeable “everyday hero” tokens. Proceeds will be directed to crucial veteran services.

In its initial release, Devil Dogs (DVL.DGS) is offering 1775 unique and inspiring bulldog tokens, commemorating service in the U.S. Marine Corps, with a mint date planned for this fall.

The DVL.DGS NFT initiative is headed by Dave Grannan, a Silicon Valley tech CEO & Gulf War veteran. “Our Devil Dogs NFT project sits at the intersection of two issues I care deeply about,” says Grannan. “As a Gulf War veteran, I know firsthand how our veteran healthcare system is falling short. And, as tech executive, I’m very bullish on the future of crypto, blockchain and most things Web3.”

As the project grows, DVL.DGS plans to donate over 90% of revenues to vital veteran’s charities. Specifically, the project aims to amplify the impact of organizations focusing on core veteran’s issues, including access to health care, suicide prevention and homelessness. Devil Dogs also plans to support education and financial literacy programs that help veterans better re-integrate into civilian life.

The campaign’s current beneficiaries include the Marines’ Memorial Association & Foundation, The 38 Challenge, Irreverent Warriors and The San Diego Veterans Coalition.

The DVL.DGS campaign features two ways to give: investors can purchase an NFT to support wellness initiatives and/or donate an NFT directly to an active-duty service member. Grannan and his team are targeting this fall for a first official minting. But donation NFTs can be purchased right now at the project’s website,

Grannan believes the project will speak to a lot of people who understand the challenges faced by veterans, as well as both crypto curious and seasoned investors ready for more purpose-driven NFT holdings. “If you’re crypto-curious, this project can be your safe on-ramp to the crypto world,” says Grannan. “And if you’re a crypto native, I ask, ‘Don’t you want a warrior in your collection who’s truly metaverse ready?'”

About DVL.DGS:

DVL.DGS was founded by Dave Grannan as a cause-driven NFT project dedicated to the well-being of all United States service members, Veterans and their families. He joined the Marine Corps in 1988 and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 1989. Soon after he was sent with his Platoon to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as part of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. After leaving the Corps, Grannan attended UC-Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, earning an MBA. He went on to run several tech start-ups on the East Coast and in Silicon Valley. At Devil Dogs, Dave is guided by his determination to encourage better support for those who serve.

HypaSwap Might Make It Big Like the Graph – Cryptocurrency Predictions 4420

According to several cryptocurrency experts and analysts, the second half of 2022 may finally shed light on many investors’ portfolios. The market is progressively heating up, and bulls are gradually returning as several coins have significant potential to be relied upon in the second half of 2022. Experts have stated that The Graph (GRT) will be a good investment option for crypto enthusiasts that need a bullish trend. Asides from this, the new DeFi token, HypaSwap (HYPA), has features that show bullish trends and might give its token investors a better earning potential than other crypto stocks.

The Graph (GRT)

The Graph (GRT) is an open-source program used to gather, process, and store data from multiple blockchain apps to make it easier to retrieve information. The Graph’s goal is to assist developers in making better use of pertinent data to boost the effectiveness of their decentralised application. It was first introduced on the Ethereum blockchain. To enable any application to make a query to its protocol and obtain an instantaneous response, The Graph (GRT) gathers and analyses blockchain data before storing it into multiple indexes, known as Subgraphs.

To guarantee the accuracy of the data secured within its network, The Graph uses its native coin, GRT. Any user who wants to execute their functions and get payment from the web, including indexers, curators, and delegators, must stake GRT. Popular Ethereum dapps like Aave, Curve, and Uniswap employ The Graph (GRT).

The value of the GRT cryptocurrency comes from its capacity to guarantee The Graph protocol-dependent smart contracts’ proper execution. In particular, GRT stands out as the only cryptocurrency employed for crucial network functions. For instance, customers that send queries to indexers must pay a GRT-based query cost.

Curators receive query fees for the subgraphs they flag, indexers receive a share of the protocol’s query fees and incentives, and delegators receive a percentage of the indexer fees in exchange for lending their GRT. Anyone with GRT tokens can vote on ideas for the rules that will govern how the platform is used and participate in choices that will impact the software. Delegators designate another person to cast their votes on their behalf.

HypaSwap (HYPA)

HypaSwap (HYPA) is a newly developed DeFi protocol. With so many DeFi protocols available, HypaSwap’s main focus will be building a secure platform while taking a progressive approach to compliance and risk reduction and paying out substantial bug bounties.

HypaSwap is certain that with a sizable community working together to deliver DeFi and passive income to everyone’s fingertips, it’ll build a solid platform.

The HypaSwap protocol handles many tokens and currencies similarly to any other common liquidity protocol. HYPA, an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum network, is the native token of HypaSwap. The main token for platform functions, including interest rates, fines, staking rewards, etc., is the HYPA token. Both earning HYPA on the site and purchasing it at the going rate on cryptocurrency exchanges are options. Stakeholders can unlock financial incentive opportunities and governance rights through HYPA.

Users who invest on HypaSwap receive stake rewards from the exchange. Staking is encouraged to reduce issues such as an unbalanced liquidity pool and a lack of liquidity. Any HYPA owner who wants to earn good returns can stake their tokens on the platform. The APY generated increases with the length of the lock-in period.

Stakers are additionally encouraged by different types of incentives to prepare a safety net for the liquidity pool. The holders of staked HYPA tokens may also take part in governance. In addition to giving stakeholders powers over management, the HYPA token also makes it easier for the safety module to secure the HypaSwap protocol. Token holders will also receive a 3% discount for purchasing HYPA with $500 of fiat currency.

HypaSwap Token (HYPA)

Tezro Announces New Initiative Which Allows Users To Exchange USTC For TezroST 4591

1 2022 07 26 в 12 49 12

As per the latest announcement by Tezro, USTC token holders will be given the chance to exchange USTC for TezroST, which is the Tezro shopping token backed by Tether. The rate shall be $1 per USTC token and the new feature will also only be available via the official app.

A new and innovative feature

All the users need to do to use this new feature is download the app and look for the TezroST icon. If they possess any USTC tokens, they can easily exchange them for TezroST, a shopping token that can be utilized to pay for all sorts of goods and services in online stores through the Tezro Swift API.

Tezro supporters are being encouraged to try it out as soon as possible as this is one feature that they certainly would not want to miss out on, especially given the fact that almost nobody wants to hold on to USTC tokens anymore.

Tezro could be the answer

TerraClassicUSD (USTC), formerly TerraUSD, is an open-source blockchain that hosts a wide range of dApps (dApps) as well as developer tools inside its ecosystem. Originally formed as an algorithmic stablecoin, it is a cryptocurrency which uses algorithms to maintain a 1:1 peg with the inventory currency it backs.

TerraUSD was launched in September 2020 as part of a partnership with Bittrex Global. It was co-founded by Do Kwon, the creator of Terraform Labs which is the software development company responsible for introducing the TerraLuna and TerraUSD tokens. However, after the recent Terra disaster, many have lost faith in the project and most have already sold off their coins. Additionally, as TerraClassicUSD is not a stablecoin anymore, Tezro’s new initiative could indeed be a viable method of getting rid of the USTC tokens and exchanging them for TezroST, which most would agree is a more sensible choice at this point.

About Tezro

Tezro is a comprehensive platform and application that also serves as a cryptocurrency wallet. The app provides safe chat software with plenty of innovative features and services. In addition, Tezro AI enables consumers to invest effectively in a variety of currencies on Uniswap2 and Uniswap3.

Furthermore, Tezro allows its customers to send and receive messages as well as make crypto and fiat transactions from any location. It is also the very first program that combines virtual financial transactions with digital communications in real time. Lastly, Tezro is backed by third generation blockchain technology which enables the platform to offer a variety of services and features to users. The app is also compatible with all PC, iOS and Android devices.

Visit Tezro’s official website and the Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channels for more information and regular updates.

Ultiverse: The Ultimate Metaverse is Dropping the Second Round of Their Highly Anticipated Electric Sheep Genesis! 3748

The long-awaited Electric Sheep x Ultiverse Genesis round two mint has finally arrived. Leading up to this highly anticipated mint, the Ultiverse team have arranged a series of exciting, top-level secret events – in which members will have the opportunity to not only explore what is to come in the Ultiverse, but also reap rewards.

Surrounding the hyped-up cyberpunk style world, the Electric Sheep NFT collection stays true to this theme, immersing itself into an intricate storyline. The main aim of the collection is to deliver a central concept of “self-awareness”, broadcasting the Ultiverse’s positive message of equality, freedom and independence. Part of the events leading up to the drop will involve the Ultiverse’s Terminus City preview, which is set to become one of the first pioneering metaverse platforms utilising world-renowned Unreal Engine 5 – attracting not only gamers into the Ultiverse but investors too, who are taking advantage of the current bear market.

“We are excited to launch our second Genesis NFT mint at the end of July, which will give both players and investors an opportunity to enter the world of Web3 at what we believe to be the most opportune time in the industry – during the bear market. Not only does the Ultiverse provide the community with an intricate virtual world, but also allows the interaction between multiple worlds in a truly collaborative way with the help of our Cyber-Punk themed Electric Sheep NFT drop. The Ultiverse team has lined up multiple events leading up to the Genesis drop which we believe will give the community the ultimate taste test of what to expect from the Ultiverse. We are excited to see you all participate!” Said Frank Ma, CEO of Ultiverse.

The ES: 0rigin event will be focusing on the Electric Sheep’s six main characters, in which the community will be introduced to their individual lore, whilst earning rewards through completing missions, allowing for the successful reconstruction of the character’s backstory. Those who get their hands on the ES: 0rigin NFTs will have a 1:1 3D avatar able to enter Terminus City and join the alpha test, also opening up the opportunity for more airdrops in the future. Apart from being one of the few metaverse projects built using Unreal Engine 5, Terminus City delivers an immersive and realistic experience to players, providing them with multiple gameplay modes. Avatars will give players a full sensory experience, going beyond simply moving around the city. Apart from advanced moves such as climbing, cartwheeling, dancing and shooting, avatars will be able to trade, play mini-games, listen to music, go shopping and more.

The Electric Sheep NFT staking function will be activated on the day of the Genesis mint, also labelled as the “Awakening”, which will allow users to accumulate a number of rewards such as Ultiverse tokens, Terminus Land, “Soul”, and more. The event will hold an introduction into how to obtain rewards from “Awakening” and run through their full user-friendly interface.

Building the ultimate social gaming universe – Ultiverse is connecting the world of Web3 to an immersive and fully VR compatible virtual world, which will create a unique MetaFi. Seeing a $9.5M first seed round which was led by Binance Labs, along with participation from Sequoia, DeFiance Capital, SkyVision Capital, and Three Arrows Capital, there is no doubt that the second drop will be as successful – if not more. Potential investors can expect a fruitful journey with the Ultiverse, through their Electric Sheep NFT drop.

TRON DAO Reserve Addresses Questions Regarding USDD Stablecoin 4313

1 2022 07 22 в 12 17 35

Geneva, Switzerland / July 21 / – The TRON DAO Reserve (TDR) has officially answered some frequently asked questions from the community about USDD, the decentralized over-collateralized stablecoin on TRON.

The USDD stablecoin is currently the most over-collateralized stablecoin across the entire cryptocurrency market. The core mission of USDD is to provide the blockchain world with a decentralized cryptocurrency of stable value. USDD represents true decentralization across the stablecoin market. Other stablecoins such as USDC or USDT are pegged to a central platform’s U.S. dollar (USD) reserves. By nature, the fundamentals of USDC and USDT are considered centralized stablecoins with strict supervision by regulators worldwide.

Current market conditions have brought fears of assets being subject to liquidation and freezings without the consent of the holders. USDD overcomes these fears from multiple different angles. Whitelisted institutions of the TRON DAO Reserve (TDR) are authorized to mint USDD. The value of USDD is supported by the over-collateralization of highly liquid crypto assets consisting of, but not limited to, BTC, USDT, USDC, and TRX. This allows USDD to be free from centralized intermediaries so users do not have to worry about their assets being frozen with or without notice. This enables holders of USDD to truly have full ownership of their stablecoin.

Stability is an important aspect of a successful stablecoin. Centralized stablecoins such as USDC and USDT are bound by regulators to maintain a 1:1 reserve ratio to the USD. If the centralized authorities of these stablecoins are unable to meet their reserve requirements, this can cause the centralized stablecoins to lose its 1:1 USD peg. USDD is immune to such issues due to its decentralized nature. USDD is not designed to strictly peg to the USD; instead, it floats up and down around it. The price stability of USDD is maintained through monetary policies adopted by the TDR based on market conditions.

Under volatile market conditions, USDD is not considered depegged when it is within 3% up or down from the USD peg. This allows for further flexibility for the TDR to make the necessary monetary policy adjustments if needed. With recent volatility in the markets, USDD has adjusted properly through TDR’s monetary policy tools which have strongly held up against recent concerns. This methodology is known as a Linked Exchange Rate System and has successfully allowed USDD to properly scale.

The recent controversy surrounding stablecoins arose due to the LUNA and UST crash. USDD fluctuated below its USD peg partly due to market misconceptions tied to the LUNA/UST fiasco. LUNA and UST do not follow the TDR policies that USDD is subject to; instead, LUNA and UST function strictly off an algorithmic arbitrage system of burning and minting. This means that UST did not have to rely on any reserve system to support the 1:1 USD peg. This whole process relied heavily on LUNA’s liquidity, when market conditions worsened, causing UST to lose its peg, it resulted in a major shock driving prices down for LUNA and in turn UST because there was no reserve system backing it. This is what ultimately caused the collapse of the LUNA and UST prices. On the other hand, USDD is completely supported by a reserve system filled with liquid assets run by the TDR as mentioned earlier. The details of the TDR assets are published in real-time on

The TDR adopts four monetary policy instruments to ensure the stability of USDD, creating further growth in the TRON ecosystem. The four policy instruments are setting benchmark interest rates, open market operations (OMO), window guidance, and the minting-burning mechanism of TRX and USDD. The TDR will also explore more monetary policy tools to foster further stability and growth of the USDD ecosystem. The end goal of TDR’s monetary policy adjustments is to maintain a stable price of USDD while further empowering it to be the most reliable and decentralized stablecoin on the market.

For more information about USDD, check out our recent blog post, which goes into details on various community questions and concerns.

About USDD

USDD is a decentralized over-collateralized stablecoin launched collaboratively by the TRON DAO Reserve and top-tier mainstream blockchain institutions. The USDD protocol runs on the TRON network, is connected to Ethereum and BNB Chain through the BTTC cross-chain protocol, and will be accessible across more blockchains in the future. USDD is pegged to the US Dollar through TRX and maintains its price stability under the guidance of the TRON DAO Reserve. It enables access to a stable and decentralized digital dollar system that in turn assures financial liberty for everyone.

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