Binance Founder Sued Over Venture Capital Funding Deals 575

The founder of the planet’s largest digital assets exchange platform has been sued over two potential funding deals from different venture capital firms. Sequoia Capital allege that talks with IDG Capital in late 2017 violated exclusivity agreements between Binance and Sequoia.

Binance in Violation of Exclusivity Agreement

According to Hong Kong court documents dated March 26 and April 24, Sequoia had been engaged in talks about investment since August 2017. Over the next few months, these negotiations continued. However, during December, as the price of Bitcoin reached its all-time highs, the talks broke down. Zhao Changpeng’s team are reported to have told Sequoia that their offer of $80 million for almost 11% of the business was an undervaluation.

It was around this time that a second venture capital firm set forth an alternate offer to Binance. IDG Capital proposed the injection of two rounds of funding into the company – the first $400 million, followed up by a subsequent $1 billion.

Sequoia claim that talks with IDG Capital violated the exclusivity rights agreed between themselves and Zhao. Despite efforts to settle the disagreement through arbitration, it became public when Sequoia requested an injunction barring Zhao from negotiating with other investors.

Bloomberg report that a spokeswoman from Binance told the publication that the firm were unable to comment on the matter immediately. They go on to state that Zhao has previously told them that his exchange platform will only consider partnering with investment firms if they can help with securing licenses and working with financial regulators.

Whilst Zhao is yet to provide proof of his company’s valuation, he claims that Binance is worth around $3 billion at a conservative estimate. Like the valuation, much of the exchange platform’s operations are kept secretive – such as the location of their offices and servers. However, for now Binance is thought to be based in Hong Kong – based on Zhao’s own earlier statements.

Recently though a move to a more friendly territory seems to be on the cards. Binance announced last month that they were considering relocating to Malta – a country already known for its lax taxation legislation and one that is actively pursuing regulations that lawmakers hope will make the island nation a haven for cryptocurrency startups. In late March, Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat himself addressed digital currencies with optimism in a political speech:

“I have no doubt that it [cryptocurrency] will form the base of a new economy in the future. Just as we attribute value to pieces of paper, so too will future generations attribute value to electronic storage systems.”

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First Look at the DreamsVerse 2578


DreamsVerse, March 18, 2022 – Dreams Quest announces the release of its first official video offering a first glimpse into their RPG Open World game. The DreamsVerse, a melodic dream-like environment, moves one step closer to early access on Dreams Quest Origins.

Dreams Quest Origins, which is an RPG open world blockchain game, presents a sneak peek into their development of a breath taking snapshot of their DreamsVerse. From beautiful landscapes, mystical trees, to exquisite uses of colours and styles Dreams Quest presents an otherworldly dream-like environment which captures the players imagination.

“Our DreamsVerse is a mystical place, one that you’ve never seen before, or have you?,” said Paulii Good, the co-founder of Dreams Quest. “We are creating an environment that may somehow seem familiar to you, as something you may have imagined or seen before. As a player you experience the game where you awaken in a dream. You suddenly realise the dream is some sort of reality. Nothing is familiar and yet everything seems familiar. Every part of our world has been thought through and designed to match the world of Azoria.”

In the past few weeks, Dreams Quest introduced several assets, including their Organic Matter (OMs) and enviro elements. The project has also been showcasing the process behind the 3D creation of individual assets on their social channels, which now be fully experienced within the video.

Paulii Good further stated “There’s a certain spirituality that we’re channelling as we build Dreams Quest Origins. The video offers the first glimpse of the backdrop for the main game and introduces some of the elements that gamers will come across as they play and explore the first realm in our release plans.”

The project has also enhanced their gameplay dynamics from play-to-earn to a more robust collect-and-earn model through discovering, upgrading, buying, selling and trading rare and collectible in-game assets which will be saved in players inventory and also be NFTs. Players can unlock quests and collect OM and craft OM to infuse elements into crystals and learn how to further forge and upgrade their game asset NFTs.

Dreams Quest will be continuing on its quest to deliver further updates on the game development, their trader’s market and the various game assets. Their trader’s market will serve as a cornerstone for players to buy, sell and trade game assets as well as acquire various special edition items and even upgrade their NFTs for use in the game.

Dreams Quest Origins will launch initially as a mobile game, enabling players to have a fully immersive open world experience using a variety of phones or tablets. Users will be able to access their game assets either within the game or transfer them directly to their Web3 wallets. Further developments will be announced over the coming weeks.

About Dreams Quest

Dreams Quest is a games and entertainment company producing a variety of products to create an immersive gaming experience. Dreams Quest Origins is an RPG open world Web3 game providing users with a PVE quest-based immersive experience. It is also the first-ever game designed with a metaverse-based economy, designed on the core principle of Collect to Earn, where every in-game asset is a dynamic NFT which can be crafted, forged, upgraded and traded to enable players to unlock the value of their game assets.

Main website:



Do not panic, the solution to cryptocurrency mining is here. The crypto market is unfavourable to you? It is not a problem. The art and act of mining is the solution, with 80% ROI on the first month. Dual Miners Ltd has developed three solutions that are pre-configured for ease of use and promise a return on investment in as little as one month due to advancements in ASIC chip technology. The company is based in the United Kingdom and is led by some of the most experienced specialists in the Cryptocurrency mining industry.

What they offer

The company’s current offerings, according to a corporate statement, include DualPro, DualPro Max, and the most recent DualPremium, all of which are designed to support profitable operations on the blockchain of choice. See

In addition to providing crypto wallet development services, the company sells graphics processing units to consumers. The company has offices on three continents. Dual Miners has a solid reputation in the Blockchain industry as a result of its extensive market experience.

Shipping costs

As a consequence of this, Dual Miners will pay for both shipping and import tariffs, enabling customers to acquire everything they require to get started with no further costs beyond the cost of the device itself.

About Dual Miners

Established in 2015 with the goal of developing and marketing the world’s first leading dual cryptocurrency miners, which can use either SHA-256 or Scrypt technology depending on the miner’s preference. The company asserts that it was the very first dual mining enterprise in the world. “We wanted to revolutionise the industry with the DualPro by providing more power at a more affordable price than was previously thought to be possible” – Michael Scott.

The company maintains offices in a number of other cities around the world, including in the United States. Additional information regarding the company and the goods it sells can be found on the website of the business, which is located at

You can obtain additional details by visiting

[email protected] (+358) 41 4001034

MetaOne: GameFi is an untapped jewel in the making 1966

Marrtin Hoon, CEO of MetaOne shares his thoughts on how gaming industry has always been evergreen as gamers will always play games regardless of the global economic situation. In fact, more will find solace through the world of gaming. The hottest topic in town would be the evolution of GameFi, the fusion of the words “game” and “finance” which stands for monetization of the gaming experience. Making money playing online games has been around for some time, but with the emergence of GameFi since the 2020s, people are actually making a living by playing these games.

Despite all the hype, there is still a huge potential for community growth as making the switch from traditional gaming to GameFi requires effort, knowledge building, or in certain cases, cash.

Created by Gamers, MetaOne project is committed to reach out to this untapped community to shed the path towards GameFi by neutralising the transition barriers with their single interface platform.

The MetaOne platform highlights effortless onboarding with its one-stop guild management system that facilitates sign ups from all gamers and followers. Their integration with GameFi partners make BigData analysis possible with in-game insights that empower decision makers to execute secure cross-chain NFT activities via their Smart Contract protocol. The ecosystem within is looking forward to bringing tremendous benefit to all stakeholders while contributing to the GameFi space expansion.

“The market now is very turbulent but also gave us an opportunity to prove some key points. MetaOne’s key strategy has always been to convert this massive group of gamers to enter into GameFi through a credible platform that provides science and data clearly to them for making right choices. This will have material impacts to GameFi studios and ultimately the blockchain community,” said Marrtin, CEO of MetaOne, “We are so excited about communicating this vision to all geographical regions and realizing it into real executable plans where guilds, gamers, GameFi studios and users can see and feel the tangibles.”

Fundamentally, Metaone does not compete with Guilds, games, and online ecosystems but rather is a comprehensive enabler and force multiplier for the Gamefi space, integrating analytics, guild management, NFT asset management, and Game NFT activities that can be harnessed to empower these spaces plus changing how the industry operates.

More about MetaOne:


Sleep Future Successfully Launched On Bitforex and Bitmart 1763


Sleep Future successfully completed its listing on Bitforex and Bitmart, and introduces new features such as staking of SLEEPEE and pushing through its app development.

16 May 2022 – Singapore, Singapore – World’s first Web3 Sleep-To-Earn Project announced its successful listing on Bitforex and Bitmart. The project team at Sleep Future has made incredible progress over the course of the month of May with a smooth launch, live staking and preparation for their NFTs. The company have stayed true to their long-term vision to be the leading blockchain sleep2earn project amassing millions of active users as they continue to build, and deliver regardless of the market.

A smooth TGE and launch

With overwhelming support, Sleep Future sold out both their IEO on Bitforex and Bitmart, raising up to 1700% in 24 hours after listing. In addition, the project have raised a remarkable amount from the IDO on Polylauncher to fund their ecosystem. TGE and launch on the abovementioned CEXs as well as Pancakeswap went smoothly, even hitting an ATH of $3.20. To boost investors’ confidence, the team also locked 100% of pancake liquidity for a year (with plans to extend after). Even though there have been retracements, they believe their deliverables will be able to move the price up again in the upcoming months.

“We are thrilled to be successfully listed on Bitforex and Bitmart. Through this, we hope there will be more eyes and believers in our project, as we strive to be the world’s first Sleep2earn project rewarding people for healthy sleeping. Our eventual goal is to bridge innovative R&D Sleep Tech with real-world utilities to blockchain and present this for global adoption.” said Brandon Lee, Co-Founder & CEO of Sleep Future.

Staking for juicy APYs

In the short span of 2 days after listing, staking also went live and is fully functional. Users can earn juicy APY by staking SLEEPEE at The team has made extra efforts to ensure the dashboard is smooth, fast and safe. Simply connect a wallet and stake, after which the individual will be able to earn passively by collecting the rewards under the staking tab.

Official CMC and CG listings

Many of Sleep Future’s investors have also requested for the expedition of Coingecko and CoinMarketCap listing. The community feedback was well received, and Sleep Future was listed just a day after application. One can view their listings here: and

NFT Sale and their utilities

The team at Sleep Future is working hard towards the next biggest milestone, their NFT sales launch in June. Sleep Future’s NFTs are hand designed from scratch, up to standard and packed with tons of utilities.

Firstly, one can earn up to $10 USDT worth of SLEEPEE for sleep quality of 100% when the NFT on mobile app is activated.
Secondly, their NFTs also have permanent boosting rates depending on the rarity ranging from normal, premium to legendary, which will be able to give up to a 100% permanent boost.

Lastly, their NFTs are also stackable. Stack up to 3 NFTs to combine and increase boosting rates.
Further updates regarding their NFTs will be updated on their socials leading to June.

About Sleep Future

Sleep Future is the world’s first blockchain-driven sleep wellness ecosystem to improve the sleep quality and health of the global community.

Sleep Future introduces the world’s first Sleep-To-Earn mechanism to reward world-wide community to sleep and earn $SLEEPEE tokens with the dual objective of innovating sleep technology R&D and a real-world utility in the Sleep Future ecosystem.

Other Links:

Metavize and Metabloqs form strategic partnership for 3D spatial development and architectural services in “meta-cities” on Metabloqs’ metaverse 2352

Metavize Technology Solutions Limited (“Metavize”) and Metabloqs announced a strategic partnership to provide 3D spatial development and architectural services to companies who are interested in investing properties and developing projects in “meta-cities” in Metabloqs. Metavize is a highly innovative full-service 3D spatial development and architectural service firm for the metaverse, while Metabloqs is a decentralized metaverse with meta-cities based on “real” cities that provide a real world, truly immersive experience.

Metabloqs’ vision is to create a unique ecosystem where users can create, own, and monetize their experiences using token “BLOQS,” the native utility token. Citizens of Metabloqs are provided with a unique passport to enter the metaverse, purchase land and rare goods such as NFTs, and create their dream projects.

The first meta-city is Meta-Paris, which is scheduled to launch in June 2022. Through this strategic partnership, Metavize will act as the official representative of Metabloqs to expand into other meta-cities in Asia through strategic investment.

“Metablogs offer high-quality 3D graphics and truly immersive experience. There will be DIY user-friendly tools on Metabloqs for users who want to build their own projects,” said Megha Shrestha, CEO of Metabloqs. “We are very pleased with our strategic partnership with Metavize. This allows us to create a stunning experience that will catch users’ eyes, offer professional 3D spatial development and architectural services to our property investors and business operators, expediting their property development cycle and improving return-on-investment.”

“As people spend more time in the digital space for leisure, commerce, and work, their expectations of user experience in the metaverse will be much higher and one that is closer to real-life experience,” commented Michael Leung, CEO of Metavize. “We are very excited about our partnership with Metabloqs, who by far offer the best immersive experience among other metaverses that we have seen on the market. We believe this superb user experience will become a very important driver for user adoption.”

“Metaverse takes virtual assets beyond cryptocurrency. Virtual assets from the metaverse are backed by substantial content such as land, property, products with real utilities with the metaverse ecosystem,” said Samson Lee, advisor of Metabloqs and CEO of Coinstreet Meta Solutions. “Metaverse NFT in layman’s term means ‘digital ownership certificate’ of value-back virtual assets in the metaverse that are tracked and managed by the blockchain, a ‘global decentralized computer’ which also acts as settlement system facilitating all transactions globally. We are at the very early days of market development with huge growth opportunities ahead.”

About Metabloqs

Metabloqs is a one-of-a-kind metaverse where users can network, learn and play. Metabloqs is powered by XinFin blockchain that fits in with users’ diverse needs whether users want to pick up a new skill set, engage in networking, or enjoy some time playing. The digital assets are stored in a XinFin smart contract and can be transferred.

For more information, please visit –

About Metavize

Metavize is a highly innovative and comprehensive 3-D spatial development and architectural service firm for metaverses. We provide product development and architectural services for real estate developers, business operators, homeowners, and product marketing companies to provide its users an immersive experience in the metaverse. Metavize provides one-stop service for animation, design, and fabrication of the virtual world venture into the Metaverse, expediting the property development cycle and improving return-on-investment. Metavize is incubated by Coinstreet Meta Solutions.

For more information, please visit –

About Coinstreet Meta Solutions

Coinstreet Meta Solutions, a subsidiary of Coinstreet Group, has two main business focuses, 1) providing technology and business solutions to brands and enterprises in enabling them to capitalize various opportunities in the metaverse area, and 2) produce and manage NFT projects, and operate NFT marketplaces including providing whitelabel NFT marketplace solutions.

For more information, please visit – https://www.coinstreet.meta

Minto is Launching Autofarming For those Who Want to Earn More 2658


Minto is announcing the launch of a new feature that will allow users to increase their income automatically by accruing compound interest. Minto has developed a smart contract with an automatic algorithm for converting received bitcoins into BTCMT tokens and their subsequent staking.

What is Autofarming?

As you know, there are two ways to earn on the BTCMT token: trading and staking. According to statistics, 2.15 million out of 2.5 million issued tokens, or about 86% of all tokens, are staked. Thus, most BTCMT holders choose to earn on staking.

Staking can be compared to an investment bank deposit: you invest money, and after a certain time, you get a larger amount with interest. In case of a bank, your deposit is used to issue loans to other people and companies, while in staking you trade Minto tokens for mining power (1 token = 0.01 THs) used to mine BTC. While the tokens are staked, they are used to mine BTC at real mining facilities.

Since staking rewards are paid out daily, and users who wanted to increase the capitalization of their investments have been withdrawing these funds, converting them into BTCMT and staking them again. Some users did it daily, some weekly, and some monthly.

On December 20, 2021, Minto held a listing on MDEX. Almost simultaneously with this significant event, the BKSwap service became available for BTCMT in the BitKeep wallet, which is the recommended wallet for working with Minto DApp.

As a result, the Minto team decided to automate the capitalization of token staking and created the Minto Autofarming service, which does it in an automatic mode. When employed, all daily staking income is converted into BTCMT tokens and sent back to staking, thus increasing the return on investment.

How will profitability change with Minto Autofarming?

As an example, let’s calculate how the staking yield could change if we started capitalizing tokens with Minto Autofarming in Q1 2022.

Income per 1000 BTCMT staked tokens for Q1 2022, provided the daily conversion of BTC to USD at the current exchange rate, amounted to US$307, which corresponds to an APR of 61.4%. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) shows the estimated annual return from staking with simple interest.

Revenue for Q1 2022 with simple interest: $307/1000 BTCMT, APR = 61.4%

Let’s assume that a user converts the received BTC into BTCMT daily and immediately stakes them in addition to the already staked volume. In that case, if you initially own 1000 staked BTCMT, you could accumulate additional 153 BTCMT tokens in Q1.

If daily income increased according to the compound interest formula, then after the first quarter thanks to the growing base it would amount to $486, that is, you’d receive additional $179. In this case, you should use APY to estimate annual profitability. Unlike simple interest, compound interest is calculated daily and its amount is immediately added to the balance. Every day, your account balance grows a little, as does the interest. Thus, the APY would be approximately 97%.

Thus, automatic farming is 1.5 times more profitable than conventional staking, totaling 97% vs. 61.4%, respectively. Note that these figures are valid for Q1 2022. Given the growing complexity of the BTC network and rate fluctuations, profitability may change over time (up or down). However, it is obvious that auto farming with interest capitalization will always be higher in terms of profitability than regular staking.

In addition, automatic farming saves users a lot of time: it’s easier to press a couple of buttons than to do everything manually on a daily basis.

The Minto platform offers its own computing facilities to mine BTC. Owning the company’s tokens (BTCMT) is equivalent to owning the respective mining capacity. By stacking BTCMT, the token holders receive a daily portion of bitcoins proportional to their share in computing power.

The project’s team is a collective of people from Europe spread across the whole world. Minto is founded by entrepreneurs with years of mining experience, with their headquarters located in Dubai, the UAE. Minto notes that the approach used to mine Bitcoin is eco-friendly, as its data-center is powered by a hydroelectric power plant, which complies with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the field of green energy. Using the energy of water, the plant allows to radically lower the carbon footprint caused by mining.

If you join Minto right now, you can still take advantage of the unique opportunity to buy BTCMT tokens at the best price. Start getting the maximum profits with Autofarming. Stay tuned, new updates are coming soon.