Paypal Files Patent Application: Company Looking to Get Involved in Virtual Currencies 837

According to an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, PayPal wants to speed up crypto transaction processing times and has filed a patent for a faster cryptocurrency payment system.

Since PayPal kicked off in 2002, the company has dominated the online payment scene — but they face increasing competition: in the last couple years cryptocurrency payment solutions have proliferated the market. These decentralized platforms demonstrate that if PayPal doesn’t make some moves forward, it will likely face stiff competition and begin to lose its foothold in the global payments arena.

“Expedited Virtual Currency Transaction System”

Perhaps attempting to preempt the inevitable rise of cryptocurrency-based payment solutions rivalling its own, PayPal filed its patent application for an “Expedited Virtual Currency Transaction System” on March 1st.

Decentralized cryptocurrencies accomplish the ultimate ambition of PayPal: to transact quickly and inexpensively across borders. While PayPal must rely on partnering financial institutions and payment processors to provide their service (which add costs and time to transactions) distributed networks that run cryptocurrencies are likely starting to look like a better alternative.

Remember, PayPal’s has an inherent fee structure in which customers and merchants alike face 5% charges per transaction for the privilege of using the platform, among other arbitrary rules designed to keep everything aboveboard.


PayPal CEO Dan Schulman recently spoke about the opportunities and obstacles related to cryptocurrency-based payment solutions. Schulman touched on the level of volatility and inconsistent regulations in the growing space, saying, “Regulations need to be sorted out along with a whole number of other things. It’s an experiment right now that is very unclear as to the direction it will go in.” 

In other comments made last month, PayPal CFO John Rainey discussed the risk that companies accepting Bitcoin may suffer: “Given the volatility of Bitcoin right now, it’s not a reliable currency for transactions because if you’re a merchant and you have a 10% profit margin, and you accept Bitcoin, and the very next day Bitcoin drops 15%, you are now underwater on that transaction.” Rainey also indicated that he thinks it will be “years down the road,” before Bitcoin becomes ubiquitous.

Looking Ahead

Judging by their recent quotes, the two most senior executives at PayPal are cognizant of ongoing regulation efforts, Bitcoin’s innate flaws, and their own platform’s weakness versus cryptocurrency alternatives. And though the comments made by Schulman and Rainey within the last month are true, that doesn’t mean they contrast with plans for their patent. Looking ahead, there are several ways that PayPal could use cryptocurrency technology while both ignoring Bitcoin and staying ahead of ongoing regulatory efforts.

One option is that PayPal might create a type of cryptocurrency exchange service, whereby those with any type of cryptocurrency can use the platform to send and receive payments easily, with all settlement and exchange done behind the scenes. Another (perhaps more probable) alternative is that PayPal will create its own centralized cryptocurrency — similar to what Ripple has done.

Either way, PayPal will finally be able to escape the clutches of its service providers, reach across borders where it’s currently not active, and provide clients with a cheaper, faster way to merge their physical and digital finances. However, the company has stiff competition and will need to act fast, as it’s already far behind the curve.

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The Solana Surge: How Print Protocol is Revolutionizing DeFi with Secure Trading and Revenue Sharing 1619

As the Solana Summer and the overall crypto market continue to evolve, the landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi) remains in constant flux. The period of late 2023 and early 2024 marked a significant resurgence in the crypto markets, with Solana ($SOL) at the forefront, reminiscent of past booms in the blockchain industry.

One of the standout phenomena driving this resurgence was the wave of Solana memecoins, notably $BONK and $WIF, which ignited a meme-mania across the community. This surge in activity not only drew considerable attention to the Solana blockchain but also solidified its reputation as a prime destination for developers and investors alike.

Why Solana? Why Now?

For those new to the world of DeFi and Solana, understanding the basics is crucial. Solana is like a super-fast, magical playground where people can create and trade digital tokens safely and quickly. Now, these tokens are getting more popular and valuable, especially with fun, catchy names like $BONK and $WIF.

Print Protocol on Solana seamlessly integrates into this burgeoning ecosystem by offering unique features designed to empower everyday investors. At the heart of this platform is PrintDex, a decentralized exchange (DEX) that prioritizes user security and fairness. PrintDex incorporates sophisticated anti-bot mechanisms and maximum wallet limits, ensuring that users can trade tokens without the fear of being overwhelmed by large wallet dumps that can destabilize markets. This means that even those new to crypto trading, the average Joe, can engage in trading with confidence and peace of mind, knowing their investments are safeguarded against manipulative practices and constant dumping.

Moreover, PrintDex goes beyond just providing a safe trading environment. By holding $PRINT tokens, users can benefit from an innovative H2E (Hold to Earn) model, and a Revenue Share Model, where they earn a share of the revenue generated by PrintDex. This model transforms passive holding into a lucrative venture, offering a steady rewards stream derived from the exchange’s trading activities. As a result, Print on Solana not only democratizes access to secure trading but also allows investors to share in the success and growth of the platform, making it a compelling choice for both seasoned traders and newcomers alike.

Why Print?

Through all the chaos and memes the team at $PRINT (@PrintProtocol) figured out the first ever auto-rewards token to reward holders in $SOL, to the success of a 30M MC all-time-high. Before $PRINT launched in late January of this year, a taxed token had never existed on-chain, let alone one with a working auto-rewards script. Using Token-2022, a token program on the Solana Blockchain, the team was able to bring something innovative to Solana users.

As 2024 has passed, Print Protocol has continued its long-term development, putting their focus into continued innovation through a relatively unexplored feature of Solana, Transfer Hook Extensions.

All of this has led to the team recently rolling out ‘PrintDEX’ (, the first ever Decentralized Exchange on Solana to offer maximum transaction limits, max wallet limits, taxes and more, all through Token-2022 support and transfer hook extensions.

In addition to rewarding holders through an 8% token tax, the team has also recently implemented Revenue Sharing through transactional fees on the DEX. A nominal 0.0005 $SOL fee is accumulated for every transaction on PrintDEX with 60% going directly back to holders in $SOL.

As development on the DEX continues, the backend team at $PRINT hold public X/Twitter spaces a few times a month to update the community and discuss the outlook for Print Protocol. The team will be in attendance at Solana Breakpoint this fall and continues to build robust partnerships and support within the Solana community.

Learn more about Print Protocol here:

iXBROKER Expands into Asian, MENA, and South American Markets with New Features and Enhanced Security 2525

In exciting news, iXBroker, one of the leading forex and crypto brokers, has announced its entry into the Asian, MENA (Middle East and North Africa), and South American markets. This global expansion is accompanied by the launch of version 2 of the advanced iXBroker platform, which includes new features and enhanced security measures. With this development, iXBroker continues its commitment to providing a sophisticated and secure trading experience for users worldwide, specifically targeting markets such as the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Trade Smart. Trade Secure. Trade with iXBroker

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial markets, choosing the right broker is crucial for success. With numerous options available, traders need a platform that combines innovation, security, and user-friendliness. Enter iXBroker—one of the leading forex and crypto brokers, based in England, that stands out with its unique features and commitment to excellence. This article delves into why iXBroker is the go-to choice for traders looking to elevate their investment strategies.

Give Wings to Your Investments with iXBroker!

iXBroker’s slogan, “Give wings to your investments with iXBroker!” perfectly encapsulates the firm’s mission. The focus is not merely on facilitating trades but on empowering traders to reach their fullest potential. This empowerment comes through advanced tools, comprehensive resources, and a supportive trading environment.

Innovative Trading Platform

At the heart of iXBroker’s offering is its state-of-the-art trading platform. Designed with both beginners and experienced traders in mind, the platform boasts an intuitive interface that simplifies the trading process. Whether you are trading forex or cryptocurrencies, the seamless navigation and user-friendly features ensure that you can execute trades efficiently and effectively.

The platform has advanced charting tools, real-time market data, and customizable layouts, enabling traders to analyze the markets and make informed decisions. Moreover, the integration of social trading capabilities allows users to implement sophisticated strategies without the need for constant monitoring.

Trade Anonymously with One Click

One of the most favored features of iXBroker is the ability to trade and invest anonymously. In an age where privacy concerns are at the forefront, iXBroker’s commitment to anonymity is a game-changer. With the feature to “Trade anonymously with one click,” traders can focus on their strategies without worrying about privacy breaches. This unique offering ensures that personal and transactional information remains confidential, providing an added layer of security that sets iXBroker apart from other brokers.

Security and Trust

Security is a top priority for iXBroker. The platform employs advanced encryption protocols to safeguard user data and transactions. Additionally, iXBroker adheres to stringent regulatory standards, ensuring a safe and transparent trading environment. Traders can have peace of mind knowing that their investments are protected by top-tier security measures.

Diverse Trading Options

iXBroker provides access to a wide range of trading instruments, including major, minor, and exotic forex pairs, as well as a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies. This variety allows traders to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on different market opportunities. The competitive spreads and leverage options further enhance the trading experience, making it attractive for both high-frequency and long-term traders.

Educational Resources and Support

Understanding that knowledge is power, iXBroker offers extensive educational resources. From a rich blog and tutorials to market analysis and trading guides, these resources are designed to help traders enhance their skills and stay informed about market trends. Whether you’re a novice looking to grasp the basics or a seasoned trader seeking advanced strategies, iXBroker’s educational offerings provide valuable insights.

Furthermore, iXBroker’s customer support team is available around the clock to assist with any queries or issues. The team’s expertise and commitment to client satisfaction ensure that traders receive timely and effective assistance in any language, making their trading experience smooth and enjoyable.

A Community of Traders

Beyond its technical features, iXBroker fosters a vibrant community of traders. With its recent expansion into the Asian and MENA markets, iXBroker is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs and preferences of traders in these new regions. The platform encourages collaboration and interaction through forums and social trading features. Traders can share insights, discuss strategies, and learn from each other’s experiences, creating a supportive network that enhances the overall trading experience.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Trading with iXBroker

In conclusion, iXBroker stands out as a premier choice for traders looking to maximize their potential in the forex and crypto markets. With its recent expansion into the Asian, MENA, and South American markets, along with the launch of the advanced version 2 of its platform, iXBroker combines an innovative platform, emphasis on security and privacy, diverse trading options, and a commitment to education and support, truly giving wings to your investments.

For traders seeking a reliable and forward-thinking broker, iXBroker offers the perfect blend of technology, security, and community. Discover the benefits of trading smart, trading secure, and trading with iXBroker today.

Dora Announces Progression Into A Unified Multichain and MultiVM Explorer 3039

Dora 2.0 Update Allows searchability across 10+ chains alongside bridging, and swapping across all supported chains & expansion into new VM ecosystems

Dora, the unified search, discovery, & action engine for the multichain world, is excited to announce a series of significant upgrades to its services, which will provide Dora users with a unified search view, and actions interface to enable bridging and swapping for more than 10 chains, including Ethereum, Base, Rari, Xai, Palm Network, Gnosis, Scroll, and more. Current blockchain services can be highly siloed, with significant barriers or friction for interoperability, innovation and liquidity. The launch of the Dora 2.0 Update is a key step in Dora’s vision to support the progression towards a multichain and multiVM world by providing an unfragmented and unified multichain experience. Due to Dora’s recent agreement with Movement and Fluent, Dora will also progress to be the first multiVM block explorer. This will make Dora the only block explorer that allows users to not only search EVM chains but also review their SVM, Wasm, and Move interactions within the same interface, streamlining the user experience and reducing the complexity of managing and reviewing transactions.

The announcement encompasses three key updates:

  • Dora Search – Unified Multichain Search Capabilities: Dora 2.0 allows Dora to seamlessly integrate new chains into their platform, progressing Dora from a single chain search engine to a unified multichain discovery engine, with initial support for over 10 chains.
  • Dora Actions – Multichain, bridging, and swapping: Dora 2.0 will provide Dora users a unified interface for onchain actions, called Dora Action. This will support bridging, and swapping across all chains that integrate with Dora, providing a seamless user experience.
  • Dora Profiles – Multichain Portfolio View: Starting in Q3 2024 Dora 2.0 will offer users visibility on all their transactions, collections and interactions across the multichain world in one unified view.
  • Dora MultiVM Discovery Engine & Block Explorer: Starting in Q3 2024, Dora 2.0 is expanding into new Virtual Machine Ecosystems such as Move with Movement, and SVM & Wasm with Fluent, becoming the first unified MultiVM block explorer & search engine.

“Dora 2.0 is a key step in our vision to provide an unfragmented and unified multichain and now multiVM experience,” said Bunny, CEO and Co-Founder of Dora. “We believe that mass adoption of crypto is contingent on reducing the barriers and frictions between the constantly growing number of chains. Users should be able to access any ecosystem they want without having to undertake the technical complexities to get onboarded into a new chain. We look forward to continuing to expand the number of chains supported on Dora in the coming weeks and months, and continuing Dora’s expansion into multiVM with Movement, Fluent, and other virtual machines .”

As part of the Dora’s new capacity for multichain bridging, minting and swapping, Dora is proud to partner with Privy as a wallet service provider and Decent for the execution of cross-chain swaps and transactions.

“Dora is consistently on the cutting edge of crypto, and they pioneered the first multichain block explorer with real-time latency. This was a generational leap ahead for the industry but especially so for a few groups – in particular, we’ve heard from many gaming and NFT customers that those 2 qualities are especially important when it comes to how they build their product and community. We are excited to expand into the MultiVM world with them.” Kevin Li, Goldsky CEO & Co-Founder

“At SimpleHash, we strongly believe that Dora is at the forefront of the crypto world, leading the charge with a superior user experience and being multichain native – their values align with ours, which is why we’re so proud to support them,” said SimpleHash Founder, Olly Wilson. “They’re doing important work to make navigating the world of crypto and onboarding the next wave of a billion users easier. We look forward to continuing our work into new VM ecosystems like Movement & Fluent.”

The announcement follows Dora’s recent closure of a $5.5M Early Stage Funding Round co-led by Dragonfly and Lemniscap.

About Dora

Dora is the Unified Discovery Engine for the Multichain World. We collaborate with a multitude of blockchain networks and rollup teams to provide comprehensive block explorer and search solutions. Our mission is to enhance the accessibility of on-chain data through innovative search capabilities, driving discovery and mass adoption of blockchain technology.

For more information, users can visit

Agoric Unveils Orchestration for Next-Gen Web3 Applications 3370

Agoric, a layer 1 blockchain designed for chain abstraction, has today announced the roll-out of its Orchestration API. With this new toolset, developers can create next-gen Web3 applications that seamlessly coordinate digital assets and services across multiple blockchain ecosystems. As a result, users can now benefit from one-click interactions that can deploy their liquidity and access multiple blockchains in a uniform fashion.

With over $2 trillion in liquidity fragmented across different blockchains and their ecosystems (Ethereum, Solana, L2s, L3s, app-chains, sovereign rollups, subnets and more), users are too often left with complex, arduous experiences in Web3. Many have tried to solve this fragmentation issue by launching bridges and interoperability solutions, however, the experience is still limited due to the lack of programmability with existing solutions. Even simple use cases like paying with assets on one blockchain for services on another one require multiple user actions and signatures, leaving crypto assets trapped within isolated silos.

Orchestration changes the game for multi-chain use cases:

  • For users, orchestration enables real chain abstraction: experiences that cross chains have the simplicity they demand.
  • For developers, orchestration offers cross-chain programmability thanks to a multi-block execution environment and simple JavaScript APIs to manage accounts and assets on remote chains.
  • For the Web3 ecosystem, orchestration provides composability across protocols to unlock liquidity, regardless of the native chain.

Commenting on the API launch, Dean Tribble, CEO of Agoric Systems, said: “We are excited to offer a platform that enables rich, one-click user experiences that unlock new economic opportunities across multiple chains. Currently in Web3, even simple tasks demand too many actions and too much finicky expertise by users. Agoric Orchestration brings unique technology to developers so they can bring their applications into the next generation of Web3.”

Interchain trading terminal Calypso will leverage Agoric Orchestration to launch their staking widget. With just one click, users can stake into any IBC-enabled chain from almost any starting token (ETH, SOL, etc.). Normally, this process of cross-chain staking could take the user six separate steps including multiple signatures, but with Agoric Orchestration, it’s only one action.

Commenting on the integration, John DiBernardi, Co-Founder of Calypso, said: “When it comes to executing actions across multiple blockchains, Agoric Orchestration is simply unmatched. We’ve been able to simplify time-intensive and incredibly frustrating DeFi tasks into a one-click experience that both users new to DeFi and those that are seasoned will greatly appreciate.”

Builders ready to orchestrate the multi-chain can apply for Agoric’s Early Access Program, offering personalized technical support, financial incentives, and early access to new features. Apply today at

Dean Tribble, CEO of Agoric Systems, is available for interview on request

About Agoric

Agoric is a layer 1 blockchain for orchestration. In the fragmented blockchain landscape, Agoric brings orchestration to Web3 to solve the chain abstraction challenge and foster composability and true interoperability that unlock a new era of universal liquidity.

Agoric is the brainchild of renowned computer scientists, Dean Tribble and Mark Miller. Their groundbreaking work in secure computing and distributed systems laid the foundation for Agoric’s innovative technology.

Masa Launches LLM-Powered AI Data Subnet on Bittensor, Bringing Hundreds of Developers into the Ecosystem 3781

Masa also becomes the first live token in the Bittensor Subnet Ecosystem, introducing a new dual-token reward structure to incentivize contributors and democratize AI development.

Masa, a decentralized AI network where people earn by contributing data, today announced the launch of an AI Data Subnet on Bittensor, a protocol pioneering the decentralized production of artificial intelligence. Masa will leverage Bittensor’s peer-to-peer machine intelligence network to supercharge AI data aggregation, transformation, and access. Together, this empowers a world of Fair AI powered by the people, where AI developers can build anything, anywhere with the world’s data.

The AI sector of the crypto industry is projected to reach $10.2 billion in revenue by 2030, according to a research report from VanEck, while centralized AI has a projected market share value of $1.8 trillion by 2030. However, there is a clear demand for decentralized players, as the essential components of AI including compute, models, and data, should not be monopolized by centralized entities.

Value Proposition of the Masa Bittensor Subnet

Bittensor has amassed a $10 billion AI ecosystem since its launch in March 2023. Institutional validators, such as DCG subsidiary Foundry and Polychain, collectively staked a total of 5.7 million – or $1.8 billion worth of – $TAO. Bittensor operates through a central network consisting of smaller, specialized sub-networks, each dedicated to different areas of AI. With its sophisticated TAO economic model that incentivizes the production of high-value AI subnets, Bittensor is a significant player in the DeAI space.

Masa enables people from all over the world to contribute data and compute to AI development, without centralized control. Masa allows AI developers to build anything, anywhere with the world’s data. It facilitates the fair, open, and permissionless contribution of AI training data, compute, and bandwidth.

Similar to Bittensor’s incentive mechanism, Masa contributors – validators and workers – are rewarded based on the value of their contribution to the network, using game-theoretical frameworks that optimize a contributor’s utility on the network. This ensures an effective system that uses economic incentives to drive growth and the equitable expansion of Fair AI.

The Masa Bittensor Subnet provides real-time and static, structured, annotated, and vectorized data from a variety of data sources critical for AI development, such as X (Twitter), Discord, diarized speech (e.g. podcasts, YouTube, TikTok), gated web data (e.g. New York Times), and public web data (e.g. Google Search).

Real-time data can be used to build robust datasets or directly in system prompts for current context. Static data sets are constantly updated and stored by subnet workers for further processing into vectors to fuel Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) in AI agents. These data sets are processed and annotated using agentic data pipelines that employ fine-tuned LLMs trained on JSON and other formats to deliver high-quality outputs from volatile data inputs. AI developers have been using Masa data for a wide range of use cases, such as capturing trading signals and building hyper-personalized AI companions.

The Masa and Bittensor communities can participate using low-power devices to run a Masa worker node from laptops, servers, or future mobile devices by contributing compute and bandwidth from anywhere in the world.

$MASA Joins Bittensor Subnet Ecosystem as First and Only Live Token

Masa’s token, $MASA, now becomes the only live token for any subnet in the Bittensor ecosystem. In addition, Masa Protocol and Masa Bittensor Subnet validators and workers can earn dual-token staking rewards in $MASA and $TAO. Masa Foundation-owned TAO from operating the subnet will be used to support $MASA through buybacks or distributions as part of the emissions schedule.

Masa was the first AI project to debut on CoinList in 2024 via a 17-minute public sale in March. Over the last 2 years, Masa has grown to over 1.6 million contributors and over 100 developers in its network, where individuals earn by contributing data. Masa’s ecosystem of contributors, developers, and validators is expected to significantly enhance Bittensor’s performance and utility.

“As an early crypto builder and adopter who participated in Ethereum’s ICO in 2014, Bittensor reminds me of Ethereum’s ecosystem circa 2017,” said Brendan Playford, Co-founder of Masa. “While Bittensor is still in its early days, it has the potential to surpass Ethereum’s growth, fueled by the rapid expansion of Decentralized AI. DeAI has the potential to become even bigger than Bitcoin. At Masa, we are integrating into the Bittensor ecosystem to exponentially accelerate the development of Decentralized AI, with data serving as the new currency of Fair AI.”

To date, Masa has raised $18 million backed by DCG, Anagram, Republic Digital, Animoca, and was incubated by Binance and Hashkey.

“The launch of Masa’s subnet underscores the growing momentum in decentralized AI. We proudly support Masa as they advance both decentralized and broader AI development, which aligns deeply with our belief in the power of decentralized technologies,” said Evan Malanga, VP Strategy at DCG.

To participate in the Masa Bittensor Subnet, users can visit Masa’s website.

About Masa

Masa is a decentralized AI network, where people earn by contributing data. AI developers can build anything, anywhere with the world’s data. Users are welcome to join Masa’s mission to create Fair AI, powered by the people.

VC Founders Summit Takes Over Singapore: Shaping the Future of Innovation 3918

Venture capitalists and industry leaders are gearing up for the much-anticipated VC Founders Summit on September 21st, promising to elevate discussions, foster collaboration, and chart the future course of innovation and investment. Building on the momentum of past gatherings, the summit aims to bring founders of unique projects and investors from around the world together so as to facilitate new partnerships, investment opportunities as well as engage in insightful discussions as we lay down the foundation for the future of the industry.

Held in Singapore, this year’s summit is a side event of the world-famous Token2049 conference and will coincide with the excitement of the Singapore Formula One Week. This year’s VC Founders Summit in Singapore offers an unmatched convergence of innovation, investment, and high-octane excitement, making it a must-attend event for industry leaders and enthusiasts alike.

Expert Panel: Industry-Leading Investors and VC Speakers

Listen to engaging fireside chats and keynotes from the CEOs and founders of the biggest investment firms in the world such as:

  • Mr John Gu – Founder and CEO Caladan
  • Mr James Wo – Founder and CEO Digital Finance Group
  • Ms Joanna Liang – Co Founder
  • Mr Colin Allison – Managing Partner Konnect Ventures
  • Mr Evan Luthra – Angel investor and Multi award winning innovator
  • Mr Shubham Bhandari – Head of Ecosystem – Manta Network
  • Mr Karnika E Yashwant – Co Founder Forward protocol

And More than 100 other VCs and Private investors to be announced on our website and private Telegram

Key Highlights:

Dive deeper into artificial intelligence: connect with founders and investors of unique Artificial intelligence projects. Look for new investment and partnerships.

Startup Showcase: Discover the next wave of disruptive technologies and investment opportunities at the startup showcase, where promising startups will pitch their ideas to a panel of esteemed judges and investors.

Engage into insightful discussions in the web3/blockchain industry such as compliance, Real world assets, web3 gaming and more. Meet with professionals in powerful positions as we shape.

Gran Prix Themed After Party: Experience a private Gran Prix themed afterparty at one of the best Rooftops in Singapore, The Spago Rooftop.


  • Gain valuable insights into emerging trends and investment opportunities in the ever-evolving venture capital ecosystem.
  • Expand your network and forge connections with high level investors, Innovators and industry leaders.
  • Discover innovative startups and potential investment opportunities.
  • Pitch your project with Industry titans for potential investment.

Early registration:


SymbionIQ Labs ltd is pioneering a transformative ecosystem that shifts the paradigm from “sick care” to preventive and personalised health interventions and helps bridge the investment gap. The company empowers individuals with engaging, data-driven “pre-care” solutions to improve quality of life and reduce the burden on healthcare systems.