Hangzhou Blockchain Raises HK$100m via Digital Token Fund to Invest in Japanese Cryptocurrency 1314

Grandshores Technology Group, a Hong Kong-listed contractor-turned-blockchain investor, plans to raise HK$100 million (US$12.7 million) via a digital token fund to finance a yen-backed cryptocurrency project. Grandshores Technology’s pivot to blockchain investment is the result of an acquisition of SHIS by a company controlled by Yongjie Yao in May and its subsequent back door listing.

Yao is also a founding partner of the 10 billion yuan (US$1.45 billion) Hangzhou Grandshores Fund backed by the Hangzhou government. The other backers of the fund include Li Xiaolai, the bitcoin tycoon of China.

The Grandshores Technology chairman said the company would tap qualified investors outside China to raise funds denominated in tether, a US-dollar backed stablecoin and list it on a cryptocurrency exchange. Stablecoin is a cryptocurrency pegged to a stable asset such as gold or hard currencies like the US dollar.

Yao said Grandshores was seeking to fund start-ups and cryptocurrency projects globally as he believes some blockchain unicorn-hopefuls were on track to disrupt the traditional financial system and break monopolies currently enjoyed by tech and internet giants.

“Blockchain will become the mainstream technology in the next three to five years,” said Yao, who is also a part-time lecturer at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou. “We are entering the next stage of blockchain evolution, a stage which is akin to when computer operating system was transiting from MS-DOS [disk operating system] to MS-Windows.”

For the yen stablecoin project, Yao said the founding partners of the Hangzhou Grandshores fund, are currently working with a mid-tier Japanese bank, whose name he refused to divulge, in creating a stablecoin.

Yao said he sees demand for a yen-linked stablecoin, and is hopeful of launching the token by the end of this year or early 2019 and the next anchor currencies Grandshores will explore are the Hong Kong dollar and Australian dollar.

“We believe cryptocurrency traders and exchanges will be potential takers of these stablecoin,” he said.

Many cryptocurrency exchanges already trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as ethereum and EOS against tether. Grandshores Technology’s yen stablecoin could provide an alternative that can be traded on these exchanges.

Yao was also an early investor in Canaan, the world’s second largest maker of bitcoin mining rigs which is seeking to raise US$1 billion and list in Hong Kong. He has invested 107 million yuan in Canaan since 2015 through his own blockchain venture fund, and is expecting returns “to the tune of several hundred times”.

Currently, the founding partners of Hangzhou Grandshores fund, together with some of its affiliated funds under Grandshores Technology, have invested 500 million yuan globally in blockchain and cryptocurrency projects outside China. These include Zcash, an open-source cryptocurrency that offers selective transparency of transactions; blockchain start-up GX Chain and blockchain-based social media network ONO.

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Plug and Play to Launch Crypto and Digital Assets Innovation Platform with Visa, AllianceBlock, The INX Digital Company, IGT, and Franklin Templeton 2446

Global innovation platform, Plug and Play, together with founding partners Visa, AllianceBlock, The INX Digital Company, IGT, and Franklin Templeton, has announced the launch of their new Crypto and Digital Assets program in Silicon Valley. The program aims to connect international startups with the founding partners to pilot the startups’ technologies and drive the future of Crypto and Digital Assets as world-class leaders.

“Plug and Play is excited to partner with Visa, AllianceBlock, The INX Digital Company, IGT, and Franklin Templeton to launch our new program and multiply our reach and impact in the crypto space. We look forward to accelerating enterprise-level adoption and bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3,” said Maximillian Jungreis, Head of Crypto and Digital Assets at Plug and Play.

“At Visa, we believe partnerships can unlock a deeper understanding of the emerging use cases in the payments ecosystem,” said Dan Roesbery, Vice President, Global Fintech Partnerships at Visa. “We’re excited to partner with Plug and Play to innovate with fintech and crypto platforms at all stages of the startup lifecycle on new money movement experiences.”

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., Plug and Play connects startups and leading corporations worldwide through industry-specific accelerator programs. The founding partners of the Crypto and Digital Assets program will access a global network of startups developing new digital technologies and innovative tools. In addition to our partners’ specific interests, Plug and Play’s new Crypto and Digital Assets vertical will have four broader focus areas:

  • Stablecoin Adoption: Stablecoins — cryptocurrencies pegged to an underlying financial asset — have emerged as a leading crypto use-case by providing global access to the world’s strongest fiat currencies. Businesses adopting stablecoins get all the benefits of crypto without the volatility: lower fees, secure transactions, and instant cross-border payments.
  • Decentralized Finance: By making units of value — stocks, bonds, real estate, currencies, etc. — interoperable, programmable, and composable on blockchains, capital markets will become more efficient and accessible to everyone on the planet.
  • Crypto Economics: Tokens create opportunities for innovation in capital formation and human coordination that extend beyond the digital world and into the physical. Crypto-economic systems are enhancing access to core commodities like file storage and decentralized wireless — and the business benefits are significant.
  • Enterprise Blockchain: Enterprise blockchains are networks designed for large companies and organizations. They retain the core benefits of blockchains, such as efficiency and immutability, but tweak the underlying permissions to help businesses with data safety, faster transactions, and better supply chain management.

“AllianceBlock is excited about our partnership with Plug and Play Crypto and Digital Assets. Our ecosystem benefits from their broad network of innovative startups, industry pioneers, and thought leaders, as well as the value that we will provide to the Plug and Play ecosystem as experts in the decentralized space and the infrastructure for builders and developers to build on top of. We share the vision of a participatory economy, one that is fair, transparent, sustainable, and inclusive, and together we are working tirelessly to make that a reality.”

Blockchain technology and crypto economics will transform how we do business on the internet and across multiple industries. At Plug and Play Crypto and Digital Assets, we will accelerate enterprise-level adoption and bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3.

“As we continue our mission to increase access to the wealth of opportunities in the digital economy for both companies and investors, we are thrilled to be a founding member of Plug and Play’s Crypto and Digital Assets program in Silicon Valley. Not only will this unique partnership offer deeper connections on the West Coast and Silicon Valley, but it will also allow us to put our leadership and expertise to work as we advise companies on the benefits of participating in the rapidly growing ecosystem of blockchain, tokenization, and cryptocurrency,” said Douglas Borthwick, Chief Business Officer at INX. “Together with Visa, AllianceBlock, IGT, and Franklin Templeton, we look forward to working with a variety of companies – from startups to established names – about the digital future and how they can leverage opportunities now to garner long-term growth.”

“We believe venture capital is the optimal strategy to invest in the development and growth of Web3 businesses. In our view, the Crypto and Digital Assets team at Plug and Play continues to innovate and identify some of the most exciting Blockchain opportunities in the world,” said Kevin Farrelly, VP/Director of Digital Asset Management.

“As a global leader in gaming, IGT is excited to partner with Plug and Play to accelerate our innovation through a compelling collaborative environment of established industry leaders and technology startups from various sectors,” said Fabio Celadon, IGT Executive Vice President of Strategy & Corporate Development. “IGT stands at the forefront of cashless gaming technology, and working with Plug and Play can further advance our capacities and development potential in the payments space.”

About Plug and Play

Plug and Play is the leading innovation platform connecting startups, corporations, venture capital firms, universities, and government agencies. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we’re present in 50+ locations across five continents. We offer corporate innovation programs and help our corporate partners in every stage of their innovation journey, from education to execution. We also organize startup acceleration programs and have built an in-house VC to drive innovation across multiple industries. We’ve invested in hundreds of successful companies, including Dropbox, Guardant Health, Honey, Lending Club, N26, PayPal, and Rappi. For more information, visit https://www.plugandplaytechcenter.com/

Swaps Updates Take Payment Processing and UX to Badass Level 3037

Swaps is pleased to announce that we have updated our platform. As a crypto and fiat payment processing company, we prioritize providing our partners with the best crypto on-ramp, off-ramp, and checkout services. Our new update includes better UI and UX, 31 blockchains and 1000 tokens available, new payment methods, quick API integration, and many more features.

Since 2019, Swaps has been committed to helping businesses to access Web3 by providing crypto on-ramp solutions, allowing them to offer Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and other coins. Now this update brings new, more exciting features.

We’ve just finished integrating Stripe and TrueLayer, the world’s top-rank payment and open banking providers. We added American Express, Google Pay, instant bank payments and many more payment methods to existing Visa, Mastercard and Apple Pay options. These are available for our partners to bring quicker and more seamless payments to their customers—a few moments for each transaction.

Swaps payment processing service also allows e-commerce companies to accept crypto as a payment method, which opens the doors to more customers, giving the crypto-friendly community an opportunity to buy goods and services with digital coins.

Backed by leading security, compliance and fraud prevention partners, Swaps is now open for KYC sharing, which was one of the top requests to the company for a long time. This gives our partners more confidence and easier onboarding for users.

Swaps CEO, Georgios Kalmpazidis, stated. “One of our company’s main priorities is fighting against chargeback and fraud and making our merchants’ lives easier. We make this battle even more efficient with the new update.”

In this recent upgrade, we also improved the partner dashboard, making accessing and monitoring customer data and transactions quick and transparent. We also introduced the Swaps business wallet for partners and flexible payout options, including cryptocurrency and bank transfers.

Our versatile and single API integration makes this entire ecosystem and features available for any online business to scale up and utilize the power of digital assets. We handle AML/KYC verification, anti-fraud, payment methods, and liquidity, and we allow operating globally in more than 180 countries.

Swaps is a fully compliant and regulated European crypto company. We combine industry-leading security with a blazingly fast and incredibly easy-to-use platform to bring buying and selling crypto to everyone, beginner or expert, company or individual.

Find Satoshi Lab, Creators Behind STEPN, Launch NFT Marketplace and Launchpad, MOOAR 3756

Find Satoshi Lab (“FSL”), a Web3 gaming and development studio founded in 2021 with a mission to bridge Web2 to Web3, today announced the launch of the MOOAR, a multi-chain NFT marketplace. This is the third project to launch within the Find Satoshi Lab ecosystem after STEPN, a lifestyle fitness app, and DOOAR, a decentralized exchange (DEX).

FSL is launching MOOAR to empower traders and creators through a unique membership model with zero platform fees and no optional royalties. The marketplace will enable community members to create and launch their own collections on MOOAR’s launchpad, which is run like a community-driven hackathon. MOOAR is a pivotal step to ensure the delivery of FSL’s goals and vision through a community-centric solution – a marketplace to host transactions that ultimately support the growth and development of FSL.

The creation of a marketplace establishes FSL’s ecosystem as self-sustaining where STEPN, DOOAR, and MOOAR work in collaboration to actively support each other without the need for members to pay additional service fees outside of the initial platform membership fees. FSL is also now able to fully empower the community of creators, enabling them to bring the highest quality content to MOOAR through its launchpad, while also respecting rights to royalty fees. MOOAR also brings additional utility to the ecosystem’s native GMT token as token holders can use it for voting privileges under MOOAR’s launchpad. The self-sustaining design benefits all members of the FSL ecosystem and ensures that they have access to a best-in-class experience.

Yawn Rong, Co-Founder of Find Satoshi Lab, commented on the news, “Find Satoshi Lab is excited to expand our ecosystem by leveraging MOOAR and introducing externalities, thus adding more utility to GMT. With the creation of the MOOAR marketplace, FSL is now a fully self-sustaining ecosystem, removing the need for the community to use external platforms, simplifying the experience, and better supporting the community. FSL believes that creators deserve royalties, which we have decided to utilize royalties for MOOAR. We feel the zero service fee is only sustainable through a membership model, and for FSL and the greater industry to sustain itself, we must value our creators. We are looking forward to further our mission to educate and introduce millions of new Web2 users to Web3 and the world of NFTs, inspire a healthy lifestyle by gamifying exercise, and combat climate change.”

In August of 2021, Find Satoshi Lab launched its first project, STEPN, a Web3 lifestyle app that incentivises users to exercise by offering token rewards, which quickly became the textbook example of an effective tokenised gaming model. To further develop the ecosystem, FSL launched DOOAR, a multi-chain decentralised exchange (DEX), in June 2022. Adding a DEX into the ecosystem offered the community a native, multi-chain, non-custodial platform to facilitate trading. Now, with the addition of MOOAR, FSL unites all parts of its users’ journey–from purchasing a Sneaker NFT on STEPN, to creating and trading unique NFT collections on MOOAR, as well as swapping tokens via DOOAR. FSL is constantly building to better support its dedicated community and is set to further announce several developments in the coming months.

About Find Satoshi Lab

Founded in 2021, Find Satoshi Lab (FSL) is a gaming and development studio connecting players to Web3. FSL’s mission is to educate and introduce individuals to Web3, while encouraging healthy living, and combating climate change. FSL brands include STEPN, MOOAR, and DOOAR.

For additional information on Find Satoshi Lab, visit: http://findsatoshilab.com/


MOOAR is an integral part of the Find Satoshi Lab (FSL) ecosystem that provides both a primary and secondary marketplace for NFT transactions, protecting the ecosystem from unwanted third-party transaction fees. Profits from MOOAR remain within the FSL ecosystem and are leveraged to facilitate its growth and development. MOOAR is currently available on Solana and Ethereum.

For additional information on MOOAR, visit: http://mooar.com/

XT.COM Launches Version 4.0 With Latest Updates, Enhanced Features and Brand-New User Experience 3793

1 2022 10 27 в 11 29 23

October 27, 2022

XT.COM, the world’s first socially infused trading platform, has launched version 4.0 for an enhanced user experience. The system upgrade was successfully carried out from 02:00 to 14:00 on October 25, 2022 (UTC).

The new version ensures a smoother operation, simpler functions and improved flow of transactions and other processes. The upgraded XT platform should attract more users globally and provide existing users with improved trading experience regardless using the mobile app or via web browser.

The launch of XT.COM’s version 4.0 trading platform marks a milestone in XT.COM’s newly improved trading experience. Currently, XT.COM ranks in the TOP 30 on CoinMarketCap and has introduced more than 500 digital assets and 800 trading pairs including large market cap coins, DeFi tokens, NFTs, Metaverse-related projects, and many new assets on both XT.COM Main and Innovation Zone.

For this occasion, XT.COM will be hosting a special event with up to $165 reward for the first 1,000 participating users in the event that will be announced shortly.

New Features & Advantages of XT Version 4.0

  • QR Code Logins: You can now log into your account by scanning a QR code. If you own a mobile device with version 3.15.0 and above, you can access the new features on XT.COM’s homepage.
  • Improved Security: The new 2FA authentication eliminates all potential security concerns with weak passwords. This ensures all the transactions such as deposit and withdrawal are reliable with the new authentication features. The new “security level” metric also makes sure that the user is offered the utmost security while using the platform.
  • Enhanced Assets Features: The new Assets page has features that include an overview section of all assets. Including an order feature to view all workflows of different accounts, and a comprehensive upgrade of fund records of each account.
  • Better Withdrawal Process: The withdrawal process is much simpler in the new version, making the system more efficient and secure. Apart from the easy process, the system now displays a pop-up screen that offers security tips to users for a better experience.
  • Detailed Account Settings: The new Accounts page provides a detailed overview of the account including the income status, the status of products, overview of different currencies, and a newly-deisigned order of the account information for better search efficiency.
  • Optimized Deposit Page: The new Deposit page provides details of recent recharge records and recharge status. On the web page, it also has an FAQ section to help new users.
  • Optimal trading support: The “asset management” function has been added to the Transaction page for efficient transactions. All the trading pairs can be viewed under the new “Current Order” section of the page.

With the updated version of the website and the app, XT aims to attract more users and provide a hassle-free experience for all users. XT.COM will keep striving for more secure, professional, efficient, and transparent financial digital assets services and products for users all around the globe.

To try the brand new version 4.0 of XT.COM, visit our website or mobile app today.

About XT.COM

By consistently expanding its ecosystem, XT.COM is dedicated to providing users with the most secure, trusted, and hassle-free digital asset trading services. Our exchange is built from a desire to give everyone access to digital assets regardless where you are.

Founded in 2018, XT.COM now serves more than 6 million registered users, over 500,000+ monthly active users and 40+ million users in the ecosystem. Covering a rich variety of trading categories together with an NFT aggregated marketplace, our platform strives to cater to its large user base by providing a secure, trusted and intuitive trading experience.

As the world’s first social-infused digital assets trading platform, XT.COM also supports social networking platform based transactions to make our crypto services more accessible to users all over the world. Furthermore, to ensure optimal data integrity and security, we see user security as our top priority at XT.COM.

Website: https://www.xt.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/XTsupport_EN
Twitter: https://twitter.com/XTexchange

Here’s How GameSwift Is Pushing Web3 Gaming Into The Mainstream 3741

1 2022 10 26 в 15 37 24

Web3-based gaming is growing in popularity minute by minute with no less than six billion dollars invested in web3 gaming projects in the first half of 2022. Even so, there is a clear lack of a reliable solution for crypto gaming because gamers and major game publishers tend to be wary of Web3 games. GameSwift’s vision is to change the dynamic, create a platform to enjoy, develop, and build strong communities while onboarding the next million of players into the world of web3.

What’s there to know?

One of GameSwift’s defining aspects is that it will not be limited to a single gaming platform. The project has lofty goals, such as becoming an all-encompassing location for all Web3 gaming needs. Beginning with the platform, which will function similarly to its Web2-based forerunners of digital distribution in granting users easy and quick access to a comprehensive catalog of games, GameSwift will offer a wide range of tools and services for all Web3 gaming aficionados, which includes both players and builders.

Moreover, to help save valuable time and effort researching different gaming projects and finding relevant information, the GameSwift team will cherry-pick high-quality gaming projects and list them on the platform. Doing so eliminates the need to navigate multiple websites in order to find, download, and run a game. Essentially, GameSwift provides a platform for users to launch and test the games they find appealing within the app, allowing them to find quality projects that are easily accessible and therefore making the entire process more streamlined and quicker.

What kind of opportunities can GameSwift provide?

Apart from providing an innovative and memorable gaming experience, the Platform will also include investment opportunities. Users will be able to benefit from simple onboarding for INOs and IGOs on the GameSwift Platform while also utilizing the advanced SocialFi tools and services provided. In this way, GameSwift offers a unique experience which not only has something for everyone, but also actively contributes to the inevitable transition to Web3.

Moreover, the GameSwift team recognized the contemporary difficulties posed by the Web3 gaming environment, chief among which is the apparent absence of a decentralized and configurable gaming infrastructure. Web3 game developers are hence already working on projects that span a multitude of competing, non-interoperable blockchains. To support cross-chain interoperability and the continued growth of the Web3 gaming sector, a well-developed infrastructure will be required which is precisely why GameSwift introduces its specialized solutions that enable all users to use blockchain technology seamlessly. Wojciech Gruszka, CEO of GameSwift, says “The GameSwift ID is a flagship product that makes users feel comfortable navigating Web3”, which is one of the most important aspects when it comes to both gaming and Web3 in general.

Safe use of blockchain technology?

The GameSwift team recognizes the need to implement dependable security features which is why they are putting a well-known single sign-on solution on the blockchain. Users won’t have to jeopardize their security by storing multiple passwords or seed phrases as they only need one account and one set of credentials to launch multiple dApps (decentralized applications) and games as well as access all of their digital assets with GameSwift ID.

This increases personal security while reducing the entry barrier for crypto newcomers. The team wants users to consider the possibility of signing into their favorite game using a single account, such as Google or Apple ID, rather than multiple wallets, chains, and networks. Not only is this more effective, but it is in fact the only solution of its kind presently available on the crypto market.

Is it easy to use?

It is important to note that the GameSwift ID will be much more than a quick way to sign in. After logging in to the platform, users will get to browse through numerous projects and create their own gaming profiles to monitor their game achievements and statistics as well as compare them to other gamers. All of this without having to perform multiple complex actions, master cross-chain transfers, or switch between wallets.

Due to its simplicity, GameSwift ID thus serves as an entry point into the Web3 world for users who may be new to crypto.

Furthermore, GameSwift is incorporating a built-in wallet as part of the ID functionality, which can be connected to other major Web3 wallets such as MetaMask, WalletConnect, Trust Wallet, or Phantom. The team also intends to expand the wallet’s availability beyond EVM-compatible chains such as Solana and Near.

Additionally, developers won’t need to learn any blockchain-specific programming languages to deploy their apps, enabling them to concentrate entirely on producing the best possible product. This is all thanks to GameSwift SDK. Whether they write in Python, Java or C#, GameSwift offers a distinctive set of tools for all developers interested in developing high-quality blockchain-based projects.

If you’d like to participate in empowering the next generation of web3 games and are a passionate creator who aims to bring to life an immersive web3-based gaming adventure, the applications are now open. Fill in the application form here to launch your game with GameSwift!

About GameSwift

GameSwift is a game-changing product that is reshaping the entire Web3 gaming industry. As a decentralized and community-driven ecosystem, it provides all of the elements required to create a true Web3 gaming empire.

The four well-designed and integrated pillars of the GameSwift ecosystem are Chain, Web3 Infrastructure, Platform, and Gaming Studio. Also, GameSwift’s unique infrastructure enables game developers to cleverly implement blockchain technology and share in-game resources while allowing players to fully enjoy their gaming experience.

GameSwift is hence best defined as a 360-degree platform for game developers and gaming studios, offering all of the tools required to launch Web2 games into the Web3 environment, as well as a space for dedicated gamers who wish to participate in the burgeoning crypto industry and become a part of Web3.

Lastly, the list of GameSwift products appears to be endless, but the important thing to note is that they are all focused on providing the best possible user experience while enticing traditional gamers to try out Web3 games. With such a vision in mind, the GameSwift team is working hard to deliver the promised tools, and it appears that the first products will be released sooner than expected. CEO Wojciech Gruszka says there will not be a need to wait until 2023 for the crypto and blockchain community to take its first look at the GameSwift Platform.

Visit the official website and the Twitter, Telegram and Discord channels for more information.

Fireblocks Launches Digital Asset Payments Engine with FIS Joining as New Network Member 3211

Fireblocks (www.fireblocks.com), an easy-to-use platform to create innovative products on the blockchain and manage day-to-day crypto operations, announced today the public launch of its Payments Engine, a new suite of tools that will enable payment service providers (PSPs) with the ability to provide a blockchain agnostic, end-to-end solution for merchants, entrepreneurs and creators to accept, manage and settle digital asset payment transactions across any geography.

Early pilot partner Checkout.com, who was instrumental in supporting the development of the Payments Engine, has facilitated more than $1 billion in digital asset merchant settlements through their solution this year. Today, Fireblocks welcomes FIS, the largest merchant acquirer in the world, into its network of partners using the Payments Engine. FIS and its Worldpay solutions already provide card-to-crypto processing services for 4 of the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges and was the first global merchant acquirer to offer USDC settlements. Together, the payment services providers collectively serve over a million merchants around the world.

“In the last several years, critical work has been done in the space to address pieces of the payments system,” said Michael Shaulov, CEO of Fireblocks. “From stablecoin settlement to cross-border payments to payouts for creators, we believe that the payments system must be addressed holistically, especially as we see digital assets continue to proliferate into mainstream technologies and the global economy. We have seen a tremendous amount of momentum from some of the biggest names in categories such as creator economies, streaming applications, and ride-sharing apps, who are actively thinking about more efficient ways to remit payments to marketplace participants.”

Following the acquisition of First Digital, which brought specialized digital asset payments capabilities to the Fireblocks’ platform, the newly launched Payments Engine provides a turnkey solution for businesses that want to integrate digital asset operations into existing or new products. Utilizing Fireblocks’ Payments Engine, PSPs will have a secure platform to deploy new digital asset payment rails, expanding their capabilities to accept, collect, payout, process and settle transactions using digital assets.

“The widespread use of stablecoins have made digital asset-based payments use cases very compelling for payments companies,” said Fireblocks Vice President and Head of Payments, Ran Goldi. “Fireblocks’ new Payments Engine will allow PSPs to offer and interact with a new breed of payments technology. We have had the privilege of working alongside the largest PSPs in the world to develop innovative fit-to-purpose solutions to support the next generation of payments products and services. We’re excited to roll out our vision for the payments space with our partners and showcase the results of these collaborative efforts with our customers in the upcoming months.”

With reports anticipating that over 75% of retailers plan to adopt digital asset payment services within the next two years, early movers in the payments space like Checkout.com and FIS have already begun taking advantage of Fireblocks’ Payments Engine to offer merchants the flexibility of 24/7 settlement, increasing cash flow, and reducing operational complexity.

“We’re enthusiastic about a wide-scale shift among enterprises and consumers towards digital payment systems,” said Nabil Manji, Head of Crypto & Web3 at FIS. “Together we will enable crypto-native and traditional businesses to accept, manage and settle digital assets so that they may choose their preferred currency for conducting business. This further builds on our relationship with Fireblocks, where we have already teamed to provide enterprise-grade digital asset investing and wallet technology to our capital market clients.”

In addition to stablecoin settlements, PSPs can use Fireblocks’ Payment Engine for:

  • Cross-border internal settlement — PSPs can now provide global, multinational companies ability to easily settle finances across multiple currencies with greater transparency
  • Creator/seller payouts — Enabling PSPs to offer payouts to marketplace participants faster and with more transparency in a way that is more suited to micropayments
  • Pay-ins — Allowing PSPs to enable their merchants to accept crypto as a payment method with significantly lower processing fees

“Across the globe, businesses, organizations, local governments, and individual consumers are all emphatically embracing new Web3 and digital payments technologies,” said Max Rothman, Head of Crypto & Digital Assets at Checkout.com. “To that end, through Checkout.com’s partnership with Fireblocks’ Payments Engine, we are able to pioneer new Web 3 solutions for our clients, such as our Stablecoin Settlement solution launched earlier this year. The result is faster, more affordable, and more secure transactions.”

Accessible via its UIs and APIs, Fireblocks’ Payments Engine provides a platform for PSPs to manage their merchants’ money flow in an easy and secure manner. Fireblocks is the highest-valued digital asset platform in the world, currently valued at $8 billion, and has also secured the transfers of over $3 trillion in digital assets.

Learn more about how the Fireblocks Payments Engine can power PSPs to build the next generation of digital asset services here: www.fireblocks.com/payments/

About Fireblocks

Fireblocks is an enterprise-grade platform delivering a secure infrastructure for moving, storing, and issuing digital assets. Fireblocks enables exchanges, lending desks, custodians, banks, trading desks, and hedge funds to securely scale digital asset operations through the Fireblocks Network and MPC-based Wallet Infrastructure. Fireblocks serves over 1,500 financial institutions, has secured the transfer of over $3 trillion in digital assets and has a unique insurance policy that covers assets in storage & transit. Some of the biggest trading desks have switched to Fireblocks because it’s the only solution that CISOs and Ops Teams both love. For more information, please visit www.fireblocks.com.