SEC Seeks Sanctions Against Individuals Behind Alleged Cryptocurrency Scam PlexCoin 1208

The case launched by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against PlexCorps, also known as PlexCoin, and the individuals behind this scheme – Dominic Lacroix and Sabrina Paradis-Royer, continues at the New York Eastern District Court, with the US regulator having hard time to make the defendants co-operate, or, at the very least, comply with Court orders.

On Tuesday, September 25th, the Commission submitted a document to the Court, asking for leave to file a motion to compel and a motion for discovery sanctions against Dominic Lacroix and Sabrina Paradis-Royer. The regulator argues that the defendants continue to ignore Court orders concerning discovery, accounting of assets and repatriation of assets.

In the Court’s Order from December last year, for example, the Court ordered the defendants, among other things, to produce within three business days “a sworn verified written accounting” reflecting the amounts and locations of investor assets raised from the PlexCoin ICO, and to “immediately” transfer to the registry of the Court all assets “derived from PlexCoin or PlexCoin Tokens or PlexCorps”. These deadlines were extended to December 27, 2017, by a stipulation of the parties and Order of this Court, which specifically required the defendants to provide to the Commission “a full list of bank and brokerage accounts . . . and any blockchain addresses through which investor funds were solicited or received,” as well as the “sworn verified accounting”. To date, however, the defendants have not complied with any of these orders.

Furthermore, in August this year, the Court ordered that, by September 18, 2018, the Individual Defendants are to submit to the Commission all items ordered produced by the December Order, including, but not limited to, the accounting of investor funds and the list of Individual Defendants’ accounts and assets. Nevertheless, the defendants have neither produced the ordered accounting and list of assets nor repatriated any funds.

The SEC argues that the defendants are simply disobeying this Court’s orders and the very production deadlines they have repeatedly stipulated to. Their persistent failure to comply with the Court’s orders evidences that the defendants have no intention of participating meaningfully in this litigation.

The regulator warns that, absent the sanction it requests, the defendants could employ this strategy indefinitely, including potentially after the entry of a preliminary injunction. Delaying the inevitable final judgment only increases the likelihood that Dominic Lacroix and Sabrina Paradis-Royer will continue to dissipate investor assets in violation of this Court’s orders, the SEC says.

Let’s recall that, in its complaint, the US regulator says that it has to take an emergency action to stop Lacroix, a recidivist securities law violator in Canada, and his partner Paradis-Royer from further misappropriation of investor funds illegally raised through the fraudulent and unregistered offer and sale of securities called “PlexCoin” or “PlexCoin Tokens” in a purported “Initial Coin Offering”.

From August 2017 through the present, the defendants have obtained investor funds, purportedly $15 million from thousands of investors, including those throughout the United States and in the Eastern New York District, through materially false and misleading statements.

Lacroix and Paradis-Royer allegedly misappropriated investor funds and engaged in other deceptive acts relating to investments in the PlexCoin Token, despite having both been enjoined by a Quebec tribunal from engaging in the activities that are the subject of the SEC action.

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Qurax Exchange Unveils Multi-Chain Crypto Trading Platform with Integrated Financial Services and Revolutionary Crypto Card Program 8220

Qurax Exchange, a trailblazer in the cryptocurrency arena, today announced the official launch of its cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem that aims to redefine the digital asset landscape. The comprehensive Qurax ecosystem is designed to cater to both novice and experienced crypto users by offering a full suite of services including trading, staking, mining, and a groundbreaking Crypto Card Program, all within a single, seamless interface.

The Qurax platform’s multi-chain functionality supports seamless transactions across various blockchain networks, fostering unparalleled flexibility and accessibility in the crypto trading space. This strategic innovation addresses the critical demand for interoperability and enhanced liquidity, setting a new standard in the cryptocurrency exchange industry.

Key Highlights of the Qurax Exchange Ecosystem

Multi-Chain Accessibility: Users can effortlessly manage and trade assets across multiple blockchains, maximizing opportunities and convenience.

Full Stack Financial Services: From fiat onramps and offramps to advanced trading options, Qurax offers a comprehensive array of financial services, making it the go-to platform for all crypto-related activities.

Qurax Crypto Card: In a major stride towards cryptocurrency adoption, the Qurax Crypto Card will allow users to spend crypto assets directly from their exchange balance at millions of merchants globally. This card integrates smoothly with the platform, ensuring that users benefit from real-time conversion rates and enhanced security protocols. This will be launched in Q4 2024.

Qurax Staking and Mining Programs:

Adding to its robust feature set, Qurax will introduce competitive staking and mining programs that promise attractive returns and foster deeper community engagement. These programs are designed to provide users with additional avenues to grow their investments and participate actively in the network’s security and governance.

Security and Compliance:

Security remains a paramount concern for Qurax. The platform employs cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest security standards are met, including regular audits, advanced encryption, and real-time monitoring systems. In compliance with global regulations, Qurax adheres to KYC and AML guidelines, providing a safe and trustworthy environment for all users.

Vision for the Future:

The launch of Qurax exchange is not just the unveiling of another crypto exchange; it’s the beginning of a new era in the digital finance world,”, CEO of Qurax Exchange. “With our multi-chain platform and the integrated Qurax Crypto Card, we are breaking down barriers to mainstream crypto adoption and offering an unmatched level of convenience and utility to our users. We are excited to lead the charge towards a more inclusive and flexible financial ecosystem.”

About Qurax Exchange:

Qurax Exchange is a pioneering cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers a wide range of financial services across multiple blockchain networks. Designed to provide a holistic trading experience, Qurax empowers users to engage with the crypto economy in an efficient, secure, and compliant manner. For more information about Qurax Exchange and its services, visit

Multis Team Joins Safe to Build Cross-Chain Smart Wallet Infrastructure 8784

Safe, the leading smart wallet infrastructure, with more than $100 billion in value of digital assets secured, has welcomed the senior leadership team of Multis to the Safe Ecosystem Foundation and completed the strategic acquisition of the Multis source code; Multis is an all-in-one financial software designed for crypto businesses. At the same time, Thibaut Sahaghian, the former CEO of Multis, is set to take on the new role of Network Abstraction Lead as a core contributor within the Safe ecosystem, where he and his team will continue their work towards enabling businesses and individuals to adopt and easily use digital assets every day.

With this move, Safe embarks on the next phase of its mission to simplify, improve, and enhance Web3 user experience. Leveraging their unique collective expertise, the Safe and former Multis team members will collaborate to solve the complexities of cross-chain interaction through network abstraction, with the end goal of enabling users to manage assets across diverse blockchain networks effortlessly.

As crypto usage soars, the demand for faster and more cost-efficient transactions has led to the rise of Layer 2 networks built atop the Ethereum mainnet (Layer 1), aiming to enhance scalability. However, this growth has considerably fragmented the blockchain landscape, complicating the development of user-friendly, on-chain applications and wallets. Addressing this complexity through network abstraction, which simplifies asset management across various blockchains, is crucial for setting the stage for mainstream adoption—a vital goal for the Ethereum community.

“The demand for Safe’s services is skyrocketing, particularly from emerging L2 ecosystems seeking robust infrastructure support to help users manage their digital assets. As we expand, simplifying the cross-network experience becomes crucial,” noted Richard Meissner, co-founder of Safe. “The synergy between Multis and Safe will undoubtedly help us become a staple in these evolving networks and beyond.”

Thibaut added, “Joining Safe is a game-changer for us. We’ve already been harnessing Safe’s robust infrastructure for years, and this is a new journey for us. It empowers us to broaden our mission, tapping into Safe’s expansive platform and extensive user base. Together, we’re set on building an ecosystem where digital assets and applications interact seamlessly across multiple networks, easing the path to adoption and creating a more integrated blockchain world.”

This strategic acquisition marks a turning point for Safe. It aligns with Safe’s recent collaboration with Coinbase-incubated Base to make smart accounts the standard on Ethereum. This announcement furthers Safe’s commitment to providing a seamless and secure foundation for managing assets within exploding L2 ecosystems on Ethereum.

About Safe

Safe (previously Gnosis Safe) is an onchain asset custody protocol, securing ~$100 Billion in assets today. It is establishing a universal ‘smart account’ standard for secure custody of digital assets, data, and identity. With Safe{Wallet}, it’s flagship web and mobile wallet and Safe{Core} account abstraction infrastructure, Safe is on a mission to unlock digital ownership for everyone in web3 including DAOs, enterprises, retail and institutional users.

About Multis

Multis offers a comprehensive financial software solution, empowering DAOs and enterprises to seamlessly manage transactions with both USD and digital assets, across multiple networks. Historically backed by Sequoia Capital and Y Combinator, Multis has been a front-runner in enhancing the crypto business user experience, now set to amplify its impact with Safe.

Unveiling the Future of Trading: A Comprehensive Evaluation of 9294

In the fast-paced world of trading, staying ahead of the curve often hinges on accessing timely and accurate signals. Enter, a trailblazing platform powered by cutting-edge AI systems that revolutionize the way traders navigate the markets. With its sophisticated signal generation capabilities and comprehensive market coverage, emerges as a game-changer in the trading landscape.

Unrivaled Signal Accuracy

At the core of’s prowess lies its AI-driven signal system, renowned for its unrivaled accuracy and reliability. Leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning technologies, the platform analyzes vast volumes of market data in real-time to identify lucrative trading opportunities across a diverse range of assets.


The AI system employed by meticulously scans over 40 major, minor, and exotic currency pairs, providing traders with precise signals to capitalize on forex market movements. Whether it’s detecting trend reversals or spotting breakout opportunities, the platform’s AI-driven signals empower traders to navigate the complexities of the forex market with confidence.


For index traders,’s AI system offers invaluable insights into 15 of the most prominent global indices as Contracts for Difference (CFDs). By identifying key market trends and patterns, the platform equips traders with actionable signals to optimize their trading strategies and seize opportunities in global markets.


With coverage of high-profile asset classes,’s AI system enables traders to make informed decisions in the stock market. By analyzing company fundamentals, market sentiment, and technical indicators, the platform delivers targeted signals that empower traders to capitalize on stock market dynamics with precision.


In the realm of metals trading,’s AI system provides a strategic edge by detecting patterns and trends in precious commodities like Gold and Silver. By generating timely signals based on market volatility and macroeconomic factors, the platform empowers traders to navigate the metals market with confidence and agility.


In the burgeoning cryptocurrency market,’s AI system shines as a beacon of insight and opportunity. By monitoring price movements, market sentiment, and blockchain data, the platform delivers accurate signals for digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, enabling traders to capitalize on the volatility of cryptocurrencies.


Complementing its diverse asset offerings,’s AI system extends its reach to energy markets, including Brent Crude Oil, WTI, Natural Gas, and Coal. By analyzing supply-demand dynamics and geopolitical developments, the platform delivers strategic signals that empower traders to navigate energy commodities with confidence.

Integration for Seamless Trading

Beyond its AI-driven signal capabilities, seamlessly integrates essential trading tools, market data, and conversion features within a unified platform. This convergence of resources enhances traders’ ability to act swiftly on signals, maximizing their potential for profit in dynamic markets.


In the era of AI-driven trading, stands at the forefront of innovation and excellence. With its unparalleled signal accuracy, comprehensive market coverage, and seamless integration, the platform empowers traders to navigate the complexities of the financial markets with confidence and precision. Whether a seasoned trader or a newcomer to the world of trading, offers a compelling proposition: the power to harness AI-driven signals for unparalleled success in trading.


SquaredFinancial trading mobile app’s enhanced version now available 9725

Industry-leading FinTech firm, SquaredFinancial, launches the latest version of its all-in-one mobile application. This next-generation platform aims at empowering investors to trade anytime, wherever they go, and offers them a client-focused seamless and cross-channel experience. The SquaredFinancial mobile app is available on Android and iOS devices, and users can download it for free on Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Since its inception in 2005 and with nearly two decades of expertise in the fintech industry, SquaredFinancial has banked on technology to offer quality service to its clients from different backgrounds. Users interested in investment and trading can utilize the latest SquaredFinancial app to access a wide range of services and products. The app’s intuitive user interface and navigation make online trading simple and accessible for the average retail investor. This comprehensive approach enables the client to manage his trading account, Visa card wallet and portfolio, and funds transfers, all in one app.

About SquaredFinancial

SquaredFinancial is a well-capitalized FinTech firm founded in 2005. It aims at becoming a one-stop shop that meets investors’ financial needs. With around two decades of experience in financial technology and trading, it offers global solutions to traders of different generations and backgrounds who are looking for an intuitive and sophisticated investment gateway. It is led by market experts and leadership veterans who share a passion for trading and a vision to reshape the industry landscape. As a regulated firm, it provides investors with an online platform backed by cutting-edge technology that offers the opportunity to trade a wide range of instruments from different asset classes. SquaredFinancial has recently launched its proprietary mobile trading app and its innovative fixed-time deposit account.

Frontier Leadership: How a Rising Layer 0 Platform, Vitreus, Revolutionizes Business with Blockchain and AI 9460

Collaborative Digital Innovations (CDI), a Florida-based Regulatory Technology (RegTech) company makes waves revealing they will be using the Vitreus platform, a budding Layer 0 blockchain, to power their flagship product, COMPLiQ. This is an incredible milestone for both parties as this relationship represents opportunities for convergence between RegTech and blockchain solutions, offering a transformative approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI) governance, compliance, and cybersecurity.

COMPLiQ: AI Governance & Compliance

COMPLiQ, developed by CDI, operates atop the Vitreus platform. This revolutionary AI Governance & Logging solution, the first of its kind, is designed to address the challenges inherent in leveraging AI technologies amidst a booming market and an evolving compliance landscape. By leveraging blockchain, COMPLiQ provides unprecedented transparency, traceability, and unity across AI systems, aligning with the stringent requirements of regulatory frameworks like the European Union’s Artificial Intelligence Act and the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Cybersecurity Disclosure Rule. Coupled with its partner product, Intercept, these products not only introduce a way to understand your AI systems, but also enables you to rapidly note and assess materiality of traditional and non-traditional cybersecurity occurrences within your organization. Together these products represent a compounding effect of technology simplification for businesses.

In keeping with evolving compliance requirements, with CDI’s products, you stand to shield business from the mounting penalties which could reach up to 7% of global turnover for non-compliance within the EU’s landmark AI Act. Not only does CDI’s solution leverage blockchain technology to conquer distributed system harmonization, immutable logging and data collation, they also optimize a niche within the current technology market.

Vitreus: The Foundation for Next-Gen Technology

Vitreus emerges as a Layer 0 blockchain platform designed to support and cultivate progressive technology solutions in fields such as Industry 4.0, AI, Cybersecurity & Identity. As a new platform, Vitreus offers significant cost opportunities for emerging technologies, providing a cost-effective, secure by design, and reliable decentralized computing network. As seen by CDI’s product suite, Vitreus is more than just a smart contract or finance ledger. This distributed ledger technology stands to be a real-world technology platform, designed to integrate with and handle the complexity of transitions from the old to the new. While still nascent, yet available, the Vitreus ecosystem is poised to challenge the norms of blockchain platforms, geared not just towards finance, but also towards compliance, security and other progressive technologies.

Vitreus’ architecture supports the concept of Parallel Chains, introduced by Polkadot in 2017, to support the holistic compartmentalization of functions and features within a distributed computing environment. Not only is Vitreus highly scalable, it also supports entirely sovereign entities with its shared security model, allowing progressive builders to leverage the platform with their own solutions, catalyzing growth with this symbiotic relationship. Vitreus also introduces a unique dual asset system that powers the ecosystem in a manner that is not only user and business friendly, but also opens the door for cost savings and compliance adherence.

A Partnership Poised to Transform the Digital Landscape

The partnership between CDI and Vitreus marks a significant milestone in the integration of traditional software development with blockchain’s value additions and opportunities. This collaboration addresses the urgent need for securing business keen on leveraging AI/ML models against increasing threats and regulations, and paves the way for cost-efficient, transparent, and compliant deployment of AI technologies across complex system disparity.

As rules for AI get more complex, platforms like COMPLiQ and Vitreus become essential. They help organizations follow these rules while making the most of AI and blockchain technologies. These platforms provide a key benefit for businesses that want to meet regulatory demands and use AI’s groundbreaking potential.

Organizations looking to dive into blockchain through Vitreus, or simplify AI projects and cybersecurity reports, will find the CDI-Vitreus partnership very helpful. Learn how these platforms can boost your business in today’s digital and regulatory landscape by checking out their websites.

Waterfall Network Launches New Desktop App for Windows and macOS 8756

Waterfall Network, the decentralized and scalable ledger, today announced the release of a new desktop app for Windows and macOS that now allows almost anyone to easily set up their own node on the blockchain. With one-click setup, users only need to download and open the app, their Metamask (or any EVM) wallet, and they will have a full node running in sync with Waterfall Network.

Once users are connected, they can activate the node to receive stake amounts and rewards, view network status and connected peers, manage block producers on the node by creating or removing them, check balances, use external SSD drives as a data storage device, and customize other node settings.

“Supporting the Waterfall Network is now simpler than ever,” said Sergii Grybniak, Blue Wave CTO and Waterfall Head of Research. “This is not only an easy way for even novices to participate in the benefits of a blockchain, but this will also open up Waterfall node participation to a whole new class of user that will prove vital to building Waterfall before we publicly launch the mainnet.”

The Waterfall Network continues to streamline and expand its scale in anticipation of the launch of its mainnet. The Waterfall Network protocol has been optimized to achieve loads of 10,000+ transactions per second, with other optimizations and improvements, including faster synchronizations in parallel, improved search for new peers, automatically unlocked validators, improved reliability in optimistic consensus, randomness creation, new transaction gas estimates, and storage optimization. Waterfall is also continuing to develop and implement fast synchronization, simpler mnemonic phrase mechanisms, and reduced consumption of disk space.

The Waterfall Network protocol is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, serving the huge existing Ethereum developer base without having to learn new programming languages. Its protocol incorporates an innovative “Directed AcyclicGraph (DAG)” technology that allows for virtually unlimited scalability and portability of decentralized applications (dAPPs) with low processing power requirements that allow anyone to run a validator node from even low-cost laptops and mobile phones.

To download the new Waterfall Network desktop app or for more information, please visit

About Waterfall Network

Waterfall is a versatile layer one (L1) smart contract platform that solves the “blockchain trilemma” of security, scalability and decentralization while offering the first truly decentralized governance platform. Waterfall’s unique approach utilizing what is called a “Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)” achieves this by allowing anyone to run a validator node from any device, including low-cost laptops and in the future mobile phones. Waterfall is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, serving the huge existing Ethereum developer base without having to learn new programming languages. Waterfall utilizes a “one person one vote” system in which money can’t buy power. It is connected via two-way bridges to other popular protocols including Ethereum, BSC, and more to come.

Waterfall is the leading layer one (L1) architecture to combine scalability and decentralization, all while offering a truly decentralized governance platform. Waterfall’s Directed Acyclic Graph (“DAG”) achieves and allows it to run a validator node from any device, including low cost laptops and in the future mobile phones. Waterfall utilizes Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), allowing for portability of decentralized applications (dAPPs), and has very low hardware requirements for the participants to become validators.