Naval Aviation Enterprise Exploring Blockchain With Indiana-Based Company ITAMCO 1329

The Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) is exploring the use of blockchain to help track aviation parts throughout the parts life-cycle. Knowing the origin and history of flight-critical aircraft parts is a resource-consuming process that drives up the cost to operate military aircraft. The Navy hopes to change the way it tracks the lineage of parts. Currently, once parts are delivered to the user, the parts are tracked with pen and paper on a Scheduled Removal Component Card and manually entered into a database. Research has started that hopes to switch the Naval Aviation Enterprise to a permissioned blockchain.

Using a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement, NAVAIR’s Fleet Readiness Center Southwest (FRCSW) Advance Technologies Team has partnered with Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Companies (ITAMCO), developers of SIMBA Chain. SIMBA Chain is a product of an Army lead DARPA project for tracking secure messages using blockchain. Not only does ITAMCO bring technology innovation in a precision manufacturing setting, they also bring their own strategic partnership with Notre Dame’s Center for Research Computing. As part of the agreement, the Navy gets access to cutting-edge chain code as well as innovative protocols that can quickly and securely recall large data sets.

The ability to manage large data sets is not inherent to blockchain but these ancillary developments, along with managing life events and custody on a distributed ledger, will be a useful toolset among Navy, DoD and external industry partners. In return for helping the Navy understand how to use these exceptional software tools, ITAMCO will get to understand facets of the Navy and how the supply chain operates. The goal of the agreement is to develop a conceptual architecture for what a connected and visible supply chain could look like. A major hurdle is information assurance and accreditation for a distributed information system, a sizable departure from a centrally controlled database architecture the DoD is currently comfortable operating.

When all of the nodes supporting a supply chain become connected, it increases the vulnerability so special consideration must be given to cyber-security. By bringing the experts together early in the development of possible architectures, the authorities will better understand the risk and reward of a connected distributed system.

FRCSW, located on Coronado Naval Air Station in San Diego, California, is excited about becoming industry leaders in aviation supply chains. The Fleet Support Team believes the increased visibility and traceability will help NAVAIR support the Naval Air mission with an increased emphasis on safety and at a lower cost than we currently can achieve. “The Navy is very excited to work with ITAMCO on this cutting-edge technology to improve visibility, anti-tampering, traceability and data transparency in the NAVAIR supply chain,” said George Blackwood, Logistics Management Specialist F/A-18A-E & EA-18G ISSC North Island Fleet Support Team.

The Navy already has a trusted network so the blockchain would only loosely resemble public blockchains. Public blockchains start with zero trust and rely on computation power in the “proof of work” consensus methods. The Navy model will be a permissioned chain with a consensus mechanism requiring less computing power. Conceptually developing consensus methods that maintain the integrity of the ledger while providing for all of the stakeholders will be a collaborative effort. The Fleet Readiness Center is excited to be in the middle of this collaboration and well-positioned as a Maintenance Repair and Overhaul facility that currently manages relationships with much of the Naval Aviation Enterprise.

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Wizarre Announces Its Beta Game Release 2542


Wizarre is pleased to reveal the officiall release of the Wizarre Beta game on November 18, 2022 and will close the access on November 25, 2022. With this Beta release, Wizarre’s introducing more playable features to the users at these early stages, staying on track to deliver the early access version by December 17, 2022.

Wizarre is an NFT blockchain-based video game that takes place within a 2D magical fantasy world. All in-game characters and elements are rare and represented through NFTs (BEP-721 tokens) to provide proof of ownership, which are Wizards, Lands, and equipment.

The game is free-to-play and leverages a play-to-earn model, both merged into one ecosystem to allow anyone to immediately not only instantly dive into the gameplay but also simultaneously earn rewards – the intent of this model was to reduce the barrier to entry for all users.

SCRL is the platform’s native utility token. It’s a BEP-20 token that runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to leverage its speed, scalability, and low transaction fees. Through the burn mechanism, the total circulating supply of 10 billion tokens decreases over time and will therefore never rise in quantity.

The main objective of the game is to create new Wizards through breeding, level up your characters, and ultimately win battles against opponents. The more elements that are combined, the stronger the character spells and statistics become to help advance players to the top of their respective leaderboards.

The platform has also developed an NFT marketplace where users can trade different Wizards, Lands, and other assests with one another to further increase and better represent their value.

The team at Wizarre has built an application for both computer web browsers and mobile phones, so users can play on-the-go while still earning.

Download the Beta game here.

The launch of the Wizarre Beta version will not only lay the groundwork for what’s next but also give the team an opportunity to collect user feedback from testing.

Million Dollar – The First Real Estate Metaverse Company 2442

NFTs, meaning Non-Fungible Tokens, is a concept that gets people together. From arts to music to exclusive content and to VIP events, the NFT ecosystem brings so much to users. Metaverse allows users to engage in real-life activities in virtual reality (VR). You can own clothes, buy shoes, and even own land. And this has enabled projects to transform from NFTs into the Metaverse. One such project that has transformed is the Million Dollar Metaverse – the first real estate company in the Metaverse.

About Million Dollar

Million Dollar is the first Real Estate Company in the Metaverse with a concept of NFT Collection, such as male brokers, female brokers, plotlands, and other properties. The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The community keeps expanding, and users can become property owners – buying and selling lands to generate income.

Mission Statement

The Million Dollar platform is an ample opportunity for people who can’t invest in physical properties due to their lack of knowledge to become Real Estate brokers. We will create a space that allows you to connect with prospective customers. Buyers and sellers (project participants) will coexist, and transactions will happen faster and easier. “We believe real estate can be more fun without compromising the project participants” potential income. Thus, socialization and technology can co-exist in real estate – this is the target future of the Million Dollar Metaverse.” ( Sebastian F. Baciu – CEO)

How It Works

The NFT collections on Million Dollar include – Brokers, Properties, and Lands. The Broker is a male character with over 350 unique traits. Each attribute is categorized as either Smart-Casual, Formal, or Elegant. These categories determine the exclusive packages the Broker can access.

What makes the Million Dollar project stand out?

  • A broker gives holders more opportunities to earn passive and active incomes.
  • The community base has no monopoly in terms of decision-making.
  • The platform’s security level is high and end-encrypted.
  • Every user can access the platform and stake their property.
  • The community comprises crypto experts who contribute to the project’s development.

The Project Team

The Million Dollar is an outstanding project, mainly due to the impact of experienced developers and enthusiasts, including – Web3, real estate, IT, marketing, and blockchain design. As a result, users are well-assured of continuous community growth and establishment.

Web3 Content Distribution Protocol SHARE Launches on Ethereum and Polygon 3748

Today, Formless, Inc. announced the availability of the Beta version of SHARE, a protocol that provides digital content creators a way to distribute their music, video, podcast, and other experiences peer-to-peer using smart contracts. With SHARE, creators gain control of the streaming terms, including price, while maintaining compatibility across multiple applications. Registration for Beta access is now available for all creators, builders, and companies interested in using the technology.

Formless Founder Brandon Tory commented, “This is the first time in history that we can distribute content at scale as a program. We can now imagine a future where digital content is available across multiple platforms––even those like Spotify and Instagram, and creators have full control over the access terms, such as pricing, royalty splits from streaming, and ownership sharing with their community.”

Since publishing the SHARE Whitepaper earlier this year, Founder and former Apple and Google Engineer, Brandon Tory, and the team at Formless have received grant awards from the Polygon DAO, Alchemy, Google Cloud, and Stripe. Achievements include a full set of audited SHARE smart contracts with support on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains and a decentralized application that leverages the power of SHARE.

“Releasing our SHARE Beta is a monumental milestone. We’re now looking forward to working with creators, developers, and distribution partners to leverage blockchain technology and make an even bigger impact,” added Tory.

About FORMLESS, Inc.

Formless is a Boston, Massachusetts headquartered music technology company with the mission of creating virtual and physical experiences that enable people to live more fulfilling lives. Formless was founded in 2018 by Brandon Tory, a signed artist, former Staff Engineer at Google AI, and former Senior Engineer at Apple. Tory’s story of pursuing his dreams as a musician and engineer in parallel was featured in national media that include: Forbes, CNN Great Big Story, CNBC, and Yahoo Finance.

Geo Sets Out to Create a Global Decentralized Knowledge Graph 3720

Yaniv Tal, Co-Founder of The Graph and former CEO of Edge & Node, today unveiled details around his new company, Geo, a web3 browser and knowledge graph app aiming to harness crypto tools to organize the world’s public knowledge and information into a global decentralized knowledge graph. The company will collate blockchain data and develop a browsable user interface accessible to anyone. While Geo will leverage The Graph for data indexing, it will operate as a separate business entity.

Founder of Geo, Yaniv Tal, commented on today’s news: “From my earliest days building The Graph, I envisioned a global decentralized knowledge graph. Today we have the infrastructure to efficiently access blockchain data for thousands of developers, but we need to go a step further to organize real world data that everyone can use on a daily basis. That is the role Geo will play, and I’m thrilled to be working alongside a great team of engineers and developers to embark on our journey of building Geo into its full form.”

Information on Geo is interconnected and verifiable. The collection of data will be decided upon by flexible reputation and governance systems; each community can decide how they want to come to consensus on their facet of the knowledge graph. The interface will display the process used to vote on and accept information. Geo Genesis, a stripped down version of Geo for web will be available in the coming weeks.

Geo intends to become a new tool for organizing information, becoming the system of record for multiple sectors, including but not limited to politics, health, and science. Each industry can manage its own data, processes for allocating power through reputation, and user interfaces. Leveraging Geo as a coordination tool across verticals, will allow participants to structure arbitrary knowledge and come to consensus on information ranging from simple facts to complex policy decisions.

Tal continued: “We want to leverage Geo to help experts capture their knowledge and get to consensus on difficult questions. Developers will be able to build amazing applications and end users will be able to interact directly with an intuitive interface to create, customize, and mix and match data and UI blocks without needing to code.”

The company’s plan is to launch with a series of in person events in San Francisco, where it will test its ideas in one of the world’s premier technology and web3 hubs. Once successful, the plan will be to expand Geo’s footprint to other cities and scale around the globe.

For more information on Geo, please visit:

About Geo

Geo is a web3 browser and knowledge graph app aiming to organize the world’s public knowledge and information into a global decentralized database. Founded by Yaniv Tal, Geo will collate and distribute blockchain data into an easy-to-use browsable interface. Industries including politics, health, science, and more can manage their own data, processes for allocating power through reputation, and user interfaces. For more information on Geo, please visit:

Ascend launches ReDefyne™ recycled materials; partners with ITW on blockchain traceability 4320

Ascend Performance Materials has launched ReDefyne™, a portfolio of sustainable polyamides created with up to 100% pre- and post-consumer recycled polyamide 66 or 6 to provide a low carbon footprint and reliable performance, even in demanding applications.

“We are focused on helping our customers meet their long-term sustainability goals with innovative, reliable products,” said Steve Manning, Ascend’s senior director for engineered materials. “ReDefyne combines our expertise from Poliblend with our integrated operations and our global application development expertise to produce a recycled polyamide that performs in areas recycled materials have typically been ruled out of.”

ReDefyne products are third-party certified and Ascend is partnering with ITW Global Fasteners to pilot blockchain traceability according to the UNI EN 15343 through Plastic Finder’s Certified Circular Plastic® program.

“With ReDefyne, ITW is producing fasteners with a considerably lower carbon footprint,” said Christelle Staller, Ascend’s sales director for EMEAI. “ITW and Ascend both believe that sustainability requires accountability and are excited to pilot Certified Circular Plastic’s blockchain traceability program.”

Ascend, a fully integrated producer of durable materials, is focused on reducing its products’ carbon footprint having announced a commitment to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2030 and two new milestones announced earlier this month.

Ascend will be showcasing its sustainability efforts and new products, including ReDefyne, HiDura MED and its new e-mobility solutions, under its Advancing Together theme at K 2022 from 19-26 October in Hall 6 Stand A07.

About Ascend Performance Materials

Ascend Performance Materials makes high-performance materials for everyday essentials and new technologies. Our focus is on improving quality of life and inspiring a better tomorrow through innovation. Based in Houston, Texas, and with regional offices in Shanghai, Brussels and Detroit, we are a fully integrated material solutions provider with global manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. Our global workforce makes the materials used to make safer vehicles, cleaner energy, better medical devices, smarter appliances and longer-lasting apparel and consumer goods. We are committed to safety, sustainability and the success of our customers and our communities.

Learn more about Ascend at

ZOIDS WILD NFT ARENA Will Go Live on BNB Chain, Also Launches an Airdrop Event 4122

Z SPOT, the publisher of ZOIDS WILD NFT ARENA, developed by ACT Games, revealed today that its flagship title is expected to go live on BNB Chain.

BNB Chain is a global, decentralized network that is essential to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem, one that is home to projects such as Axie Infinity, making it a powerful, efficient home for blockchain projects to go live on.

Z SPOT’s ZOIDS WILD NFT ARENA is aiming for release at the end of 2022, and with the announcement of going live on BNB Chain, the company expects to attract general interest from the blockchain game community and in turn, bring in more users to the game in anticipation of the grand launch.

Z SPOT is also planning an NFT airdrop event of a limited-edition NFT card that is not only available for use in the game, but will include a hologram design only available for this particular airdrop. The details of the airdrop will be announced at a later date via the official social media channels of ZOIDS WILD NFT ARENA.

For more details regarding ZOIDS WILD NFT ARENA, visit the game’s official website and its various social media channels.


The “ZOIDS” series encompasses substantial content that TOMY Company, Ltd. has been developing as original intellectual property since 1983. ZOIDS are a biomechanical lifeform themed on dinosaurs and animals, named by combining the two words “zoic” (pertaining to animals or living beings) and “android” (a robot with a human appearance). ZOIDS are Real Moving Kit toys (assembly-type motorized toys) that are equipped with electric motors or wind-up mechanisms and move similarly to a real lifeform once assembled. For the first time in 12 years, efforts to develop “ZOIDS WILD,” the latest ZOIDS series, were initiated in 2018.

Official website:


ZOIDS WILD NFT ARENA is a blockchain trading card game (TCG) that incorporates units from the ZOIDS WILD franchise as NFT cards. ZOIDS WILD NFT ARENA allows players to purchase the NFT cards and store it on the blockchain, using them to battle against other players, like a real-life trading card game. ZOIDS WILD NFT ARENA is developed by ACT Games and will be published by Z SPOT. ZOIDS WILD NFT ARENA is set to be released in December of 2022, and it will be serviced globally except for the following regions: Japan, China, and Korea.

About Z SPOT

Z SPOT PTE. LTD. is a blockchain game publisher founded in 2022 in Singapore, specializing in publishing WEB 3.0 games. In addition, the company is a developer of platform for popular Web 3.0 projects, with many more titles on the way.

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