Juventus Is Launching a Crypto Token 1082

One of the most popular soccer clubs in the world is launching a crypto token that it says will boost fan numbers by allowing them to “be heard.”

For the effort, Italy’s Juventus Football Club, which boasts Cristiano Ronaldo as a current team member, is teaming up with Socios.com to launch the “Juventus Official Fan Token.” The token will be initially distributed via a “Fan Token Offering (FTO),” according to a press release Monday.

With one of the largest global fan bases of any soccer club, and a huge social media presence, the team says it intends the Fan Token to expand that audience even further, and allow supporters outside Europe to have a more direct experience.

The token, which will be tradeable on the Socios platform against its native $CHZ token, will allow the fans to vote over an upcoming mobile app. With the platform, fans can respond to Juventus ballots, allowing supporters’ “voice to be heard, and creating an emotional connection between the Club and its fans,” the club says.

The Fan Token Offering – which we’re guessing is basically an ICO , though the release didn’t indicate exactly how it would be structured or how much it is intended to raise – is slated for launch in Q1 2019. Giorgio Ricci, Juventus’ co-chief revenue officer, head of global partnerships and corporate revenues, said:

“At the club we are always very careful and pro-active towards innovation and new technologies. Together with Socios.com, we believe we can offer new opportunities to our worldwide fan base to engage in cutting-edge way with their favorite club.”

The announcement comes amid a recent spate of soccer clubs turning to blockchain tech to try and engage further with their fan-bases. Just two weeks ago, top French league team Paris Saint-Germain, revealed plans to issue its own cryptocurrency as a way to incentivize participation from its fans around the world. That project is also being conducted in partnership with Socios via a similar Fan Token Offering.

In fact, Socios indicated in today’s release that it hopes to engage with more soccer clubs, possibly as many as 50, going forward.

“Our ambition is to build the world’s biggest global football community and marketplace for football fans alongside demonstrating that blockchain and cryptocurrency is the trusted technology of the mainstream,” said Alexandre Dreyfus, the firm’s CEO and founder.

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Waterfall Network Launches New Desktop App for Windows and macOS 3664

Waterfall Network, the decentralized and scalable ledger, today announced the release of a new desktop app for Windows and macOS that now allows almost anyone to easily set up their own node on the blockchain. With one-click setup, users only need to download and open the app, their Metamask (or any EVM) wallet, and they will have a full node running in sync with Waterfall Network.

Once users are connected, they can activate the node to receive stake amounts and rewards, view network status and connected peers, manage block producers on the node by creating or removing them, check balances, use external SSD drives as a data storage device, and customize other node settings.

“Supporting the Waterfall Network is now simpler than ever,” said Sergii Grybniak, Blue Wave CTO and Waterfall Head of Research. “This is not only an easy way for even novices to participate in the benefits of a blockchain, but this will also open up Waterfall node participation to a whole new class of user that will prove vital to building Waterfall before we publicly launch the mainnet.”

The Waterfall Network continues to streamline and expand its scale in anticipation of the launch of its mainnet. The Waterfall Network protocol has been optimized to achieve loads of 10,000+ transactions per second, with other optimizations and improvements, including faster synchronizations in parallel, improved search for new peers, automatically unlocked validators, improved reliability in optimistic consensus, randomness creation, new transaction gas estimates, and storage optimization. Waterfall is also continuing to develop and implement fast synchronization, simpler mnemonic phrase mechanisms, and reduced consumption of disk space.

The Waterfall Network protocol is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, serving the huge existing Ethereum developer base without having to learn new programming languages. Its protocol incorporates an innovative “Directed AcyclicGraph (DAG)” technology that allows for virtually unlimited scalability and portability of decentralized applications (dAPPs) with low processing power requirements that allow anyone to run a validator node from even low-cost laptops and mobile phones.

To download the new Waterfall Network desktop app or for more information, please visit https://waterfall.network/.

About Waterfall Network

Waterfall is a versatile layer one (L1) smart contract platform that solves the “blockchain trilemma” of security, scalability and decentralization while offering the first truly decentralized governance platform. Waterfall’s unique approach utilizing what is called a “Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)” achieves this by allowing anyone to run a validator node from any device, including low-cost laptops and in the future mobile phones. Waterfall is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, serving the huge existing Ethereum developer base without having to learn new programming languages. Waterfall utilizes a “one person one vote” system in which money can’t buy power. It is connected via two-way bridges to other popular protocols including Ethereum, BSC, and more to come.

Waterfall is the leading layer one (L1) architecture to combine scalability and decentralization, all while offering a truly decentralized governance platform. Waterfall’s Directed Acyclic Graph (“DAG”) achieves and allows it to run a validator node from any device, including low cost laptops and in the future mobile phones. Waterfall utilizes Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), allowing for portability of decentralized applications (dAPPs), and has very low hardware requirements for the participants to become validators.

Volumint Introduces AI Automated Market Making services for DEX & CEX projects 5811

Volumint stands out as a platform that redefines market-making in the blockchain era. It unleashes the potential of every crypto project, focusing on the liquidity challenge. Our unique, subscription-based model is cost-effective and empowers small and medium-sized projects to enhance their market presence without the usual high costs of market-making services.

At the core of Volumint’s offering is an innovative, automated bot that mimics organic trading activities to amplify volume and ensure projects remain competitive. This bot injects unpredictability into trading patterns, creating a more dynamic market and reducing manipulation risks. By addressing the immediate market-making challenges, Volumint is paving the way for a more inclusive and dynamic future in cryptocurrency trading.

Volumint leverages AI’s potential and offers scalable solutions across multiple exchanges and EVM chains. This approach democratises market-making, allowing projects of all sizes to stimulate trading activity and maintain liquidity affordably.

The platform’s meticulously designed services prioritise safeguarding projects’ budgets and capital. The platform offers efficient market entry and optimised budget allocation through AI-driven analysis to maximise return on investment and foster sustainable growth in the competitive blockchain landscape. Volumint enables generation starting from $50,000 in daily volume with as little as $500 in liquidity budget while committing to protecting your budget and capital as the highest priority.

Volumint’s AI-driven analysis is a game-changer. It swiftly and accurately assesses projects at a high and qualitative level, providing custom solutions tailored to each project’s unique needs. The platform is functionally flexible, ensuring all requirements meet the highest standards. Volumint prioritises speed and quality to deliver fast and effective service.

The platform supports various blockchains and exchanges, including Uniswap, Mexc, BNB Chain, and Kucoin, ensuring broad accessibility and flexibility. Volumint’s commitment to innovation extends to introducing MINTSWAP, a DEX that offers unprecedented cost efficiency and a user-friendly trading experience for Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens.

At the core of Volumint’s ecosystem is the vMint token, which offers subscribers payment options, access to premium features, governance participation, and staking rewards. The tokenomics are designed to support the ecosystem’s growth and sustainability, and there is a total supply of 1,000,000,000 vMint tokens.

The team behind Volumint, led by CEO VM Nathan and supported by industry experts and advisors from Taiboku Capital and Moda Networks, is dedicated to driving innovation. We offer solutions that address the unique challenges crypto projects face today. Our ambitious roadmap includes ongoing enhancements to our volume generation feature, the development of a public dashboard, the introduction of an arbitrage bot, and the rollout of a trading bot. The company plans to expand features, penetrate new markets, and continuously improve the platform based on user feedback.

Overall, Volumint is a revolutionary platform that introduces a cost-effective, subscription-based model to empower small and medium-sized crypto projects and offers AI-driven analysis, custom solutions, and innovative automated bots to democratise market-making and foster a vibrant and organic trading atmosphere on any exchange.

This project launched 3 new products in a week! 7615

Yet another time, when Isotopic manages the incredible. While other projects display roadmaps stretching years in the future even for a simple Minimum Viable Product, Isotopic abolishes its own, as the graphic designer cannot keep up with the development team!

Last week, Isotopic announced the release of its Asset Store, which also came with a complete revamp of the Game Store’s interface. Now, the release of the Isotopic SDK is made public, and with it, support for Cross-Game rewards. So what is Isotopic, and how does this project keep on building so many solutions, working with over 260 live game titles?

A gaming platform for all needs – Already LIVE!

Browse unlimited games for all platforms on the Isotopic Game Store, discover new games through video content on Isotopic Shorts, and gather all of your favourite games in one place with the Isotopic Client.

Create your very first videogame with 3D models from the Isotopic Asset Store, connect your own games with the Isotopic ecosystem using the Isotopic SDK, and seamlessly blend with other Game Universes, using Isotopic Cross-Game Assets.

Just head over to store.isotopic.io where you’ll find the whole ecosystem!

The main goal of isotopic – Own your games

In an ever-growing market of Indie Games, it becomes inefficient and expensive to browse and try out new games that end up sitting in your library without use.

Isotopic arrives to give you control of your game library, allowing you to truly own your game copies, which can be traded, exchanged, or otherwise repurposed! Tokenized game licences create a new economy with active exchange of game copies between users.This empowers small creators to reach wider audiences and show their talent, while gamers unlock new experiences for minimal cost.

The latest releases and future of isotopic

It’s been 3 months into 2024, and already Isotopic’s ecosystem has expanded to nearly double. But in just a week apart from first to last, 3 new solutions see light.

The Isotopic Asset Store, brings a marketplace for game development assets including 3D Models, prefabs, sounds, effects, and scripts. With the release of the Isotopic SDK, game developers can now integrate the Isotopic Ecosystem into their games, allowing things like login, Cloud Saves, and access to the third solution, Isotopic Cross-Game Assets. Now developers can add rewards into their games, which can transcend game worlds, and users who own them can use them in multiple different games.

So what is in the future of Isotopic? All of the solutions in the Isotopic Ecosystem are only set to grow even more from now on, with new updates, releases, and developments going live rapidly! Collaborations with gaming projects are in the works, and mean users will get the chance to earn exclusive items and games, so if you are interested in that, you should join the Isotopic Community!

Solmedia Becomes First To Integrate Solana And Filecoin On Their Censorship-Resistant Platform 7790

Solmedia, a decentralized content-sharing platform, has announced that it has successfully become the first to integrate the Solana blockchain and the latest Filecoin on-chain InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) technology. With the support of its native token $MEDIA, users will now be able to leverage Solana’s high-performance blockchain architecture and Filecoin’s decentralized storage capabilities within its censor-resistant ecosystem. The move will ensure that users’ content remains secure and tamper-proof against unauthorized access or manipulation.

In a statement to the press, a senior representative for the company said, “Our mission at Solmedia has always been to uphold the principles of free speech and transparency in the realm of Web 3.0. By harnessing the power of Solana and Filecoin alongside the $MEDIA token, “We aim to help users evade propaganda and censorship by having absolutely zero control over their data and content-sharing experiences”.”

Integrating Solana and Filecoin with the ecosystem is aimed at helping users access the lightning-fast transaction speeds and low fees at Solana, coupled with Filecoin’s decentralized storage network, to make their content-sharing experience more seamless.

He went on to add, “Whether it’s uploading, streaming, or accessing content, users can expect swift and uninterrupted access to their favourite media on the Solmedia platform. Through the $MEDIA token, users can also actively participate in shaping the future of online content. The community-driven approach to media consumption is in line with its core philosophy of zero censorship so an environment can be achieved where diverse voices can flourish without fear of suppression or bias.”

As the first decentralized content-sharing platform to achieve the milestone, the company is looking to challenge the dominance of big tech corporations in the digital space.

He continued. “By providing a secure, censorship-resistant platform for content creators and consumers alike, Solmediawants to play its part in building the emerging Web 3.0 ecosystem. The $MEDIA token is the cornerstone of Solmedia’secosystem and will facilitate transactions, incentivize community engagement, and reward content creators for their contributions.”

Content creators interested in learning more about Solmedia and the $MEDIA token can visit the website today and check out their white paper.

About Solmedia

Solmedia is a decentralized content-sharing platform built on the Solana blockchain. Solmedia is a decentralized content-sharing platform on the Solana blockchain being the first to confidently ensure a secure on-chain video streaming experience for content creators and consumers across Web 3.0.

Website: https://sm.network
Twitter: https://x.com/SolMediaTech
Telegram: https://t.me/SolMediaTech
Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.sm.network

Walletry – on the wave of technological progress 7920

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The Walletry crypto wallet team constantly introduces new and proven technical solutions aimed at increasing comfort and protection for its users. Let’s talk about some of them.

First of all, it is worth highlighting the use of cross-chain bridges, which allow traders to change assets from different blockchain ecosystems. The internetwork exchange is based on a smart contract, it takes place quickly and is not subject to additional fees.

Walletry developers pay special attention to the aspects of security and reliability. When creating a wallet, a Seed phrase consisting of 12 English words is generated. It, together with the private key, provides access (return of access) to the assets stored on it. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is used, when in addition to the password, when logging into your account, you need to enter a code that will additionally be sent to your smartphone or e-mail.

And yet, development of a version of the crypto wallet for personal computers has already begun. It will be no less convenient than that available for mobile devices.

One thing is obvious. The Walletry team still has many tasks to solve, because its global goal is to make the project one of the most innovative and in demand.

Walletry: https://walletry.ai/


Disclaimer: This is a Press release. The statements, views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the content provider and do not necessarily represent those of our website. We does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of information available in such content. Do your research and invest at your own risk.

PropyKeys Officially Launches, Introducing Onchain Home Addresses as a New Asset Class 8510

Now on Coinbase’s Layer-2 Base, PropyKeys aims to democratize real estate investing by enabling users to mint addresses and deeds onchain

PropyKeys, a standout project within the Propy ecosystem known for its blockchain-powered real estate solutions, today announced the public launch of their innovative decentralized application (dApp) that enables users to mint a digital address corresponding to a tangible property. Deployed on Base, Coinbase’s layer-2 network, and powered by the PRO token, users can mint digital versions of any home addresses or global landmarks. Furthering Propy’s mission to democratize real estate ownership, PropyKeys is creating a home addresses platform and property deed storage on the blockchain.

Within just two months of invite-only beta testing, PropyKeys saw widespread adoption with over 1,600 addresses minted, including 300 global landmarks. By bridging the physical realm with the digital landscape, PropyKeys is empowering users to create digital representations of real-world property addresses, similar to possessing a domain name for a segment of the internet. After an address is acquired, the buyer can later transfer ownership to the owner of the corresponding property in exchange for additional staking power.

PropyKeys is setting a new standard for property deed security by shifting from paper-based to digital, algorithm-secured systems. This transition to an onchain, open-source, and community-managed registry enhances protection against deed theft, ensuring a trustworthy environment for property transactions.

“The enthusiasm we’ve seen even during our closed beta has been astounding. Transitioning from beta to public launch with such positive user adoption highlights the demand for innovative real estate solutions onchain. It’s been incredibly exciting to witness the community’s eagerness to engage with PropyKeys, signaling a bright future for blockchain in real estate,” said Andrew Zapo, Co-Founder and COO of PropyKeys.

New Developments & Features

In coordination with the public launch, PropyKeys is releasing a series of new features that provide an engaging and accessible introduction to real world asset (RWA) tokenization. As of today, PropyKeys is launching a staking mechanism, enriching the platform with new incentives. This feature rewards users with PRO tokens—available on Coinbase—for their contribution in minting and safeguarding onchain addresses and onchain title deeds.

Additionally, PropyKeys provides users the ability to mint a personalized AI-generated global landmark NFT such as the White House or Big Ben. Utilizing artificial intelligence, users can create detailed digital renditions of renowned global landmarks. These AI-generated landmarks offer minters a wide array of iconic structures, enhanced by the ability to customize their NFTs such as favorite cryptocurrency logos and styling. This distinctive customization capability transforms each NFT into a unique digital collectible, setting PropyKeys apart in the realm of digital art.

Digital Solutions for Real World Challenges

Addressing the challenges within the real estate sector, Propykeys and Propy’s ecosystem are dedicated to dismantling traditional barriers to entry, such as high title fees and operational inefficiencies. By integrating solutions to make digital ownership more accessible, secure, and user-friendly, PropyKeys aims to revolutionize the $280 trillion real estate market, combating deed fraud and making homeownership more secure and accessible.

“The process of buying or selling a home is overdue for a transformation,” says Natalia Karayaneva, CEO of Propy. “We are proud of the talented team behind Propykeys and happy that they chose Propy ecosystem to build. It amazes me to see how much they achieved to increase the adoption of onchain real estate in such a short period. Paving the way for a future where real estate transactions are as easy as sending an email.”

By offering a dynamic entry point to the Propy ecosystem and facilitating onchain title management, PropyKeys empowers anyone to begin their blockchain-based real estate journey. From minting home addresses to verifying ownership and enabling instant property sales, access to RWA or micro-mortgages, PropyKeys stands at the forefront of the industry’s digital transformation.

For more information, please visit please visit PropyKeys.com

About PropyKeys:

PropyKeys, a gamified platform within the Propy ecosystem, is redefining real estate ownership through blockchain technology. Officially launched in March 2024 on Coinbase’s Base, a layer-2 network, PropyKeys allows users to mint digital addresses and deeds for real-world properties. By enabling the digital representation of property addresses and offering a secure, blockchain-based platform for property deed storage, PropyKeys aims to make real estate ownership more accessible, secure, and engaging. With features like AI-generated landmark NFT minting and a novel staking mechanism, PropyKeys is setting new standards in how properties are owned, traded, and verified in the digital age.